Bluedio Vinyl Plus Luxury Headphones Review

The Vinyl Comeback…

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Bluedio Vinyl Plus wireless Bluetooth headphones take a plunge with you into the glorious age of Stravinsky and Schubert. The warm liquid mids that vinyl specializes in is seamlessly annealed with Bluetooth in these wireless headphones for a true rendezvous between fast-paced future and idyllic past. Vinyl records are known to produce full-fidelity i.e. lossless audio. Bluedio Vinyl Plus simulates the same sound signature in 3-D and brightens our collection of Classical and Rock n’ Roll genres. Even the design of these headphones is similar to the grooved circles of vinyl. Gracefully integrating the wireless connectivity, Bluedio Vinyl Plus wireless headphones set themselves a league apart from other headsets in the same range.

Highlights of Bluedio vinyl plus wireless Bluetooth headphone’s specs

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Audio Quality

 Bluedio Vinyl Plus Bluetooth headphones feature a lively 3D sound option as well as its heart melting accurate vinyl sound. In the normal mode, you can feel the tight punchy bass melting into coherent mids and highs. Bluedio goes for an honest reproduction of the original sound with elaborate detailing housed in a wide sound stage.Bass never toes the territories of mids or highs but maintains a strong presence. Generous instrument separation brings out the sparkle of different musical agents. On the 3D sound mode, which works only on Bluetooth, you immediately notice the warmth added to the actual audio. 3D expands the audio in space and transports you into a live concert mode. Compared to Audio Technica M70x’s flatter response, Bluedio Vinyl headphone’s audio is downright bright and delightful. This can be attributed to the 70mm drivers Bluedio uses as opposed to A-T’s 45mm.

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Bluetooth capability

Bluetooth tethers Bluedio Vinyl Plus wireless headphones back into the current age. It affords you a talk-time of 20 hours on a single charge of 2 hours. Even the famed Harman Kardon Soho does not have that kind of battery life or sound.Pairing process is fairly easy. You turn on the headphones and discovering them on the concerned device. You can pair them with phone to answer and reject calls. If the battery dies, you can still connect these headphones to your device via 3.5mm male to male cable. In such a case, controls will be transferred to the handling device. They have a Bluetooth range of 33 feet from the connected device.

Build and comfort 

Bluedio Vinyl Plus wireless headphones have a vinyl inspired architecture that can make Plantronics BackBeat Pro look like a dog. These over-ear cans are tastefully carved in black and metal. The circular earpieces are padded with faux leather and memory foam to imprint your head shape. They let your ears breathe through the earcup ventilation. The protein lining of earpads make soft contact with your skin. Headband is opulently cushioned at the cranial arch. Together, all these factors provide a very comfortable fit without compromising on looks. These headphones collapse at the joint of their curved arms to form a more portable structure. Bluedio Vinyl Plus Bluetooth headphones give an impression of quality and solid build which even Sennheiser HD600 has not been able to master at its higher price.

Other notable features

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Cable with 3.5mm jack – Bluedio vinyl Plus Bluetooth headphones are shipped with cable accoutrements like 3.5mm male-male cable, Y splitter and cable with inline remote and mic. Using with cables does not reduce the sound quality of normal mode in any manner.

Controls – A multifunctional button on the headphone can be pressed to power it on as well as play/pause and answer/reject. Track navigation and volume control is managed by the same up/down buttons. 3D sound mode of these headphones can be switched on by simultaneously holding down power and volume up button. Press the power and volume down button to switch it off. Once connected via a cable, Bluedio Vinyl Plus wireless headset will not operate volume.

Carry case – A case with buckle to hold it is provided with the Bluedio Vinyl plus. It is easy to fold the headphones and pack them away in this case. There is a separate pouch for cable as well.

Compatibility –  These headphones sync easily with a number of devices like Android phones Iphones, tablets, PC, Laptop etc, basically all audio/video devices with Bluetooth capability.


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  • Vinyl like audio quality with bass oomph and clear vocals with two audio modes driven by 70mm drivers
  • Bluetooth capability for connection with all audio devices of everyday use
  • In normal mode theysound accurate with flatter response that will work for audiophiles
  • In 3D mode they have a much more colorful response that is exciting for the average music-lover
  • Sturdy, elegant build with quality materials
  • Comfortable fit with skin-friendly padding on earcups
  • Over-ear design covers the ears and provides noise isolation
  • Battery life of 20 hours on low charge time of 2 hours
  • Can be used with accompanying wires if battery runs out
  • Sonic quality does not differ between wired and wireless use


  • Volume and track navigation move to handling device when connected via cable.
  • Over-ear size of earcups may not be big enough for people with jumbo ears.


Bluedio Vinyl Plus Bluetooth headphones compare favorably with many headphones in its league including biggies like Sennheiser Urbanite wireless and AudioTechnica M50. Their sound signature is hard to get over. Bluedio has gone out of its way to resurrect the magic of vinyl out of your mp3 music. That is coupled with a killer looks that beat all other headphones in the same price range. Bluetooth connectivity is smooth and not marred by connection dropping issues. We have a veritable masterpiece in Bluedio Vinyl Plus wireless headphones.

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