Bluedio F800 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – Complete Review

Bluedio f800 review

If you commute to and from work, travel a lot or if you work in a noisy environment, ANC headphones will work best for you to give you back your personal space by minimizing the noise of the outside world.  Noise-cancelling headphones use Active Noise Control (ANC) by using a microphone that uses ambient sound, countering that ambient sound with its exact negative waveform, and mixing it with any audio platform the listener wishes to listen to.  With these technology-forward headphones, you never have to up the music extremely high in order to counter the sound outside.  In the same manner, these headphones are also good to use in quiet environments as the sounds from the headphones do not leak out.

Here is a detailed review of Bluedio’s latest ANC Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, the F800, which is the newest addition to Bluedio’s product portfolio, which includes highly-regarded and price competitive headphones such as H-Turbine , V (Victory) , Vinyl Plus, T3, U, Air, and T2S.

Design – Going Beyond the Shell of Appearance

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These state-of-the-art Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are sleek and classy.  If you’re a fashion forward individual who is always conscious of your appearance, these cans complete the look and give you that edgy and tech savvy swag. The classic color complements your outdoor casual look, and even matches your subdued more business-like look.  It comes in a great-looking packaging fit to give as a gift, no need to gift-wrap, and comes with excellent protection perfect for shipping and courier.  Made of high-quality stainless steel, it is made extra durable to withstand tough handling.  These headphones will last a long, long time and you won’t need to replace them for years!  Whether your activities are indoor-based or you’re an energetic outdoor individual, these headphones can survive the roughest of treatment. Some people keep these headphones on at all times, or just leave them hanging on their necks when not in use.  That can be quite cumbersome if the headphones are heavy and bulky.  But the hollow headband design of this Bluedio F800 makes it lightweight and convenient to use at all times.  You won’t get a crick in the neck carrying these. And because they are Bluetooth enabled, there are no wires that may get in your way.  With all the panel controls on the side, it is very convenient to adjust settings without having to search for controls in your pocket.  You can connect to your phone or music player anytime, quickly and conveniently.  It uses a standard USB Microplug and the batteries charge quite fast and can last for days on end.

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Audio Performance – Setting the Soundstage Right

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The Bluedio F800 utilizes the 57mm extra large driver to deliver a full range of sounds.  The sound is crisp and clean, with stark clarity.  When you listen to music in these Bluedio F800 headphones, you’d feel every beat as if you were listening to a live performance on stage surrounding you and embracing you, yet not suffocating and deafening.  Whether it’s a hardcore rock band or a classical ensemble of instruments, each note is perfection, heard in all its musical glory.  There is a striking balance throughout the sound sphere.  It gives you a feeling of being “in” the music, a part of it, and floating in its mix of perfect sound quality.  The littlest of sound begins in one channel and emanates throughout, spreading its impressive beat with an explosion of dazzling musical effect.You can get lost in it, the noise outside blocked out for full audio appreciation.  Truly, these headphones give justice to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, with each piano note tickling the ears, as each instrument starts to play to the beat of your heart, and the escalating harmony of the voices blending comes in, peaking with Freddy Mercury’s powerful singing voice!

Comfort – Contended and Undisturbed

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What makes a headphone comfortable to use?  Let’s first take a look at the anatomy of a headphone.  The part of the headphone that produces the sound is the driver.  We already discussed the 57mm driver of this fantastic headphone that creates the best audio quality.  The headphone part that holds the driver to your ear is called the earpiece.  The earpiece is responsible for the acoustic relationship of the headphone’s driver and the listener’s ear canal.  With this pair of Bluedio F800 headphones, the earpiece is designed to cover your entire earlobes.  They are called over ear headphones.  The ear cushions are padded with special memory foams that soften in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mold around your ears for a very snug and comfortable fit.  This makes these headphones easy to use even for extended periods of time.  The headband of the Bluedio F800 is made of very light and soft synthetic protein leather, which provides higher comfort due to better temperature and finer texture.

Noise Cancellation – Premium Technology at its Finest

Bluedio f800 review v1

Ever wondered if those headphones that the Ms. Universe candidates use during the question and answer portion really work?  As the last top five candidates are asked the same question, the first one goes on stage while the other 4 are given headphones to block out outside sound.  Yes!  They truly do work.  These headphones are equipped with Active Noise Cancelling Technology.  With the Bluedio F800, the ANC technology is top marks, bringing you crystal-clear sound.  It uses a bass boost system for better noise cancelling function.  It blocks out the noise from outside that you don’t want to hear while enhancing audio quality to allow you to focus on and enjoy your music or movie.  Never again will outside noise have to compete with your listening pleasure.  You neither have to break your eardrums from putting the volume on too high to block out outside ambient noise, nor annoy your companion with ear piercing sounds leaking out of your cans.  These headphones’ ANC function is perfect for those who work in loud environments, for those traveling in noise heavy transport systems like trains or airplanes, and even for home use as you mow your lawn.

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The Bluedio  F800 has a quite impressive, stylish and foldable design, and its active noise cancelling (ANC) capability stands out. Priced significantly lower than top range noise cancelling headphones of the best headphone brands, with similar features and technical characteristics, the F800 offers a great alternative for those who are looking for well-designed noise cancelling headphones that offer decent value for money.      

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