Bluedio i6 Clip-on Bluetooth 4.1 stereo headphones wireless

Bluedio i6 Clip-on Bluetooth 4.1 is a premium ergonomic headset

Bluedio brand is a new name in the world of headphones, which specialises in manufacturing a range of electronics products that can be used with computers and other electronic devices.

It is known for its use of the latest technology to come up with innovative products that provide excellent experience for users. When it comes to headphones too, Bluedio uses all its experience and expertise to come up with products that score high on design, functionality, usability and performance. A hallmark aspect of all Bluedio headphones is its use of bluetooth technology. In fact, this company was one of the pioneers in China when it comes to using bluetooth as it launched its first bluetooth dongle in 2004 when its competitors were still grappling with this technology. This experience and expertise is evident in every headphone made by Bluedio.

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Features of Bluedio i6 Clip-on Bluetooth

Besides bluetooth technology, these headphones are popular for their unique style. Many products come in bright colors that are attractive and appeal well to a younger audience. Some come with an out-of-the-box design too that resonates with the overall motto of the company to create innovative products.

One of its most successful and innovative products is the i6 Clip-on Bluetooth 4.1 stereo headphones, which not surprisingly, feature a wireless and Bluetooth capability.

Bluedio i6 Clip-on Bluetooth 4.1 stereo headphones wireless is an in-ear headphones that is ideal for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. The ergonomic design of these earphones coupled with its performance make it a popular choice among users.


The design of these headphones is different from most other models in the same category. It has a small rectangular structure from which two cables come out, one for each ear bud. The rectangular structure is the battery that gives users the option to go wireless when needed. This battery can be clipped on to the shirt or sleeves so that users have the flexibility to use their hands for working out. This battery is black in color and has a matte finish to go well with any color dress. Sometimes, it even blends well with darker colors, so others will not even know that users have clipped on this device to their T-shirts.

The cables that come out of this battery are black in color while the ear buds are white. This color combination is contrasting and appealing to many users. The tip of the ear buds is made of silicone and is flexible to fit into any ear. It has a white piece protruding out of the ear buds to give a better fit for users.


These earphones are surprisingly comfortable to wear. The silicone tips are made of the highest quality material, so it does pierce or poke inner ears even when they are worn for extended periods of time. This comfortable fit can be attributed to the company’s efforts to constantly improve the experience of its users. This design of ear buds is based on ergonomic aspects, so it gives a good fit for all users, irrespective of their ear size.

Moreover, the fit is also snug enough to ensure that these earphones do not fall off when users are exercising or are engaged in other physical activities. Hence, users do not have to constantly adjust their earphones while running.

Other than the headphones, the battery is also designed to be small and inconspicuous. So, users do not have to worry whether the battery will look bad when clipped on their shirts. Furthermore, the ides of clipping on to the T-shirt is cool as users do not have to constantly hold it in their hands when they want to listen to music.

Other Features

A salient feature of these earphones is their bluetooth capability. Users can stream music wirelessly through bluetooth technology. When compared to other models, the bluetooth is stable and stream without any hiccups, and this allows users to listen to music without any pause or interruptions. In terms of this feature, these earphones are one of the best and this is no surprise considering that Bluedio was one of the pioneers of bluetooth technology. It released its first bluetooth dongle in 2004, and since then has been constantly innovating to improve its capability. All this expertise is most evident in Bluedio i6 Clip-on Bluetooth 4.1 stereo headphones.

Another cool feature of these earphones is that users can pair their headset with two different mobile devices. Since both the headsets operate independent of each other, one headset can be paired with one device and another can be paired with another. This ability to use multiple devices at the same time enhances the flexibility of users when it comes to making the most of their earphones.

Along with music, these earphones can also be used to take calls. Its bluetooth capability also adds to the versatility of its usage for taking audio calls.

Performance of the Bluedio i6 Clip-on Bluetooth Headphones

A cool design and sensible features is matched with excellent performance as well. The overall sonic balance of these earphones is perfect. Though each aspect is good by itself, they blend so well that it takes listening to music to new heights. Bass is good without being too overbearing, so every genre of music sounds good on these earphones. Notes also come with the highest quality of clarity for best listening experience.

In short, these earphones from Bluedio is one of its kind in terms of design and performance. The idea of using a portable battery to power bluetooth is innovative, and the fact that this device is small adds to the convenience factor. Performance is also excellent in wireless mode which is a pleasant surprise. Overall, another great product from Bluedio that reflects the company’s overall mission to create high quality products by incorporating the latest technology.

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