Top 15 Best Xbox One Headsets in 2022 – Complete Guide

Xbox one Headsets are perhaps some of the most popular gaming headsets currently on the market. As compared Top 10 Best Xbox One Headsets in 2022to other headsets, these headsets feature both hardware and several USB ports to support Bluetooth connections. Plus, they come with a neutral and well-balanced sound profile that’s versatile enough to handle most games and genres of music.

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Types of Xbox One Headsets


Wired Xbox One Headsets refers to a set of headphones that are attached to microphones and connected to other devices using wire connection. While wired Xbox One headsets sound slightly better, for them to function well, they need a physical connection to your Xbox One controller. With wired Xbox One headsets, you can both speak and listen using only one piece of equipment.


Unlike wired headsets, wireless Xbox One Headsets are the kind of headsets that will free you from having to deal with annoying cords. So, if you hate the risk of accidentally ripping out a wired connection or you jerk around a lot during gameplay, then wireless headsets are the best options. The only downside of these headsets is that they are a little bit costly.

Over-earTop 15 Best Xbox One Headsets in 2019

Over-ear Xbox One Headsets are the biggest and perhaps what typically comes to your mind when you think about headphones. These headsets are termed as over the ear because the ear cups are big enough to cover your whole ears all round.

Also known as around the ears, these Xbox one headsets are comfortable when you wear them, they produce fantastic sound, and they also have good passive noise cancellation. However, since they weigh more, they are the least portable, and they also have an unstable fit.


Also known as in-ear monitors or earbuds, these are the smaller Xbox One headsets in the market. The reason why these headsets are called like that is that when you wear them, part of them goes inside your ears. Usually, they have a tube that goes inside your ear canal to get the source of music close to your eardrums. These headsets are also good with sound quality and noise isolation.

More so, because of their smaller design, they are quite easy to carry around. They are also waterproof, sweatproof, and sound much better than bigger headsets. However, since they get inside the ear, many people have complained before that they are uncomfortable.


If you are looking for the best Xbox One headsets, then these are the go-to options. These headsets are popular with people who commute a lot, and even those who go to the gym. Since they are smaller in size and light in weight, they are quite easier to take with you wherever you want to go.

If you get the right models, you can get a fresh model that sounds and looks great. Overall, these headsets seem great, have the best portability, and are more stable. However, due to the pressure that they exert on the earlobes when you wear them for long, you might find them quite uncomfortable

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Features of High Quality Xbox Headsets


This is one of the most important factors when looking for the best Xbox headset to buy. Whether you are looking forTop 15 Best Xbox One Headsets in 2019 a single earbud, sports earbud, or wireless over the ear, you need to consider the kind of connectivity that it comes with. You also need to ask yourself whether you can connect it to other devices.

Wire or Wireless

It’s also important to ask yourself whether you need to choose wired or wireless headphones. Since there are many types of wired and wireless Xbox One Headsets you can easily find one that suits your needs. If you don’t want the idea of wires coming your way, then you need to opt for wireless.

With the best wireless Xbox One headsets, you’ll feel free when playing games. However, as compared to wired headsets, wireless headsets need to be charged as often as possible. This will ensure that the batteries do not get down while you are enjoying the games.

Design and Looks

If you are fashionable and stylish, then you need to consider the design and the looks of the headsets. By choosing headsets with the best designs and looks, you’ll not only step out in style but also enjoy using your headsets.


Since comfort is paramount, it’s also one thing that you cannot leave out when shopping for the best Xbox One Headsets. If you usually play for several hours you need to be sure that the headsets will be comfortable and non-intrusive. While comfort is very important it also depends on individual taste. On the same note, it’s essential to consider the wearing style of your headset.

Noise-Canceling QualityTop 15 Best Xbox One Headsets in 2019

Depending on where you intend to game, it’s also imperative to choose a headset with noise-canceling qualities. With these features, the headsets will be able to cancel any surrounding noise with the help of a microphone. This is good because you’ll be able to concentrate on your games without any issue.

Drivers and Frequency Range

The range of treble, bass, and mids at which the headset’s drivers are capable of reproducing sound from the lowest to the highest. It is, therefore, essential to consider buying headsets with the best drivers and frequency range.


Since headsets come with different compatibilities, it’s essential to know about the compatibility and the various platforms that they can support. The more the number of platforms, the better.


Although the cost of a good gaming Xbox One headset is a bit high, if you are looking for quality, then you must be ready to part with good cash. However, any selection should be made as per your budget.

What makes High Quality Xbox One Headsets to stand out?

  • They have great sound. Whether it’s live chat or in-game sounds, these headsets will give you a crystal clear sound quality that will make gaming more fun. Some of them also have an RF wireless connection, which means less popping and less static sounds.
  • They are comfortable. Regardless of how long you intend to wear them, you’ll realize that they are comfortable.Top 15 Best Xbox One Headsets in 2019 With their soft ear cups, mesh covering, and well-padded headbands, they will protect your ears from sweating. Very few headsets come with this feature.
  • Live chat. They have a much-improved clarity that makes it easy to understand your teammates while gaming.
  • Since their prices vary, they are not only affordable, but it’s also quite easy to get the one that suits your needs. With these headsets, you’ll get amazing headsets at excellent prices.
  • They come with excellent subtle visual design. Built for serious gamers, these headsets are designed in the best way.
  • They have a flexible mic boom. With this great feature, it means that you can adjust the mic without affecting your gameplay.
  • They come with the best battery life. Apart from having the best battery life, some of them come with a unique battery booster circuit that prevents your batteries from going utterly dead while you are in the middle of the game.
  • From wired to wireless, there is a variety of them in the market. Hence, you can always choose the best one. For instance, if you don’t want to worry about someone tripping over your headphones cords and damaging your games and console, you can opt for the wireless one. With these headsets, you’ll save yourself all the hassle.

Top 15 Best Xbox One Headsets in 2022


Name Features Price Rating


Name Features Price Rating
1. ASTRO Gaming Wireless for PlayStation 4
USB Sound Card Functionality $$$ 4.8
2. ASTRO Gaming Wired Headset
Customizable Speaker Tags $$$ 4.8
3. Turtle Beach Stealth Wireless Gaming Headset
High Quality Audio $$ 4.7
4. LucidSound LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset
Multi-game compatible $$$ 4.6
5. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Gaming Headset
Pro Gaming Mic with TruSpeak Technology $$ 4.6
6. RUNMUS Gaming Headset
3.5mm audio jack $$ 4.6
7. BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset
Integrated onmi-directional microphone $$ 4.5
8. HyperX CloudX – Gaming Headset
Designed with comfort $$ 4.5
9. Mpow Pro Gaming Headset

Thickened Memory foam ear cushions

$$ 4.5
10. Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset
Multiplatform Compatibility $$ 4.4
11. ONIKUMA Gaming Headset
4D Surround Subwoofer $$ 4.3
12. NUBWO Gaming Headsets
Dual 50mm speaker drivers $$ 4.2
13. HyperX CloudX Stinger Core Gaming Headset
Optimized for comfort and convenience $$ 4.1
14. Kootop Gaming Headset
90° Rotating adjustable and 360 degree pick up voice $$ 4.0
15. Nivava Gaming Headset
Pretty Marquee Design $$ 3.9

1. ASTRO Gaming Wireless for PlayStation 4

Design and Comfort

If you want to experience the legendary performance and sound then ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless + Base Station isASTRO Gaming Wireless for PlayStation 4 among the best headsets. Coming with ergonomic design and made with comfort in mind these headsets feature almost everything that you need in a headset.

Taking most of their design cues from Astro A4O, they have a rounded rectangular ear cups mounted on bigger plastic shells that allow them to pivot up and down. The shells are also mounted in shiny aluminum support that links to wide plastic headbands made up of a trapezoidal padded section and two plastic supports in the middle.

Material and durability

Although these headsets seem as if they are overbuilt than the previous ones this is not really the case. They come with flexible aluminum and plastic frame that are very light and felt-covered ear pads and padded headband that combines to give you a comfortable and unobstructed fit.

If you like, you can make them feel plusher and seal off a bit of ambient sound. Their left ear cups are also fitted with two more contact charge points and a bendable rubber band to ensure that they are sturdy.

Audio Performance and Compatibility

Coming with over 15 hours of battery life when fully charged these headsets will offer you one of the best performances that you need. Coming with strong highs and powerful bass they have excellent game audio that will give you ambient noise.

Different sound effects, and voice chat with enough distinction that no one sound overtakes the other. More so, their Dolby audio will deliver a cinematic high-resolution gaming audio experience that you’ll love.

Moreover, with their voice balance, you will enjoy total control over a mix of game and chat audio. Their free ASTRO command center software will also give players complete control over their audio experience which includes game audio settings and voice communication. When using a PC, their USB Sound card functionality will provide you with voice balance and voice and game streaming without using any optical cables.


  • They have excellent sound quality.
  • As compared to others they are very comfortable.
  • They are fitted with a convenient charging cradle.


  • They are a bit expensive
  • They do not have any wired option for mobile devices.

2. ASTRO Gaming Wired Headset

Design and Comfort

ASTRO Gaming A40TR Wired Headset is a rugged, lightweight headset made from premium materials to provide ASTRO Gaming Wired Headsetyou with a pressure-free fit that won’t overheat your head.

Backed with synthetic leather to give you the best acoustic performance, their ear cushions also have clothes that will ensure that you get the kind of comfort that you need. This makes them among the best headsets out there.

Material and Durability

If you are a serious live streamer, these headsets have been engineered with all the digital components to ensure that you enjoy an interference-free operation. With some of the parts made of synthetic leather, you don’t have to worry about their durability.

Having a rugged construction and made from premium materials, you can rest assured that they will last long. Since these headsets have a solid feel to the ear cups and headbands, their built quality is reliable throughout.

Audio Performance and Compatibility

Since these headsets have been tuned for gaming, the ASTRO Audio 2 will deliver one of the best audios for gamers when they need it most. With their ASTRO Command Software, you can redefine their pro-audio for players.

With their free ACC software, players can enjoy enhanced control over audio settings and their voice controls. When you pair them with the MixAmp Pro TR, these headsets will provide you with pro-quality audio from the living room to the main stage.

These headsets are also fitted with synthetic leather noise-canceling ear cushions, padded headband, voice isolating mic, and closed back speakers that enhance their performance.

Further, their Dolby Audio will deliver a cinematic, 3D audio experience. With their USB sound card functionality, listening to music is a real delight as they offer a well-balanced sound that’s capable of handling different genres of music as well.


  • These headsets are comfortable to wear for long periods.
  • They are leading in terms of audio quality.
  • Their optional MixAmp works well.
  • They have great customizability options.


  • As compared to others, they are relatively expensive.
  • Not everyone loves their designs.
  • They are slightly nasally microphones

4. Turtle Beach Stealth Wireless Gaming Headset

Design and Comfort

Boasting of a white design reminiscent of something that you’d see pilots wearing in mecha anime, one thing that Turtle Beach Stealth Wireless Gaming Headsetyou’ll notice about Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is their striking appearance. From a visual perspective, you’ll realize that they look great.

They’ve been dominated by white and are complemented by splashes of blue alongside the headrests and ear cups. Although they lack that premium feel, their design is fittingly intuitive.

Also, their ear cushions are wrapped in breathable mesh fabric to give you the comfort that you need. They also feature ProSpecs glasses that not only provide them with a friendly design but also removes the pressure from the glasses.

Material and Durability

Although they have that cheap-feeling plastic shell that feels inexpensive and fragile in the hands, they are still among the best headsets in the market. While the plastic materials make them look cheap, they do not compromise on comfort. These headrests are also equipped with a soft foam cushion that rests comfortably on your head. However, one thing that you’ll note is that the mic quality could have been better.

Audio Performance and Compatibility

With these headsets, you’ll not only enjoy a direct connection from your headset to the Xbox, but they also come with a more prominent speaker that will provide you with better quality audio. Stealth 600 also comes with a large 50-millimeter speaker to ensure that you enjoy a deep high crisps sound with thundering lows.

Apart from being compatible with Xbox One console and Windows 10, they will provide you with up to 15 hours of gaming per charge, thus making them some of the best headsets in the market.


  • They have a striking aesthetic with beautiful colors.
  • Coming with several bespoke profiles, they have decent audio.
  • Their microphone and button placement feel intuitive.
  • Their battery life is robust


  • Because of plastic, their built quality feels a bit cheap.
  • In some circumstances, their audio can be muffed.
  • They don’t provide the snuggest fit.

4. LucidSound LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Design and Comfort

Coming with dual-microphone design, LucidSound LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset will provide LucidSound LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headsetyou with a flexible boom mic that has everything you need in mic. Coming with ultra-plush, gel-cooled oval ear cups, they include memory foam to ensure that you get a superior comfort during those long play sessions.

They are also fitted with oval ear cups to ensure that you get more space for increased comfort. Plus, between the matches, LS35X ear cups will not only twist well but will also comfortably rests on your shoulders.

Material and Durability

Constructed with durable and portable material, the LS35X versatility and robust design, lets you listen to the music with your mobile device and even make calls using either an integrated mic or detachable boom mic.

Apart from their travel case, they come with a 12-month limited warranty and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. You can always expect them to last long.

Audio Performance and Compatibility

Since they come with state of the art neodymium magnets, they will ensure that you enjoy clear highs and deep bass. With these headsets, you don’t need to struggle to find the right buttons or even toggle the switch during the game. This is because they are fitted with intuitive and easy to use and mute volume controls using a unique system that is seamlessly integrated into their fresh design.

Further, you can connect them directly to your Xbox One console just as you’ll do a wireless controller. Also, you can configure them automatically. As multiple platform compatible headsets, they can comfortably work with Sony PS4, PC, Mac, Playstation 4, Windows Android, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, iPad, and PS Vita.

As for multiplayer compatible headsets, they are the most suitable for games such as Battle Royale, PUBG, Fortnight, Black Ops 4, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, World of Warcraft Legion and even many more.


  • They are both durable and portable.
  • They will provide you with superior comfort.
  • They are fitted with quick access audio control
  • They are 100% wireless.


  • They do not have Bluetooth.
  • They have too many disconnects.

5. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Gaming Headset

Design and Comfort

If you’ve been tough on Turtle Beach models for sticking to outdated designs, you need to know that Elite Atlas is not Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Gaming Headsetonly great but also comes with additional helpful innovations.

As compared to others, it ditches all the plastic chassis of the previous models for a metal arch. Since their ear cups are made of advanced foam, they are both pleasant and comfortable, as well.

Apart from that, there is also one more hidden feature that makes them some of the best headsets: Their ProSpecs glasses relief systems are suitable for people who use glasses.

Material and Durability

Since these headphones are solidly built, they will adequately meet any athletics standards for comfort, durability, and audio fidelity. Since they have a sleek metal band with swappable magnetic foam ear cushions and suspended pad, these headsets will provide you with a durable comfort that will ensure that you enjoy playing your games for a long time.

Made with groundbreaking materials, these headsets combine the best of both worlds to provide you with a competitive comfort and gaming. As high-quality headsets, once you buy them, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Audio Performance and Compatibility

Elite Atlas headsets also come with crystal clear noise-canceling microphones made with TruSpeak technology to ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear. With their separate external and internal leather sidewalls, you’ll enjoy passive noise cancellation that is quite suitable for blocking out the roar of the crowd. They also have a more profound bass response that will ensure that you get better sound.

Also, their Turtle Beach’s sturdy and large 50 mm Nano clear speakers are explicitly created to provide you with the most transparent chat through crisper sound with less distortion so you can enjoy a game-changing audio experience.

More so, due to their 3.5mm audio connection, these headsets can work with pretty much any system. Although they are primarily compatible with PC, they can still work comfortably with Xbox One, PS4, mobile titles, and Switch.


  • They have an attractive design.
  • They produce quality sound.
  • They will ensure that you get a comfortable fit.
  • They come with versatile compatibility.


  • These headsets are a bit expensive
  • Their aesthetics are questionable.

6. RUNMUS Gaming Headset

Design and Comfort

Having an ergonomic design RUNMUS Gaming Headset for PS4 is one of the best headsets in the market. As they RUNMUS Gaming Headsetare constructed using self-adjustable padding headband and soft memory ear cups, these headsets are quite comfortable to wear. Even after wearing them for long gaming sessions, you won’t feel any discomfort from the ear cups and headband.

Material and Durability

Since these headsets are made with lightweight material, they are not only comfortable but durable as well. Although their flexible plastic materials are weighing only 12 OZ, this should not blind you as they can last as long as possible.

Coming with 12 months warranty and 100% quality guarantee you don’t have to worry about anything while shopping for them. Ideally, every product that comes with a warranty means that they are secure.

More so, they have adopted durable black knitted audio cable that is not only stronger but also more durable than the regular plastic audio cable.

Audio Performance and Compatibility

As compared to other headsets, RUNMUS gaming headsets come with 50mm audio drivers and advanced audio techniques. This will ensure that you enjoy a quality simulated surround sound and immersive gaming experience.

With their responsive audio drivers, you can always make out the direction from which the sound is coming from. They will give you the competitive edge that you need to take your gaming to the next level.

Since they have multi-platform compatibility, these gaming headsets work well with PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PSP, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Nintendo New 3DS, Nintendo 3DS, Mac, Windows, Android devices and iOS devices. With these gaming headsets, you can always enjoy an immersive gaming experience regardless of the platform that you choose.


  • They have multi-platform compatibility.
  • They come with an excellent sound field
  • They will give you an incredible simulated surround sound


  • As compared to others, they are a bit expensive.

7. BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

Design and Comfort

If you are looking for one of the best headsets with ergonomic design and quality features, then BENGOO G9000 isBENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset the best. Made with a humanized design, these headsets have superior comfort.

They have good air permeability, multipoint head beams, over-ear pads, and ear cups that will help you reduce both heat sweat and hearing impairment. More so, to highlight the game atmosphere, they are fitted with glaring LED lights.

Material and Durability

With their friendly leather materials, you can comfortably wear them for long. Another thing that you’ll notice about them is that you can effortlessly control the volume. They have high tensile strength and anti winding braided USB cable.

With essential microphone mute and rotary volume controller, you can mute the mic and control the volume easily. In addition to their long flexible mic design, you can easily adjust the angle of the microphone.

Audio Performance and Compatibility

With their surrounding stereo subwoofer, you can expect clear sound operating a studio, splendid ambient noise isolation, and high precision that will significantly enhance the sensitivity of the speaker unit.

This will also ensure that you enjoy sound clarity, vivid sound field, and shock feeling sound. Plus, because of their noise isolation feature and acoustic positioning, they will significantly increase your sound sensitivity.

Moreover, these headsets are also perfect for games such as Halo 5 Guardians, call of duty, overwatch, Star Wars battlefront, and a world of Warcraft Legion. Since they are multi-platform compatible, they can comfortably support New Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo, PC, 3DS, PSP, Laptop, iPad, Tablet, Mobile Phone. However, you need to get an extra Microsoft adaptor when you want to connect it to an old version controller.


  • They come with effortless volume control.
  • They are fitted with quality leather material to accord you prolonged use.
  • These headsets have superior comfort.
  • Their noise cancellation features allow them to clear the sounds comfortably.


  • Their USB offers a power source to blue lights only.

8. HyperX CloudX – Gaming Headset

Design and Comfort

Designed with comfort in mind, the CloudX features an adjustable headband and memory foam ear cushions that HyperX CloudX – Gaming Headsetwill provide you with both durability and stability. These headsets have over the ear designs that have rich sound quality.

These signature gaming headsets are also designed to keep your gaming active during those regular playing sessions. You can use them to maintain your gaming sessions and play as long as you want. To ensure that you get ultimate comfort while gaming, they have 100% memory foam.

Material and Durability

Coming with a durable aluminum frame, you can expect to enjoy reliability, durability, and stability with these headsets. For quick and easy plugin for gaming and unplug for music, only these headsets include a datatable microphone.

Since they come with a two-year warranty, you can expect them to last as long as you want. Overall, these headsets are fantastic; hence, there are no complaints about them. More so, they have minimal and excellent packaging.

Audio Performance and Compatibility

HyperX CloudX headsets also have over the ear designs that will offer you rich quality sound with mids and highs, crystal clear sounds, and immersive gaming experience. Their microphones are also detachable, digitally enhanced, and adjustable and have noise cancellation features. All these features will ensure that you enjoy an improved gaming experience.

Whether you want to mute the sound or adjust the volume, they are fitted with inline audio control. With these controls, you don’t have to go to the settings. Additionally, the Cloud X headsets are compatible with Elite wireless controllers and Xbox One controllers that have a 3.5mm headset. With their noise cancellation microphone, you can significantly reduce background noise and also enjoy an improved in-game chat.


  • CloudX has one of the best sound qualities.
  • They have a sturdy built and excellent design.
  • They have the best microphone quality.


  • They do not have the best inline mic controls.

9. Mpow Pro Gaming Headset

Design and Comfort

Designed with a thickened memory foam ear cushions, Mpow EG3 wired headsets are fitted with enhanced noise Mpow Pro Gaming Headsetisolation and long-wearing comfort. Made of an aluminum frame, these headsets have a sleek and comfortable industrial design. Thus, making them some of the best headphones in the market.

When you put them on, the first thing that you’ll notice is their loose fit. While their ear pads don’t seem thick, they are still comfortable to wear. More so, since they are lightweight, comfort is not an issue. With suspended headband, you can expect them to fit your head automatically.

Material and Durability

Just like other headsets in the market, Mpow EG3 headsets are well built and sturdy. Made with hard plastic ear cups and metal headband, these headsets will last long. Their fabric cable is thick and flexible hence making them similar to other high-end gaming headsets.

In their whole construction, the only thing that feels cheap is their volume control. They are also fitted with plastic wheels on the back of the left ear cup. Overall, their entire frames are incredibly durable and comfortable as well.

Audio Performance and Compatibility

Since they have a clear microphone and inline audio controls, these headsets will help you to significantly reduce both background and ambient noises that will ensure that your teammates and friends are heard.

These headsets typically come with balanced sound with subdued bass due to their loose fit. Since these headsets cost only $30, you don’t expect them to produce a hi-fi sound. Overall, for the price of these headsets, the audio quality is okay.

Unlike other headsets, these professional headsets are compatible with PC, PS4, Switch, Nintendo 64, and the new Xbox One controller with a 3.5 Audio Jack. However, for an old version Xbox One controller, you need to have a Microsoft adapter.

Overall these stereo gaming headsets are meant for casual undemanding gamers since they are good enough.


  • They come with metal suspension headbands.
  • With their features, you’ll get value for your money.
  • They are fitted with excellent built quality.


  • Their ear pads are a bit shallow.
  • Their USB connections are limiting

10.Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset

Design and Comfort

At first glance, Recon 70 has a striking resemblance to other headsets in the same range. However, upon closer Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headsetinspection, you’ll notice that the design is stripped black. This is a practical and straightforward approach that results in a lightweight headset.

As lightweight and comfortable headsets, these headsets will provide you several hours of play. They also have high quality 40 mm speakers and over-ear premium synthetic leather cushions that will offer you a thundering low and crisp high while blocking any noise.

Material and Durability

For the price, one thing that you’ll notice is that these headsets’ quality is excellent. Some of the features that make them comment-worthy include oval ear cups synthetic leather and slightly robust headband padding that feels a little bit tanky but doesn’t feel breakable or cheap.

More so, their familiar flip-down Mic not only remains but also feels sturdy enough to last long. However, they are not as sturdy as other headsets in the market. Although it’s tidy enough, it’s not detachable.

Audio Performance and Compatibility

Recon 70 renowned high sensitivity Mic not only flips up to mute but also clears up your voice. With their superior high quality 40 mm speakers, they produce thundering lows and crisp highs, thus making them some of the best headsets in the market.

Their premium ear cushions will provide you with better noise isolation and improved bass response. Additionally, since they have multi-platform compatibility, they are not only designed for Xbox One but also work great for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, mobile devices, and PC.

Since they are surround sound ready, they are optimized for windows sonic. Although they are compatible with Dolby Atmos, some additional purchase is needed. With their versatile 3.5mm connection, you can easily swap between Xbox One and PS4 controllers.


  • These headsets come with quality sound and build.
  • They are quite affordable.
  • They are the best for console gaming.


  • They have very few features
  • They lack a high standard of surround sound quality
  • Some of the parts feel cheap.

11. ONIKUMA Gaming Headset

Design and Comfort

The Onikuma gaming headset is compatible with the Xbox One. Its ear cups are highly comfortable, thanks to the ONIKUMA Gaming Headsetbreathable padding around the rims.

To make in-game communication possible, there’s a conspicuous microphone protruding from the outside of one of the earcups. Depending on your needs, this appendage can be adjusted accordingly.

This headphone has a futuristic design, which is excellent when used with the Xbox console. For a nice fit on your head, the headband can be adjusted. To make the headphone comfortable, sufficient padding lines the inside of the headband.

To link the headset to the console, there’s the 3.5mm jack on the exterior of the left earcup, but this might require an adaptor if your Xbox One controller is a previous version. Along the length of the detachable cable, there are buttons for adjusting the output of the headphone.

You can mute the mic and adjust the volume just by fiddling with the controls, which are not difficult to operate. The headphone has LED lights that come on when the gear is connected to the Xbox One.

Material and Durability

Much of this Onikuma headset is plastic. The padded portions, which are geared towards offering a comfortable listening experience, consist of faux leather.

This explains its affordable pricing, but the durability remains an issue as the plastic used is the low-grade variant.

With the microphone, you have an appendage that can be adjusted through 360°, but doing so frequently makes it susceptible to damage. While Onikuma claims the headphone can be used for long durations, this isn’t the case.

The cushion around the earcups doesn’t help with comfort. Sweaty ears are very likely with the use of this headphone. A significant fraction of what should be soft leatherette is plastic, which makes it quite uncomfortable to use for long hours.

Audio Performance and Compatibility

The sound quality of this headphone is average. Its 50mm driver diameter and 7.1 deep bass sound don’t make much of any difference.

There’s nothing remarkable about its noise cancellation feature. The earcups tend to flood your ears with sound, leaving little room for the penetration of background noise.

This headphone is compatible with most consoles, but you might need a special adapter depending on the controller in your possession.


  • Affordable
  • Can be used with different consoles
  • Interesting futuristic design


  • It’s not durable
  • It’s not very comfortable

12. NUBWO Gaming Headsets

Design and Comfort

The Nubwo N7 headset is another headgear that can be used with the Xbox One. With its over-the-ear cups, there’s aNUBWO Gaming Headsets good chance you won’t be hurting from pains around your external ears.

This headset has a highly flexible mic so that you can communicate with your gaming buddies. Also, keeping conversations private is as easy as pressing the mute button visible on the mic.

Unlike the Onikuma, you don’t have to reach for any cable to mute the mic. Design-wise, this is a drawback as no one wants to hear you fiddling with the mute switch on the mic appendage.

The mic has a covering that keeps background noise in check. Volume control can be found on one of the earcups, so you can easily adjust the sound output. Regardless of the size of your head, the headband has a lot of headroom, so you won’t feel uncomfortable using the headset.

The metal frame constituting the headband doesn’t have to irritate your scalp as a layer of cushion serves as a much-needed barrier.

The earcups are lined with leatherette ear muffs, which minimize the discomfort that comes with using over-the-ear gadgets like this for a long time. With a weight of 275g, this headset isn’t bulky, and you shouldn’t feel strained using this headgear over long hours.

Material and Durability

Like most headphones, this Nubwo N7 is mostly plastic, but the headband has a metal frame. The cushion lining the earcups and that along the headband are of the leatherette stock.

Like the average cheap item, this headset isn’t durable. The mic wasn’t built to survive long-term use, so brace yourself for a faulty mic within months of using the headphones.

Audio Performance and Compatibility

The sound quality of this headset isn’t bad, but it could be better. The dual 50mm speakers don’t help in clarity. Static sounds are commonplace, and the replication of sound leaves more to be desired. This headset is compatible with a wide range of consoles, including the Xbox One.


  • Affordable headset
  • Compatible with several devices
  • Lightweight


  • Design flaws
  • It’s not durable

13. HyperX CloudX Stinger Core Gaming Headset

Design and Comfort

Another reasonably priced headset that could be worth considering for your gaming needs. The earcups are not deepHyperX CloudX Stinger Core Gaming Headset enough, but they are lined with some breathable cushion for convenient use of the headset.

Like many headphones in its category, the Stinger Core has a highly flexible microphone attached to one of the earcups. Unlike the Nubwo that required fiddling a switch on the mic, muting the microphone is as easy as adjusting its position to a vertical stance.

To reinforce just how comfortable this headset is, its headband can be elongated, revealing the solid steel band hidden within a plastic casing. Adjusting the output of the headset can be achieved by using the buttons on the cable.

Material and Durability

The solid steel frame of this headset’s headband is something you’ll rarely see. There’s the possibility of the headphone surviving a year of regular use, but that will depend on how you handle it.

Its 40mm neodymium magnets aren’t the biggest in its category, but there are few issues mostly bothering on sound quality.

Breathable cushions line the earcups and the inside of the headband. Undoubtedly, you won’t be groaning in pain when using the headset.

The build quality of this headphone leaves a resounding impression regarding its durability, but this will depend on how you use it.

Audio Performance and Compatibility

If you’re an audiophile, this headset isn’t for you. The awful sound replication is laid bare when you increase the volume to a detectable level. The bass and treble tend to drown the mid-range frequencies leading to reduced sound output. While it’s licensed for the Xbox, this headphone can be used with other consoles.


  • Inexpensive
  • Impressive design
  • Comfortable
  • Compatible with different consoles


  • Sound quality is below par
  • The connecting cable is too short

14. Kootop Gaming Headset

Design and Comfort

Just looking at this headset, you could tell it’s a gaming one. The vibrant colors and flashy LED light gives it away.Kootop Gaming Headset For comfort, the earcups are fitted with protein-based cushions, so your external ears are comfortable and adequately aerated.

Attached to one of the earcups is the adjustable microphone appendage. While it’s sensitive, the noise cancellation capability is greatly exaggerated. The background noise can still be heard.

The headband of the gaming headset can be adjusted to suit your head shape, which is essential for a truly fantastic experience. It has a long cable with buttons for adjusting the output volume and muting the microphone.

The LED light requires USB connectivity, so if you want that gaming ambiance, there’s a need to have the necessary cable.

Material and Durability

Plastic forms the core of this headset. The microphone can be adjusted to almost 360°, but don’t get lured into fiddling with that appendage often. It is quite fragile. The leatherette cushion along the inside of the headband and the ear muffs tend to depreciate with use.

This headset comes with a braided cable, so you are less likely to have issues related to the wire. But the length of this cable can be a problem if your gaming system isn’t far off.

Audio Performance and Compatibility

With gaming headsets like this one, you can’t expect an outstanding audio performance. Unfortunately, this headphone from Kootop doesn’t attempt to alter this stereotype. There’s a lot of basses which leads to the mid-range frequencies getting lost in transit.

With the 50mm speakers, you’d expect more than what this headphone is offering, but at a price, you can’t possibly complain.

There’s nothing that indicates any noise cancellation capability, but you can always increase the volume of the headphone reducing the noise from the background. It is compatible with a wide range of gaming consoles, not just the Xbox One.


  • Affordable headphone
  • LED light raises the mood
  • Comfortable
  • Works with different consoles


  • Requires a USB connection for the multicolor light
  • It’s not durable

15. Nivava Gaming Headset

Design and Comfort

Nivava might not have the clout of Onikuma in the gaming headset market, but it’s K5 Pro stands tall. This Nivava Gaming Headsetheadphone has a design that’s capable of getting a real gamer’s heart racing. When you plug in the headset, the bright light on the side of the ear cups sets the mood.

Comfort is essential in gaming, and the rubber cushions around the earcups of the headset are expected to keep the pain away. The adjustable headband, which is just fancy plastic, has the inside stuffed with more cushions so that you can keep on gaming for long hours, but this isn’t the case.

A microphone appendage is visible on an earcup, and similar to other headphones considered, it can be adjusted to suit the situation. You can quickly mute the microphone by touching the button on the cable. The 2.3m cable also has a volume control for regulating the output of the headset.

Material and Durability

This headset has a lot of plastic components – even the cushions lining the ears are of the vinyl variety. But the problem isn’t the quantity of plastic used, but the quality. This headphone isn’t built for everyday use.

How long the headset will last is going to depend on the way you use it. If you’re a hardcore gamer, don’t expect this headgear to beyond a few months.

Audio Performance and Compatibility

The sound quality of the K5 Pro can be misleading if you only are looking at its 50mm driver dimensions. Yes, it has that thumping bass, which is truly immersive, but it lacks the attention to detail, a feature highly required in a gaming headset.

The microphone is sensitive, but the noise cancellation claim can’t be substantiated. When using this headset, nothing points to the elimination of background noise. The K5 Pro can be used with different consoles, including the Xbox One.


  • It’s not expensive
  • Compatible with different consoles
  • Remarkable design


  • Durability is a major issue
  • Not very comfortable
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