bluedio v headphones review

Choosing a pair of headphones would not be quite a task if your preference is just set to daily listening, budget over-ear headphones or earphones (this is more advisable for convenience) are everywhere.

Wanting a pair for a more specific purpose like recording for YouTube or disc jockeying is a completely different thing. And, if you are an outright fan of good music, it’s difficult not to want your sound to be more fine-tuned.

With advanced research – one that is needed to maximize a budget – it is inevitable not to stumble upon the series of Bluedio Headphones.

Bluedio, keeping it subtle by investing more on manufacturing a high-end product than an inflated publicity, started competing with other small brands, producing budget to entry-level headphones.

Getting into the competition of mid-range tier with major brand names may be a huge climb; one may be skeptical about it. But, having done further research about the product, they are serious about this, as Samsung was during their entrance. They are legitimate and have gallant engineering credentials.

Among their options, the Bluedio V (Victory) is definitely a stand-out. And, if you want to raise your tier without exceeding the average budget, here is an in-depth review of Bluedio V’s key features:

Design & Controls

bluedio v headphones review

Unboxing the Bluedio V headphones, you’d know that the company cares for their clients.

It is undeniable to feel warranted because it comes with a hard-shell casing with pockets for its cables and adapters. This casing has a carabiner, making it easy for anyone to take the headphones with them anywhere they want.

Bluedio V, in colour, is classic black & chrome. Unfavourably, the company has decided not to manufacture other colours. Nevertheless, this gives the impression that the headphones may be for professional use.

A set of Bluedio V headphones has an alloy frame and a pivoting mechanism. The over-ear cups’ swivelling motion is always a better choice for (DJ) spinning than their other premium model, the Vinyl, which rotates bilaterally. Both structures feel smooth and resilient.

For the meticulous, the adjustment joints would be preferable if its quieter; it is, in general, not a buzzkill.


Mentioning a non-obtrusive mechanism, Bluedio also improved on its playing method. What produced too much clicking sound and pressure upon switches on its UFO model, Bluedio looked into and, eventually, reinforced a smart touch operation on Bluedio V. It’s an intuitive smart-touch control which basically just needs some swiping: UP to increase volume, DOWN to decrease it, SKIP & REPEAT a song, swipe forward and backwards, respectively.

And, although bulkier than other over-ear headphones in the market, Bluedio V’s Bluetooth system mars the idea that it could provide inconvenience because one does not have to be worried about forgetting any cables for normal listening. Points to Bluetooth technology!

Aside from that, it is rather assuring that Bluedio V is heavier, mainly because it protects and carries a whopping number (12 to beat) of drivers!

Many of those who are already knowledgeable about high-quality headphones would advise you to look for 40mm diameter drivers to acquire optimum bass sound. They say, the bigger the diameter, the deeper the bass the headphones reproduce.

bluedio v headphones review

Take note of this: the Bluedio V uses an unprecedented (NEW, yes, NEW!) 12-driver (6 per ear) technology ranging from 20mm to 50mm, exceeding the average 40mm driver diameter installation and adding up smaller ones for low rumbles and the likes!

Bluedio V’s ergonomic design, aside from the secured fitting, though not stated to provide zero outside noise, still keeps you in your own happy music bubble because of its impressively loud and clear acoustics.

It’s really hard to hear much of anything around you when you get your bass going with this gold mine.

It is quite easy to trust Bluedio V with these features alone, but the rest of its benefits are still an ongoing count…

Comfort/Fit & Durability

Bluedio V is made of faux leather that can withstand scratches and of memory foam that is plush, which ensures comfort throughout a lengthy time of usage.

The headphones’ clamping force, on primary fitting, is a little tighter to the general public, which is a guarantee that it’s new.

The advice given was to stretch Bluedio V to your preferred diameter overnight and test if it would fit to your desire.

You don’t have to worry about wearing it off as early as the next day because Bluedio V is robust. For others, it worked fine, leaving a weight enough to hold the headphones on your head (as where it should be) for activities like an exercise or (DJ) jumps to keep the party alive.

bluedio v headphones review

Versatility: Connection & Pairing


The Bluedio V headphones are revered for their capability to entertain different audio output. They boast to keep up with different situations, all performing high-quality audio playback:

  • A v4.1 Bluetooth with 20-meter or 60 ft. range, which is almost twice the range of most Bluetooth headphones.

The most sensible issue about a Bluetooth connection is its efficiency to provide music without drops or disconnection. Surprisingly, the Bluedio V headphones will not disappoint you when it comes to continuous audio playback.

A pair supports aptx-LL low latency encoding and decoding audio compression technology. This means the delay is only 32ms compared to the industry standard of 40ms, obviously, a faster stream. An application to control this attribute is also provided by the company upon purchase — compatible with an Apple and Android device.

  • Redeeming a cable’s importance, Bluedio V still comes with a 3.5mm detachable gold-plated audio cable for those who prefer using them to prevent higher battery power usage.

Bleudio V’s cable is 1.6 meters long but can stretch up to 1.8 meters with its non-tangling, coiled analog design. The unique feature about Bluedio V’s audio jack is that it automatically locks to ensure steady transmission and avoid accidental damage.

This, also, has an extra 6.33mm adapter (for stereo) attached to it.

  • One rare (but not exclusive) connection feature is the Bluedio V’s S/PDIF Optical Transmission. This kind of audio transmitter supplies the purest of sounds. Also, with 24bit at 48kHz audio resolution, Bluedio V unquestionably yields a distinct HD listening experience.
  • Speaking of multiple ways of connection, the Bluedio V’s USB cable can also serve the same purpose once connected with a computer or other devices. This channels up its game for playing music anytime and anywhere.


This Bluetooth pairing guide would be as quick as how it is paired:

Turn the headphones on, check the indicating flash for pairing mode, the other device (a phone/tablet/etc.) should be able to detect it, press to connect and within seconds, it will already be ready for use.

There’s another interesting feature about Bluedio V — it is pairing wirelessly with another Bluedio V headphone to share music. Once connected automatically, this will be great for jamming with a friend.


Sound Quality

If your headphones’ preference requires a boasting bass sound without sacrificing the mids and the highs, then the Bluedio V would be a perfect fit for your taste. The Bluedio V headphones’ bass sound, as important as it is to you, is rich and impactful — deep enough to be hearing low rumbles to punching mid-bass. To simply put it, here is a breakdown:

  • Highs/Treble – crisp & clean, extensive enough and not recessed
  • Mids – solid & tight
  • Bass – deep, rich, & loud (honestly, like there’s a sub-woofer in this product!)

This model also has a microphone for calls, which gives out a loud volume and clear vocals.

Comparing Bluedio V to other Bluedio (premium) models

bluedio v headphones review

Comparing these headphones with Bluedio’s other premium model, Vinyl, Bleudio Victory has a lesser driver diameter (but still wider than those in the popular industry) and not 3D.

Vinyl is better suited for a studio-monitor performance while Bluedio V redeems itself to audiophiles who have inclination towards a WOW-ing bass whumps.

As to whom the Bluedio V model is intended for is still a personal predilection, since these 12-driver headphones are still very impressive, given that number. Theoretically, that’s just a really wide sound range!

But, with a budget suitable for the average mass of good music listeners, Bleudio Victory comes at par with or even exceeds the performance and the features of the well-established major brand names.

Usually, those who prepare a budget for a certain item they really want would like to find better ones than those that ONLY the advertisements say is best. And, it’s always been testified that there are really better options out there. Comprising all those features, you wouldn’t believe that Bluedio V is being sold at a very competitive price.



Bottomline, Bluedio Victory, by any measure, earns its right to be classified as, maybe not yet the best, but a decent pair of headphones which offers quality sound, comfort as well as an impressive wireless capability.

From the ergonomic design to the materials, these headphones are smart and exquisite. Bluedio Victory can, seriously, compete in the premium classification of headphones and it’s living up to its name.


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