Bluedio Q5 Sports Bluetooth Stereo Review 2015

Bluedio Q5 Sports Bluetooth Stereo: The Perfect Fitness Partner

Nowadays, people are really starting to invest on things that help them to be in shape. Thanks to social media, everyone is now aware of the amazing benefits of having an active lifestyle, and not to mention, looking good for those Instagram photos.

Fortunately, staying fit and healthy don’t have to be expensive. A good run every morning to jumpstart your day is sometimes the only workout you need to keep those extra calories you consumed away from your tummy and thighs.

And nothing makes a good company than your favourite pumping music to keep you motivated to finish that final lap. And to make the most out of your workout experience, you definitely need an outstanding pair of headset like the Bluedio Q5 Sports Bluetooth Stereo.

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Why Bluedio Q5 Sports Bluetooth Stereo?

This revolutionary Bluetooth sports headset is a heaven sent for everyone who uses headsets in their daily lives. For those of you who live an active lifestyle, you would appreciate and love this more because you know how hard it is to find the perfect headset that can withstand the intensity of workout without spending an awful amount of money.

It might be too soon to say this, but this amazing yet affordable headset will surely become your best buddy in no time. The revolutionary headset is specifically designed for your outmost convenience without compromising the quality of sound for a very reasonable price.

Top features of the Bluedio Q5 Sports Bluetooth Stereo

  • T-light ear tips

One of the main problems of wearing a headset while working out is that it always comes off eventually. This is why you often take off your headset when you move on to a higher intensity workout.

Bluedio Q5 Sports Bluetooth Stereo is engineered to stay in your ears no matter the intensity of your workout. They also provided an ergonomic ear adapter that lets you listen to music for hours without any kind of discomfort in your ear, which a lot of headset can do to your delicate ears.

Additionally, the Bluedio manufacturers picked out the best size and shape out of many drafts to fit perfectly and comfortably in your ears for whatever activity you do, be it walking to work or running on mountain trails. This headset is going to stick with you like glue – a true companion wherever you go.

  • Wireless 

Distractions are definitely not welcome while working out and sometimes when you are too focused to mind other things, you can accidentally pull out the headset out of your ears because of the dangling cables. Those accidents are really frustrating sometimes and it can put you off your workout peak. For this, Bluedio has provided you with wireless headset that always stays out of your way during workout. The built-in microphone, call functions, playback and volume controls enable you to be hands free at all times. Also, you can say good-bye to those exasperating days of unwinding of tangled cables!

  • Bluetooth 4.1

In this growing technological world, different companies are trying to make everything Bluetooth-compatible. This headset has the latest and newest Bluetooth version that allows different types of phones and tablets to connect with easily. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your Bluetooth getting disconnected from your phone or tablet because Bluedio strengthened the data transmission for a more stable signal. This lets you experience uninterrupted sound for as long as you want.

This Bluetooth version also has a power saving technology that lets you use the headset for several hours of listening to music or talking to someone over the phone. So you don’t have to worry if you accidentally left your charger at home because this headset can last you up to 220 standby hours. And as if this Bluetooth version can’t get any better, you can also connect two different devices at the same time! Now that’s definitely a great deal.

  • High and clear sound quality

The Bluedio Q5 Sports Bluetooth Stereo has an advanced noise reduction technology that helps minimise the noise around you. This feature enables you to concentrate with your workout if you feel like really getting into it without any outside disruption. Also, you can take your music listening experience to a whole new level anywhere and anytime you want. So maybe after an extreme workout, you can listen to a relaxing music while having a spa and just completely shut off the world around you.

  • 100% Sweat-proof

How many times have you broken your headset just because your sweat seeped in the filter and it just completely ruined the quality of sound? Headsets that produce murky sounds are definitely as good as dead. With Bluedio Q5, you don’t have to worry about those filters getting wet because this headset is undeniably sweat proof.

Voice prompt in English/Chinese/French/Spanish

Talk about internationally friendly headset! The Bluedio Q5 Sports Bluetooth Stereo is designed to communicate in English, Chinese, French and Spanish. Merci Bluedio!

Fashionable design 

It is rare for headset manufacturers to provide different colours that you can choose from. Black, white and grey are the most common and safest colours for headsets, but Bluedio is definitely not afraid of taking fashion risks.

The Bluedio Q5 comes in three striking shades of blue, green, and red. These colours also stand for peace of mind, energy, and passion, which show that the company really thinks through every aspect of their products that makes this headset revolutionary.

Our verdict? This compact and clever headset is definitely a dream to have if you’re a music enthusiast, a fitness buff, or even a busy employee. And you can definitely make your dreams come true at a reasonable price that caters to all your headset needs.

 From the Bluedio team

“Our team have a common dream, want do something significance when we think back at 60 years old. We do think, every era has its own characteristics, we always strive to explore the characteristics of next era, advocating an amazing lifestyle, get start from portable wireless Hifi, to build up a wireless era.”

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