Bluedio A (Air) Stylish Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Review

bluedio air

Bluedio has taken the mid-range wireless headphones market by storm in the recent times. Bluedio has developed a strong reputation for manufacturing stylish, wireless headsets at very competitive prices.

The Bluedio A (Air) Stylish Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic (White)  is their latest top range headset that is priced a bit higher than its predecessors. With Air, the company has given more attention on a strong but well-balanced sound, longer battery life, and comfort. As per the specifications, Bluedio A (Air) Stylish Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic (White)  is easy to connect with Android and Apple devices alike, and has  an excellent stand by time.


Bluedio A (Air) Stylish Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic (White)  deliver superior sound with clarity and depth. They have  definitely outperformed the older Bluedio models in terms of sound quality.The headphones are well-equipped with the contemporary aptX audio suppression solution which delivers clear and natural sound. The unique PPS8 technology provides music experience of the premium kind. Bluedio Air is equipped with six components  of 3D speakers and two woofers. We also found this to be an extremely big advantage. Considering similar headphones from other companies like Bose or Beats , in terms of sound reproduction, Air gets an edge over them.



The sturdy exterior  makes the Bluedio Air tremendously  durable and highly adaptable. Despite its strong construction, the sound system  is quite light  which makes it extremely comfortable. The best thing what we found about Bluedio Air is that they are extremely flexible. The color (white) looks good and the ear cups feel soft. They can fit perfectly for those having small ears and even for those who have larger ones. Another thing to note was that these headphones are meant for long term playing. The battery lasts up to 20 hours after charging it for 2.5 hrs as per the specifications. We charged the headphones for around 1 hour and they lasted for more than 7 hours. During that period, there was no heating issue or irritation caused due to the ear cups. We tried them while playing video games, watching movies and listening to music.

Wireless capability

bluedio a v2

One can definitely say that Bluedio A (Air) Stylish Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic (White)  are more than just headphones.They are compatible with the almost all the contemporary  devices such bluetooth Mp3 players, tablets and smartphones. Bluedio has made this headphone system  also compatible with the recent NFC technology. This technology has simplified transferring of files.  We found it to be an added advantage along with Bluetooth 4.1 low-power technology that makes Bluedio Air, an energy efficient device. In terms of wireless technology, Bluedio A (Air) Stylish Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is  a big price saver. None of the leading competitors are offering such high-end technology at this price. In terms of durability, Air comes with a warranty of 18-months so it looks like a good deal.

The top-notch blue tooth chip assists in delivering high quality sound without any disturbances or interruptions.The built in micro SD card is another advantage of this cool headphone system.It also enables you to play SPC, AAC, MP3,APE,FLAC and WAV directly from your SD card.


The packaging looks neat although it could have been better. It comes with a audio cable, carry case with a buckle and talk cable with a remote. Overall, it looks like a good buy especially looking at the price. Bluedio has gained a good reputation despite of being a relatively new brand. For those, who are looking for a great music experience within their budget, Bluedio Air is just the right fit.



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