Bluedio UPGRADE Version R+


If you love your bass then you’re sure to love this. Bluedio R+ Legend Bluetooth Headphones is the next step up from its predecessor the Bluedio R model. With a bass that literally makes you feel as if you’re playing loud music in your room, the Bluedio R+ gives you that comfort of being surrounded by music. This is especially noticeable with rap and hip-hop and even some pop music.

In terms of Bluetooth connectivity, the Bluedio UPGRADE Version R+ has little to no problems. They are easy to connect to your phone and they’re not likely to lose connection easily, maybe once a day or twice if you’re not careful but that’s about it.

Not a fan of Bluetooth? No problem, there are a lot of other ways you can connect your phone to your headphones. The simplest way would probably through connecting it using the NFC, or you can plug in the auxiliary cable and listen to your phone with a cable on.

Another option that you should consider on doing is by connecting the headphone with a micro sd. Yes, what’s interesting about this headphone is that you can plug in your micro SD (filled with your song choice) and listen to the SD directly.

Now when it comes to longevity, there’s that promised 25-hours playtime and a standby time of 13 hours. Initial charge should be around 3 hours as instructed. All made possible with its ultra low energy consumption feature.

Going to how comfortable it is, the headphones are assuredly very comfortable. They are over-ear headphones and the cushion on it is as I’ve said, very comfortable.

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Features of Bluedio UPGRADE Version R+ Headphones

Now back to the features that the Bluedio R+ offers; when you direct your attention to the side of the right ear, you’ll notice the buttons that controls your music. Forward, back, volume up and down, they are easy to use even with gloves.

The headphones are also foldable and easy to pack, they are a bit on the heavy side though and you’re likely to feel that weight after a few hours of listening to music using the headphones. In terms of looks, they’re pretty similar to BEATS headphones, what with the good and solid frame overhead and over-ear styled. Notice though that these headphones are marginally more affordable.

Considering all its features and sounds, the Bluedio UPGRADE Version R+ is as affordable as you can get with an over-ear Bass Bluetooth headphones.

Though by the end of the day, it would still end up with what kind of music you prefer listening to. Again, these are best used when listening to rap and hip-hop, especially with that bass and its noise-cancelling design.

As mentioned, the Bluedio Upgrade Version R+ is a high-tech pair of headphones with impressive features, which are summarised below.  

NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology which supports connectivity with smart phones and smart devices 

Bluetooth Version V4.0 –  that offers lower power consumption & long standby

Adopt apt-X Codec Technology with lowest distortion and CD sound quality

8 Sound Tracks – One of the First One in the World to feature a super HiFi Stereo Sound Effect with Built-in 2 x Subwoofers of 100ohm with 50mm Diameters, 6 x 3D Tweeters

Wireless and hands free, which allows you to answer/reject/redial calls, whilst enjoying your favourite music


The Bluedio R+ has similar design and characteristics to the Beats Studio Wireless, one of Beats top products. A lot of people have asked whether the Bluedio UPGRADE Version R+ is better than the Beats Wireless. The Beats Wireless has a more robust and quality built, along with a stronger bass. However, it is priced nearly twice as the Bluedio R+. If you are looking for a high-tech product that offers value for money , then the Bluedio R+ would certainly fit the bill.

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