Bluedio U (UFO) Premium Wireless Headphones Review

bluedio ufo

Bluedio is dynamic company that has established itself, as one of the leaders – in reasonably priced – wireless headphones. Despite the fact that it’s a relatively new company, it has been able to become a popular choice for people who are looking for headphones with high-tech specs that offer good value for money. Its classic models such as the Bluedio HT Turbine have already achieved a high-level of success and popularity. Now, the company has launched two top range products, the Bluedio A (Air) Stylish Wireless Bluetooth Headphones  which is offered at a mid-range price, and the U (UFO) Premium which is arguably the very best headset that the company has produced to date. In this article, we are reviewing Bluedio U (UFO) Premium High End Wireless Bluetooth Headphones which we think that features some outstanding audio quality, design and comfort, which make them comparable with headphones from top-range brands such as Sennheiser and Bose.


Bluedio U (UFO) Premium High End Wireless Bluetooth Headphones comes with an amazing playback time of 25 hours, using the most recent Bluetooth 4.1 low power technology. UFO wireless headphones have unique 8-driver design  which reproduces every single note with absolute clarity. They are fantastically crafted with superior quality Al-Ti alloy making them long-lasting and sturdy. The experience of music is balanced and crisp due to Bluedio innovative PPS8 technology. Bluedio U (UFO) Premium High End Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is compatible with a tablet, smartphone or Bluetooth enable MP3 player. However, it may not be compatible with any other device.



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As already mentioned in the specifications, the Bluedio U (UFO) Premium High End Wireless Bluetooth Headphones sound is crisp, balanced and detailed due to PPS8 technology. Music can be dramatically amplified by turning on 3D sound. The sound becomes extremely enhanced and feels simply surreal.  UFO needs 3 hours to get charged completely and gives a lively experience upto 25 hours.  These headphones score really high on this, you can charge them for 15 minutes to get 3-4 hours of smooth listening. It has a frequency response of 5hz to 25000hz. Sound Pressure Level (SPL) is 120 dB, which gives crystal clarity to the sound and top class performance.

bluedio ufo v2


The Bluedio U (UFO) Premium High End Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are ergonomically designed. They have a superior built quality and sturdy design. Made aesthetically from premium quality Al-Ti alloy, gives them high durability. The headphones are easy to put on and fit comfortably over the ears. They are light in weight and can be adjusted for better experience. The ear cups are designed to provide comfort to the ears. There was no feeling of discomfort while using the headphones. They also don’t heat up even after prolonged usage. They can be used while watching tv without any issue.

Wireless technology

In most departments, Bluedio U (UFO) Premium High End Wireless Bluetooth Headphones gives a classy performance. Wireless technology can be considered to be the biggest usp.  UFO has Bluetooth 4.1 which is low-power technology providing high performance. It consumes less energy and gives a massive music experience for 25 hours at a stretch. In terms of compatibility, Bluedio U (UFO) Premium High End Wireless Bluetooth Headphones can be termed as an efficient device. It is compatible with smartphones, Bluetooth enabled MP3 players and tablets.  The technology provides balanced and comfortable frequency. However, it does not provide thumping bass like some of the other Bluedio devices. There are 2 modes on the UFO, the normal and the 3D mode. The 3D sound is the best ever in comparison to biggest of the competitors like Bose. At any point of time, we felt no need to plug-in the 3.5 mm cord.

Our Verdict

Overall, Bluedio has done a commendable job with the UFO, and has proven that can produce premium headphones that offer a truly outstanding audio experience. The technology, comfort, performance and sound of UFO surpasses most competitors available in the market. Even the most demanding audiophile will be satisfied with the sound performance and comfort of Bluedio U (UFO) – without having to pay a fortune…


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