BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review for 2022

BOHM headphones have made quite a solid impression on customers. The credit goes to both the decent repute of BOHM B76 Headphones Review in 2020the brand, and the great performance and quality of the wireless headphones themselves. In a sleek and elegant color combo with trendy design and durable built, these headphones are great for all music lovers who want to enjoy their music without any interruption or disturbance. The very first thing that catches everyone’s attention in the B76 headphones is its exquisite brushed metal finish. The attractive design is backed up by superior comfort and great audio performance to give you a well-rounded product that’s affordable and long lasting.

Design and Size

The design of B76 wireless headphones boast luxury and elegance. It is hard to find a glamorous metal constructed headphones in a price range of $100, but these headphones are fairly cost effective with a smart look and great features. There are two available colors of a sleek black and a luxe gold brown, both of which further beautified with trendy silver accents. The ear cups are considerably big and cover the ears completely, providing a nice seal and blocking out the external nuisance. The headband is quite stylish with a modern and chic look and a comfortable feel.

Overall, the headphones look high-end and graceful. The ear cups have proper padding, while the headbands are lightly padded in comparison, reducing the bulk and making them look and feel fairly light in weight. They are pretty flexible too, and with the right adjustment, you will feel no discomfort at all even with hours of usage. The overall design and portability offers convenience to the users for everyday use.

The controls on the headphones are user-friendly and easy to get used to with daily use. The buttons are simple to reach as they are quite large. The volume and skip buttons are easy to access, and the users will definitely not have any trouble while adjusting the volume on the headphones or skipping to a different track. The active noise cancellation feature is also pretty straightforward and easy to turn on and off. This ANC button is on the left side, while the volume adjustment, next/previous song and answering call controls are on the right.

They are foldable and can be carried around with ease without the worry of being damaged. The protective bag that comes with the product reinforces the safe keeping and makes them easily adjustable inside a backpack or BOHM B76 Headphones Review in 2020carry case. The headphone weigh only 0.76lbs and the dimensions are 6.50×3.30×5.00 inches.

Materials and Comfort

The high quality construction of these headphones is an amalgamation of steel, sports metal and lavish brushed aluminum. The ear pads are well-padded whereas the headband is lightly padded with memory foam with a faux leather material that’s fairly breathable. It offers decent ventilation when using the headphones while exercising or out in hot weather. However, with extended use, you might feel the ears getting a bit warm and it is recommended to take them off from time to time for longer use without fatigue. The well-cushioned ear pads also play a part in providing a seal around the ears that prevents external noise from entering inside.

The headphones are very versatile and adjustable, making them a good fit for all shapes and types of ears. The portability and handiness further adds to comfort and convenience. Although this model is slightly heavier than its predecessor, the bulk mostly comes from its padding and large ear cups that enhance listening experience and comfort for the wearer. For the given size, they are surprisingly light in weight and foldable.

Sound Performance

The headphones feature 40mm drivers that allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes on an enhanced frequency range. This means that you’ll be able to appreciate a clearer sound quality with more detailed and loud notes that are hard to miss. The bass is quite dynamic and deep with these headphones. It is a great detail which is further amplified with the active noise cancellations features. Along with the bass, the mid-response is also solid, whereas the highs are simply divine!

Very few headphones can deliver this balance with such a dynamic bass, but the B76 headphones never disappoint when it comes to sound quality. The bass lovers will enjoy these headphones immensely for all genres, but due to the balanced soundstage, the bass never gets overwhelming for the listeners. You will really be able to get into the BOHM B76 Headphones Review in 2020hip-hop, pop, rock and country soundtracks with the pleasant bass booms that are further enhanced when you turn on the noise cancellation feature.

The headphones also perform decently when it comes to noise control. They are good at cancelling out unwanted nuisance around with active noise cancellation, and the ear cups also provide adequate sound isolation to enjoy music in a quieter setting. However, it is important to mention that the Bluetooth audio is somewhat compressed and it does effect the sound quality to some extent. This affect is minimal but can be picked up by those who are really into music.


Although the headphones have a breathable material that regulates moisture control and doesn’t allow the ears to get fatigued easily, overall these headphones are not recommended for rugged outdoor use. The brushed metal finish doesn’t only add an elegant and luxurious touch to the design of the headphones, but also greatly extends its durability.

As the headphones are foldable, they are easy to carry around without getting damaged. The carry case is sturdy and does a fine job of keeping the headphones safe when not in use. The sturdy and solid feel of the headphones really plays well to make them durable and long lasting. The product is backed up with a good customer service and comes with a one-year warranty period.

Connectivity and Compatibility

There is a great range of compatibility with BOHM B-76 thanks to the highly efficient Bluetooth 4.0. These headphones can be easily paired with any smart device that supports Bluetooth. These include Apple products, including all the latest iPhones and iPads, as well as android devices including computers, laptops, tablets and other smart devices with Bluetooth.

Along with the impressive wireless connectivity, there’s also CSR solution. This delivers an enhanced sound quality when streaming music via Bluetooth. The CSR chip is mostly present alongside Apt-X codec in all latest generation headphones, which means that these headphones also features the advanced technological features that make them very convenient for the users. You can spot the Bluetooth indicator under the right ear pad which indicated a seamless connection.

The range of BlueBOHM B76 Headphones Review in 2020tooth is about 10 meters (33 feet), making it easy to catty them to the gym or enjoy your favorite music while studying, working or doing chores. The headphones support a variety of protocols including HFP, A2DP, HSP and AVRCP. If you want to enjoy music from a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can always use the aux cable with the 3.5mm jack which comes with the product. You can also use these to enjoy music while the headphones are charging.

The headphones use 320 mA battery, which offers around 16 hours of listening time depending on the volume and other features in use. With active noise cancellation, the listening time can be up to 8 hours which is still pretty decent for the given price and sound quality. The charging time is about 2 hours.

Additional Features

As mentioned above, BOHM B76 features active noise cancellation technology which can be activated by pressing the ANC button on the left ear cup. This active noise cancellation can isolate noises of up to 20 dB. This feature makes it great to use the headphones while commuting in noisy or crowded environments, in planes or just for a better sound quality. The sound isolation is also pretty decent.

One drawback with these headphones is that there is no built in microphone. This means that it is not an ideal set of headphones for those who are looking to pair it with their smartphones for taking calls or using it for voice commands. The product comes with a charging cable, 3.5 mm aux cable, carrying case and an easy to read user manual.


  • Sturdy and robust construction with luxurious metal details.
  • Lightweight and foldable, making it portable and easy to carry around.
  • Ultra-comfortable memory foam padding on ear cup and headband.
  • Easy operation with simple controls.
  • Decent active noise cancellation.
  • The headphone are easy to pair and quick to charge.
  • Dynamic bass and good sound quality.

Who Are These Headphones For?

These are budget friendly wireless headphones with impressive ANC technology and good wireless connectivity. With a dynamic bass and seamless audio quality, this is a great set of headphones for those who want to enjoy their music without any outside disturbance. It is excellent for long commutes and for light workouts. However, those looking for headphones for communication at workplace or while driving and for hands-free calls, this headphone doesn’t live up to expectations as there’s no built-in microphone. These are ideal for audiophiles and music enthusiasts, as well as casual listeners.


These headphones are easy on the eyes with a sleek and elegant look and reliable construction. The sound quality BOHM B76 Headphones Review in 2020is pretty decent, and is enhanced with its ANC feature which makes it a great product for outdoor use. The comfort is boasted with well-padded memory foam ear pads and headband. With advanced compatibility and pairing features, it is a pretty solid deal for the given price. Enjoy the sharp leather and luxe brushed metal look and a powerful and dynamic bass delivery. Other than the lack of a built in microphone, these are a great pair of headphones to have that are long lasting and high performing.

About the Company

BOHM is a leading brand when it comes to headphones. The powerful performance and great audio quality is paired with excellent customer service and good reputation. The company is focused on providing customer satisfaction with a line of products that are regularly updated to include the most advanced features and enhancing comfort and performance.

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