All you need to know about Bluedio Headphones

Bluedio is a relatively new and dynamic headphone brand, which has become rather popular too quickly, given that its models feature some impressive high-tech capabilities, modern design and robust built, but they are nonetheless priced extremely competitively, and in fact all its models cost below $100 (per pair) – which is 3 to 4 times cheaper than the average headset (of other brands) with similar specifications!

Features of Bluedio Headphones

  •  A reliable wireless capability supported by a robust Bluetooth technology
  • Additional features – for instance some of their models have built-in FM radio!
  • Compatibility – All Bluedio headsets are compatible with most smart devices such as Iphones, Ipads, Android devices and laptops!
  • Strong noise cancelling functionality which makes Bluedio headsets comparable to some of the top of the range headphones
  • Contemporary design and style – they usually come in many colours, like Beats
  • Bluedio headsets are usually compact and foldable
  • Outstanding value for money

The main Bluedio Headphones are:

Bluedio Model B

These are wireless on-ear headphones which are similar to Beats in design, and they also have some impressive additional features such as a built-in FM radio, as well as a capability which allows to easily switch from music to phone calls and vice versa.  They are chargeable via a convenient USB cable and are compact and foldable. As with all Bluedio Headphones, The Model B is priced very reasonably and has received pretty good ratings from many users, who are looking for a wireless headset that offers value for money.

Bluedio B2

These are stylish wireless and bluetooth Bluedio headphones, and they’re in fact the upgraded version of  Bluedio B. Their design is a bit slicker and their sound is quite well balanced. Quite a few users have noticed that that B2 is a bit more comfortable as their ear cups are composed of artificial protein leather, suitable to wearing for long time. Their 360 degree rotation ear pads, allow users to find the best to fit their ears. They are priced pretty much at the same level as the Model B, however, it’s worth noting that users have provided higher ratings for B2, primarily as a result of their sound quality which is underpinned by two 40mm drivers and a more sophisticated cavity structure.

Bluedio Model R Revolution

Stylish and with a rather strong bass, the R model (R stands for Revolution) has got all impressive standard features of Bluedio. It’s wireless and plays as a built-in Mp3 player. More importantly, unlike, B and B2, the Bluedio R is a larger over-ear headset, meaning that their earbuds fully cover your ears, to ensure that the sound is not distorting by external noises – which makes them ideal for commuters and travellers, who want to listen to their music or favourite podcast rather than people or noises around them.  Some of the key features of Bluedio R are:

  • – Built In Speaker Microphone, which allows users to seemingly switch between calls and music
  • – Built in rechargable battery and lead
  • – Includes Carry Case
  • – Excellent sound

Bluedio R2-WH Stereo Wired Headphones

This is the main over-ear model of Bluedio , and its (high fidelity) sound quality is remarkably superior to all other Bluedio models. In fact, it competes with top range headphones, and is priced very competitively. One of the things that differentiate R2 from other Bluedio models is that it has 8 driver units (2 pieces of 50mm 50Ω woofer and 6 pieces 32Ω 3D speakers) featuring a strong bass and clear sound quality. Nonetheles, this comes at a cost as the R2 are not wireless / Bluetooth.  Some other key features of the R2 are:

  • High fidelity sound – Meaning that the play through the speaker directly generating original Hi-Fi music which is suitable for professional users
  • Strong Bass – Independent bass and tweeter speakers of Bluedio R2-WH composed to a wide array of frequencies from 5Hz up to 25kHz
  • Audio cable with calling function made for Apple and Samsung devices
  • Extension cable for laptops and computers, can allow you to use R2-WH and make IP calls and video chat easily.
  • Compact – Easy to carry – With an adjustable and foldable slider of Bluedio R2-WH, plus light weighted.

Bluedio R+ WH Stereo

This is the revamped and improved version of the R model, and they are strong in bass -which makes them ideal for hip-hop music.. Their design is quite stylish and brings to mind Beats Studio, however, their price is a lot lower than most headphones in that range. Users have provided very positive reviews for R+ for many reasons. The key features of Bluedio R+ are:

– Their patented 8 drive units structure with produces exceptional sound for a Wireless headset (nearly as good as the R2 but without the wires!)

  • – Connectivity underscored by Near-Field communication (NFC) technology which can be used with mobile, tablet and computer devices
  • Built-in Micro-SD card music which supports MP3/FLAC/WAV/ AAC /SBC or APE music format through Micro-SD card(up to 32GB
  • – 4. aptX® audio suppression solution which allows users to enjoy their music without hearing external noises 
  • – Bluedio R+(Legend version) Bluetooth headset uses the latest 4.0 Bluetooth chip which is produced by CSR – a recognised UK chipset company

Bluedio S2 Sports

These are the earphones of the Bluedio product range, and likewise all bluedio models, they feature Bluetooth technology with some impressive voice command functions, and sweat proof materials which makes them ideal for running and working out at the gym. Their key specs are:

– Strong bass resonance – with a special speaker transmits high fidelity and detailed wireless sound to your ears.

– Wind noise reduction technology  – which removes unwanted noises during a hands free conversation, cleaning the audio for far-end listener

– Redesigned (silicone) earbuds – with built-in 14.2mm neodymium drivers, tonal quality is richer resonance than purer

– Sweat-proof

– Multipoint pairing and voice command – allows you to connect with up to 2 different devices simultaneously and switch between calls and music

Despite all these features, the S2 hasn’t received great ratings from users, who claim that this pair of earbuds are not ideal for running. From our perspective, they have a point, and for that reason that S2 is certainly not one of the best wireless earbuds out there. Those who are looking for the best headphones and earphones for running for have a look here.

Overall, Bluedio headphones are ideal for those who are looking for a high-tech, modern and wireless headset at the best possible price. Our view is that they are worth their money – of course with the exception of the S2 earbuds!

It’s also worth noting that Bluedio has recently focused on producing wireless headphones of top-notch quality – such as the Bluedio UFO and Bluedio Air – which compete with top of the range brands such as Sennheiser and Bose.


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