Bluedio T3 Wireless Headphones Review

Bluedio T3 Headphones Review

Are you looking for an immersive headphone experience that blocks out unwanted noises? Durability that lasts longer than what you paid for? A sleek, black design that allows you to be on the go with wireless connectivity?

You can get all the above with the Bluedio T3 Extra Bass Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones – the third generation of Bluedio’s turbine headphones. Built with an alloy frame, the headphones are built to last even when you’re on the go with its wireless feature. The Bluetooth easily syncs with the headset, so there’s no need to worry about choppy connectivity. If you’re a homebody who prefers sound quality and noise-blocking technology, the headset has a 3D feature that elevates your listening experience to a whole other, immersive sound experience.

A headset that blends form and function, the Bluedio T3 is ideal for those looking for headphones that give you the best sound quality while providing comfort and convenience.

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Immerse yourself…

Bluedio T3 Headphones Review

Whether you’re watching a movie or living out an alter ego in a video game, the headphones give you the best listening experience with its 3D feature. It’s just as if you were there. With this feature, there’s no need to go to the cinemas or spend hundreds of dollars to get that surround-sound experience.

Even if you won’t use the 3D feature and will use the headphone for casual calls or meetings over the phone or internet, the sound quality is still clear and sharp. More than that, the built-in microphone is engineered with a condenser sensitivity that will make your voice as clear and sharp as the sounds you hear. In addition to the listening experience, the headphones are also designed to give you the most form and function.

Design and functionalities that stand out.. 

Bluedio T3 Headphones Review

Framed with a metal alloy, your Bluedios are not only durable but sleek and modern as well. An all-black casing with silver linings around the frame, the headphones speak volumes with its simplicity. Don’t be fooled though. On the right side of the headset, you’ll find a circular button that performs all the functions you’re looking for in a headset. Each part of the button has been specifically designed to perform a function, be it increasing or decreasing the volume, turning on or off the power, and pausing and playing the sound. Even more, the ear pads are made out of soft memory foam which fits snugly against your ears to ensure long-wearing comfort. You’ll need it because the battery can last for as long as 20 hours and can last a week and a half without charging.

You’d think that headphones packed with such features can’t get any better. The good news for you is that the Bluedio T3 has more to offer.

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Play with technology

What sets this headset apart is its wireless Bluetooth feature paired with its immersive listening experience. One or the other is supposed to suffer, but it’s not going to happen with this one. The Bluetooth connectivity is responsive and automatically connects once you turn on the power. The range of connectivity is fairly long at about 30 feet. It’s more sensitive when you are indoors, so be sure to have the Bluetooth device close to you. You don’t want to have to connect the device to your headset (even if the package comes with a plug-in audio cord). The wireless feature is what you are paying for, even if the price tag isn’t much compared to other headsets in its league.

Additional features… 

Bluedio T3 Headphones Review

With its wireless feature and 3D function packed with a heavy bass, the Bluedio T3 is ideal for watching movies, playing video games, or taking a call while you’re on the go. The creators of the BluedioT3 engineered a feature-packed headset to give you the most bang for your buck. With its metal design, the headset, although durable, may lean towards the heavy side and may seem bigger than usual on others. Despite the weight, the ear pads, designed with super-soft memory foam, should give you the comfort and convenience you need while wearing it. As mentioned previously, the connectivity range between your device and the headphones is fairly long at 30 feet; however, it is sure to be lower indoors or in between solid structures. With this, you can opt to place the device and your headset closer or use the plug-in audio cord that comes with the headset.


All in all, the Bluedio T3 headphones give you the most value for your money. Where else can you find a wireless headset with a heavy bass and 3D feature without spending hundreds of dollars? The creators of the Bluedio T3 want you to experience excellent sound quality and wireless connectivity while giving you the most value for your money. Look around and you won’t be able to find another headset packed with the Bluedio T3’s features for the same price.

<<Latest prices and Customer Reviews of Bluedio T3 Headphones>>
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