Bose SoundTrue Headphones – Complete Review for 2022

Bose has consistently been producing amazing headsets and audio systems for a couple of decades now. Bose Bose SoundTrue headphones Review in 2020SoundTrue headphones were designed to be a rebranded version of two popular products – AE2 and AE2i from the same company.

SoundTrue has been engineered to sound better as well as excel in the comfort department. It has also been given a cosmetic facelift with more eye-catching colors.

An affordable alternative to the QuietComfort range of headsets from Bose, SoundTrue does not feature Bluetooth, but manages to deliver excellent noise isolation, all thanks to its intelligent construction.

Design and size

The Bose SoundTrue headphones have a beautifully sleek design with a durable frame. Constructed to be incredibly light in weight, they are built to comfortably wrap the wearer’s ears in a snug fit.

They come in a wired setup, with the audio cable attaching to the device via a single ear-cup. This audio cable is detachable when the device is not in use, which makes storage easier. Included is a compact zippered carrying case which makes portability easy.

Also, the earcups on the Bose SoundTrue headphones are designed to fold flat (90-degrees) with a collapsible headband, making them easier to store.

These around-the-ear headphones are low-profile and go well with almost every outfit. This means that they could go brilliantly with your office outfits, formal wear, and equally blend in with business casuals or even your workout clothes. They are also compatible with hearing aids.

The ear cushions on the Bose SoundTrue headphones are easily replaceable, and are readily available in the Bose parts store.

Engineered for premium sound, the device’s acoustic design helps reproduce the full spectrum of sound – making it a true blessing for musicians and audiophiles.

These Bose headphones are specially designed for the Apple range of products, and feature mini controls on the audio cable for easy access and operability.

Materials and comfortBose SoundTrue headphones Review in 2020

The SoundTrue headphones from Bose are truly one of a kind. They are constructed for utmost comfort over long wearing durations.

These headphones incorporate a padded soft headband that rests comfortably over the wearer’s head. The SoundTrue headphones are easily adjustable to provide a custom fit irrespective of the wearer’s size needs.

With ear cushions made out of durable memory foam, these headphones are soft on the ears and are perfect for extended listening sessions. Another good thing about these ear cushions is that they are easily replaceable in case of wear and tear.

The Bose SoundTrue headphones are extremely light in weight, and thus can be an excellent option for all activities. Though not designed for workouts and fitness sessions, these can still be a great choice because of their weight.

Also, the audio cable that comes along with these Bose headphones are thin and light, thus being more nuisance-free and minimizing the chances of tripping or tangling.

Both sides of the SoundTrue headphones have 3.5 mm connectors, so you have a choice on which side of the headphone you want to plug your device into.

The cable is easily detachable when the device is not in use, thus making them easier to store. It has easy-access volume control buttons and offers a great range because of its length. In all, the SoundTrue headphones offer brilliant comfort with a truly minimalistic design.

Sound performance

The Bose SoundTrue headphones have a truly acoustic design. This design is an absolute treat for musicians and audiophiles given the device’s truly affordable price range.

Constructed to produce a stream of well-balanced, clean, crisp and rich audio output, the device is an excellent choice for beginners. Though the headphones do not include noise cancellation as an active feature, the over-ear Bose SoundTrue headphones Review in 2020earcup construction works well to keep ambient noise outside.

SoundTrue replicates the full-spectrum of sound, with well-separated highs and lows delivering an outstanding hearing experience.

Usually, deeper bass comes at the cost of increased weight and bulkiness in a headphone. But the Bose SoundTrue headphones provide an excellent compromise between bass and weight, giving you the best deal with an incredibly low weight.

The device has no need for equalization and sound brilliant right out of its box. While audio output is full, crisp and rich when connected to a low-powered device, the device sounds magnificent when connected to a high-powered device like a stereo receiver. The latter is definitely suggested when you truly want heavy bass and a special listening experience.

The Bose SoundTrue headphones have a comfortable over-ear design that works well to prevent any music from leaking out of the device. This very design also works incredibly well in keeping noises from outside from creeping into your listening sessions.


These SoundTrue headphones are sleek and minimalistic but have a solid, durable build. Built to last, these headphones are perfect for long hours of listening, and are made out of thick plastic designed to withstand wear and tear.

While the audio cable that accompanies the device is light, it is also prone to wear and tear on continuous use. Conveniently, the audio cable is available online at the Bose store as an affordable replacement.

The ear cushions may also be prone to wear and tear due to listening for prolonged lengths of time. The Bose SoundTrue headphones come with replaceable cushions so that you can conveniently replace them as and when needed.

Overall, these headphones are designed for comfortable all-day hearing and built for durability.

Connectivity and compatibility

The Bose SoundTrue headphones are perfectly compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPods, and the entire range of Apple products. The device was specifically designed to work and connect with iOS devices.Bose SoundTrue headphones Review in 2020

But that being said, SoundTrue is compatible with all other smart phones, and offers a great listening experience through other devices as well. The exception to the above is the microphone and volume buttons which are only compatible with iOS devices.

If you’d like a SoundTrue headset that is able to place calls as well as play audio via Bluetooth from both Android and Apple headsets, SoundLink headphones from Bose would be a great option to consider.

The Bose SoundTrue headphones can be connected to your Android or Apple device by means of an audio cable. This device can also be connected to your TV if it features a standard jack for headphone. If your TV does not have a standard headphone jack, you may purchase extension cables from Bose online or from any local electronics store.

Though the device is specially designed to work with the Apple range of products, it delivers an excellent sound output with any device connection.

Also, most features on these headphones are compatible with phones manufactured today.

Additional features

SoundTrue by Bose is a pair of headphones designed to deliver brilliant sound quality with exceptional comfort over long durations. Apart from its ergonomic construction and sharp audio quality, there are a couple of extra features this device comprises of.

Though the SoundTrue headphones do not offer noise cancellation as an active feature, the construction makes sure that ambient noise always stays out. The earcups are so designed that they block external noise well for an undisturbed listener experience. This design also ensures that there is minimal noise leakage as well.

A great feature of this device is its ability to let you switch between calls and listening mode with the easy touch of a button. The button is easy to reach and is located conveniently on the headset to eliminate the need of reaching out to grab your phone. This feature may be especially useful while you’re working out, walking, working, driving or doing chores.

There is also an integrated remote located behind its microphone. This lets you control a lot of functions like volume adjustment, playing and pausing of tracks, track skipping, forward/backward

Bose SoundTrue headphones Review in 2020

of tracks, fast-forward/rewind and playlist changes.

While the Bose SoundTrue headphones are compatible with all mobile phones, its mic and volume buttons work with Apple devices only.

Who are these headphones for?

The Bose SoundTrue headphones are designed for utmost convenience with an outstanding audio experience.

Given their truly versatile construction, they are perfect for most activities. They are light in weight and thus can be worn comfortably while at work, while working out, or during a walk.

The sleek and minimalistic design of the Bose SoundTrue headphones complements almost all outfits you may choose to wear. They blend well with casual outfits as well as business formals making them a truly versatile choice to have.

These headphones are great if you’re an individual always on the move. With their collapsible headband and foldable earcups, they can be stored away pretty easily and carried around whenever needed. The additional handy zipper case is super convenient for travel needs too.

While the Bose SoundTrue headphones are not designed for workout or exercise, its light weight makes it a good choice even for light fitness sessions. The T-joint audio cable is light and minimally constructed for hassle-free use making it ideal for prolonged listening. Additionally, the ear cushions are replaceable, which means that any wear and tear due to sweat and moisture can be reversed.

The headphones are compatible with any device with a standard headphone jack, making them truly versatile in their use.


  • Incredibly comfortable and lightweight design makes listening to music for extended hours, truly a pleasure. The light weight makes it excellent to carry around, and may be even suitable for light workout sessions.
  • The minimalistic and sleek design of these headphones makes it a comfortable choice over all kinds of outfits including business wear and formals.
  • Its intelligent construction with folding earcups, detachable audio cable and collapsible headband makes for easy storage and portability
  • Acoustic design for brilliant audio output which is rich, crisp and well-balanced
  • Ergonomic design, padded headband and foam ear cushions guarantee a comfortable and fully adjustable fit over the wearer’s head
  • Specially designed for Apple products but can be used with other devices as well (with a standard headphone jack). (Microphone and Volume buttons will not work with non-Apple products)
  • Easily accessible remote with control buttons for full control over your listening experience
  • Designed to pick calls with a single touch without the need to access your phone
  • Constructed to keep ambient noise out and provide excellent noise isolation. It also prevents sound from headphones from leaking outside.
  • Zippered carrying case included for convenient storage
  • Audio cable connected to single earcup for T-joint design for ease of use and minimal contact with your body

About the company

Bose is an American multinational company that distributes and manufactures electronic products. Its products Bose SoundTrue headphones Review in 2020include headphones, sound systems, home theatres, radios, CD players and more.

Bose manufactures audio systems for several car manufacturers including Audi, Hyundai, Mazda, Cadillac, Fiat, Nissan, Chevrolet, Porsche, Kia and Infiniti.

Other popular products manufactured by the brand include home audio systems, computer speakers, portable audio systems, shelf stereos and televisions.

Bose first started producing headphones in the aviation series in the year 1989 and consumer headphones were not produced until 2000. Today, the company makes a range of headsets including in-ear, over-ear, military and aviation purposes.

In 2015, Bose launched the SoundTrue headphone series in both in-ear and around-ear versions. The main hallmark of this product was its passive noise cancellation feature which is achieved by means of an efficient construction. The design of these headphones was also aimed at maximum comfort so as to make them a perfect fit for long hours of listening.

In other words, the Bose SoundTrue headphones were made for exceptional sound performance, comfort and stability that other noise isolating headsets aren’t able to offer.

The microphone and inline remote of the SoundTrue headset series are compatible with the Apple range of products. However, the company manufactures another version of SoundTrue which is compatible with Android devices as well.


The SoundTrue headphones are the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for an affordable headset that is comfortable to be worn for long durations of time. With its excellent music quality, the headphone is constructed so that it does not weigh in on the wearer and creates a comfortable fit.

If you prefer the stability of a wired setup over a wireless/Bluetooth one, and if your number one priority is comfort and quality, SoundTrue maybe the one headset that you’ve always wanted to buy.

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