Bluedio T2S – Shooting break Headphones

Bluedio T2S – Shooting break Headphones

Bluedio is a brand that has entered the headphones industry with a big bang. When the brand was created back in 2004, its founders understood the competitive nature of this industry. So, they used their insight to carve a niche for the company by focusing on wireless and high-tech headphones instead of producing all sorts of headsets.

Due to this strategy, all products of Bluedio come with wireless capability that allows users the mobility to listen to their favorite music without worrying about wires hanging out of these headphones. Along with the bluetooth feature, these headphones are also designed with style and perform on par with many leading brands. Another salient aspect of these headphones is their low cost, which is huge for Western customers because they get to enjoy a product with excellent features without spending too much money. In this sense, Bluedio gives tough competition for leading brand such as Sony and Skullcandy that sell high-end headphones at a premium cost.

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Bluedio T2S – Shooting break Headphones at a reasonable price

Bluedio T2S – Shooting break headphones are steeped in style and performance. Its letter ‘T’ in the name is an abbreviation for the word turbine that denotes the large drivers in these headphones. It is the updated version of Bluedio’s H-Turbine model, which was developed in the summer of 2014.

Features of Bluedio T2S – Shooting break Headphones


The design of these headphones is spectacular to say the least. They come in white, red and black colours which are sure to appeal well to the younger generation. It also is a head-turner as most people will stop by to look at these headphones as it sits on the ears of users. The head band is wide and is attached to both the ear cups at a slight angle to give a tilted look to the headphones. The outer side of both the ear cups have a glossy finish that is shaped like a clock. Other than the glossy finish on the outer side of ear cups, the remaining part of the headphones have a matte finish.


This cool design is matched by an array of features that make it convenient to use these headphones for long periods of time. For example, the ear cups can be rotated up to an angle of 195 degrees, which is at least 15 degrees more than what most other ear cups can do. As a result of this ability to rotate, these headphones fit well for any user, irrespective of his or her position and head size. This rotation also makes it easy for users to pack these headphones in any bag, and take it with them as they travel. It saves space and enhances comfort while traveling.

Along with this ability to rotate, these headphones also have excellent padding to give users an extra degree of comfort while wearing them. I fact, Bluedio has used the latest ergonomic theory to create these head bands so that they will fit well on any head size. The underside of the head band has thick padding that ensures that the head band is comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time. The padding on the ear cup is also soft as it is made of leather. As a result, it does not hurt the ears with long hours of listening. Another advantage with using such thick padding is that it provides an excellent degree of noise isolation. Users can enjoy their music in peace without any outside noise intruding them at any time. This noise isolation makes these headphones the perfect choice to use in crowded places like public buses and trains as well as on crowded streets in New York City. Besides noise isolation, sound leaks are also minimal which means passengers who sit next to users will not feel any discomfort because of the music that is enjoyed by the user.

Other Features

Other than good design and features, these headphones come loaded with other features as well. Its most prominent feature is bluetooth. This Bluedio T2S – Shooting break Headphones has a bluetooth chip fitted inside it, and this chip is based on innovative technology that makes it possible to transmit data at high speeds. Hence, users can listen to uninterrupted music even when they are streaming audio through bluetooth. This feature gives users a lot of freedom and mobility to use their different devices.

Also, this bluetooth chip consumes only low energy, so battery life is long. The company claims that users can listen to 40 hours of music on the wireless mode with every full charge. This is huge by the existing headphone battery standards. Other than wireless mode, this headphone can also be used in wired mode. A cable comes as a part of the accessories, and this cable can be used to connect to different devices.

Moreover, these headphones are compatible with most devices that run on different operating systems such as Windows, Android and iOS. It can also be used with ordinary MP3 and CD players to give an excellent musical experience.


In terms of sound performance too, these headphones are superb. Its engineers have spent two years in creating the Bluedio T2S – Shooting break Headphones ultra-big speaker that has a diameter of up to 2.25 inches. This large diameter has a direct impact on the sound quality and output. As a result, the sound that comes out of these headphones are loud and clear. Though there is some emphasis on bass, it does not sound overpowering at any time. Highs are crisp and clear while mid-range notes are warm to give a balanced listening experience.

Overall, these headphones have an amazing and cool design that is backed by a range of different features that enhance usability. Its audio performance is also stellar. All in all, a great buy for users.

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