The best Bluetooth Wireless headphones In 2020 – Complete Guide

Earphones have become a ubiquitous accessory in today’s connected world. It gives users the option to listen to their favorite music in private or when they are traveling. Other than music, earphones are used to listen to audio books, podcasts, movies and more when they are traveling or when they are sitting at home or work. This versatility to connect with different devices makes earphones a default choice.

However, finding good earphones is easier said than done because the market is flooded with different models of headphones from different companies. As a result, it is important for users to know what to look for while buying a pair of headphones.

Features of the Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Some of the features that users should look for before buying their next pair of wireless or Bluetooth wireless headphones are:

• Excellent Sound quality – The first aspect that users should look for is excellent sound quality, as this is the very purpose of these headphones. Users should check if they can hear notes or words clearly.

• Comfort – The next aspect that users should look into is comfort, especially if they plan to use it for long periods of time. It is a good idea to avoid earphones that build pressure in ears, as this can cause ear fatigue within a short span of time.

• Durability – An often missed out aspect of headphones is durability. What is the point of buying cheap headphones that break within a few months? Rather, users are better off buying durable headphones even if they cost more. Users should look at the build and the material used for making these headphones before buying them.

• Wireless capability – Wireless feature is increasingly becoming an important aspect when it comes to buying a pair of headphones. This wireless option gives users more flexibility in terms of mobility, and this is why uses prefer to buy a product with this capability.

• Noise Isolation – This is a controversial feature that depends purely on how a particular headphone is used. For some users, noise isolation is important as it gives them complete privacy to listen to their music while other see it as a dangerous feature as it shuts out the outside world for users. This noise isolation can be particularly dangerous when users plan to use it while walking or running as they are not aware of the outside traffic. Hence, noise isolation is an important feature depending on the preferences of a user.

Best headphones are those that incorporate all of the above features to give users a personalized listening experience. Below are some models that have all the above features.

Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Plantronics backfit Fit Bluetooth Wireless headphones

Plantronics backfit Fit Bluetooth wireless headphones is a lightweight product that comes with solid performance.

The design comes in blue or lime green to give a sporty look to it. True to its looks, it can be used for any outdoor activity, thanks to its sweat and water proof material. The design is somewhat different from that f competing models as the ear tips are not meant to jam right into the ears. Rather, there is a small gap between the ears and ear tips of these earphones to ensure that users can listen to outside noise too. While this could be a drawback for some, it is a handy feature to have while using earphones outdoors. The fit is also excellent as there is a piece of plastic that goes over the ears to ensure that the earphones do not fall off while exercising.

Along with these portability features, these earphones are lightweight too. To encourage users to use it outdoors, the company also gives an armband in the package. This armband fits most smartphones and MP3 devices. Volume controls are present on the left ear cups while power and phone buttons are present on the right.

Bluetooth connectivity is good too, as there is no loss of sound quality. Charging is through a USB port, and a full charge that could take two and a half hours will allow users to listen to eight hours of music at moderate volumes of six hours of talk time.

As far as sound quality, these earphones are detailed and clear. There is a decent amount of bass considering that it has an open design. Other notes also have good clarity and the overall sonic signature is superb.

The verdict – a great looking, comfortable, sweat-proof and super sounding earphones that is designed for outdoor use.

JayBird Bluebuds X Sport Bluetooth wireless headphones

JayBird Bluebuds X Sport Bluetooth headphones are ideal for those who are looking to listen to good music during their workouts and running.

The design of these earphones is striking to say the least. It does not look like conventional earphones as they are connected by a single cord that sits behind the neck. There is a small metal net on top of the ear buds, and there are three raised buttons present on this side to make it easy for users to control music and to take audio calls.

The USB charging port is also present behind the ear phones, and can be hard to detect the first time. However, the good part is it remains concealed so others cannot see it. This clever design enhances the looks of these earphones. The material used for making these earphones are sweat and water resistant, thereby making it a good choice for outdoor use.

Along with the earphones, users get a hard case box small enough to fit the earphones, a USB charging cable and three sets of ear tips that are shaped like a honey comb to give users the perfect fit. The cable is attached to the earphones, but users have the option to hang it over the ears to prevent tangling or to let it loose below.

In terms of sound quality, these earphones are simply amazing. The sound is clear and detailed to make it convenient for users to listen to both music and audio books. Noise isolation is also good, though these earphones leak a little bit of sound that can be bothersome to those sitting next to users on a public transportation. These earphones have a big emphasis on bass, but it does not overpower other notes. In this sense, these earphones are ideal for those who like bass-intense genres such as hip-hop.

JayBird Bluebuds X Sport Bluetooth headphones use Bluetooth 2.1 HDR which is different from Bluetooth 4.0 that most devices are compatible with. However, it does not make a difference as these earphones can be connected to any device.

On the whole, these earphones have a cool and distinct side that scores high on comfort too. Sound quality is detailed and excellent as well.

Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY QY7 Mini Lightweight Bluetooth wireless headphones

Another cool looking earphones that also sound good is Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY QY7 Mini Lightweight Bluetooth wireless headphones.

They have a trendy design with a combination of eon green and black. While the ear buds are black, the cable is neon green and this color combination makes these earphones to stand out in a crowd. The white silicone ear tips fit well to give users a good level of comfort.

In fact, the package comes with different sizes of silicone tips to give users the ultimate comfort while listening to these earphones for long periods of time. Controls are present on top of the ear cups to make it easy for users to adjust volumes or tracks while they are running or walking. Alternately, they can also take calls while on the move. Controls are present on a neon green panel on top of the earphones, so it is easy to locate and operate. These aspects make this earphone ideal for outdoor use. Also, the fact that the entire earphones including the cables are seat proof make it perfect for outdoor exercise.

Sound quality is also first-class as all the notes are clear. High notes are crisp while the mid range notes are warm and soothing. Bass is ample, but not intense enough to crowd out other notes. The good balance between notes make it a good choice for listening to music of different genres.

Bluetooth is another salient feature as it gives greater mobility for users. These earphones use the standard Bluetooth 4.0 technology. They can be charged with a USB cable, and the company claims that users can listen to these earphones for eight hours on wireless mode.

Overall, these earphones are excellent for outdoor use with its trendy design and good sound quality.

MEElectronics Air-Fi Journey AF16 Bluetooth Headphones

MEElectronics Air-Fi Journey AF16 Headphones are a solid wireless earphone that offers good sound quality and high levels of portability.

The design is simple and minimalist with plain black ear buds and a long cable. While the design is simple, it is by no means fragile. On the contrary, it is a solid piece of earphones that scores high on durability and comfort.

They fit deep into the ears, thereby offering one of the highest degrees of noise isolation. At the same time, they also fold well and fit into the nice-looking pouch that comes along with these earphones.

Controls are located on the right earpiece. There a handful of them to control volume, take calls and manage tracks, so it is easy to handle. Moreover, a built-in microphone is present to allow users to take calls too.

Sound quality is excellent as these earphones offer a solid sound experience. The best part is there is no compromise on audio quality even when audio is streamed in the wireless mode. Though it is heavier on bass, it does not crowd out other notes, thereby making it ideal to listen to any genre.

Another salient feature is bluetooth that allows users to go wireless for five hours while listening to music and seven hours while talking.

All in all, a simple looking earphones that score exceptionally high on sound quality and bluetooth performance.

SNEER isport series premium Bluetooth wireless headphones

SNEER isport series premium 2014 ear buds are one of the most stylish earphones available in the market today. With a sporty purple theme, these earphones look cool and trendy.

The design is comfortable and stylish. Its purple head band that goes with the ear buds add an extra layer of comfort to users. These earphones connect from the sides of the head band, something that is rare for an earphone. Due to this innovative design, the head band gives extra support for users, and makes it possible for them to use these earphones for long periods of time. Despite this addition of head band, these earphones are lightweight and easily portable.

The ear tips are also soft and does not poke users like many other models. They also give a good fit, so noise isolation is good when compared to other earphone models. Play, pause and volume controls are present on the left side of the head band to make it easy for users to take calls or control their music better. These design features make these earphones the perfect companion for outdoor activities or for exercise.

A salient aspect of these earphones is their bluetooth connectivity. It can be easily paired with any device that supports Bluetooth Version 4.0 technology, and this option allows users to use this earphone with a range of different devices. It provides for a reliable connection, and gives users the option to connect to two devices simultaneously.

Performance is top-class too as these earphones offer a balanced sound signature. Bass is deep, but not intense while the other notes are clear and detailed. Treble is good too, and does not distort at top volumes.

Overall, these earphones are priced sensibly, and their durability, design and sound quality are pretty good.

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