Bose SoundTrue Headphones Review

Bose is known for designing high quality headphones that are understandably expensive. This manufacturer has designed some in-ear headphones under the SoundTrue headphone series that prides on giving excellent performance in all aspects; construction, sound quality, comfort, and style.

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Featured in this series is the Bose SoundTrue Headphones that is available in a variety of colors which costs under $140. This tag price is reasonably low compared to other Bose headphones.

Features of Bose SoundTrue Headphones

Sound Quality

Bose pushes forward with innovation and technology by introducing the so-called “TriPort Technology”. This was engineered and designed to aid Bose SoundTrue headphones series in delivering the most natural sound possible without boosting any frequency level. Exclusive Bose TriPort technology produces natural lows, clear instrumentals and crisp vocal tones even on high volumes, the qualities and features that you would only get from bigger headphones.

The need to spend time adjusting your equalization setting to get a flat tone is no longer a tedious activity. And although Bose SoundTrue does not have a noise cancellation feature, it is still capable of reproducing sound without decreasing the audio quality. You can expect a balanced audio with deep low notes and crisp highs that could work well when listening to music. The sounds so real that you will dance or move your body to it!


One of the most important aspects in earphones is the comfort that they can provide. Bose has a reputation of designing high quality audio devices and the level of comfort in those devices is going to be apparent when you use them. StayHear ear tips are truly commendable for its fit support. It comes in different sizes to ensure that users will find at least one ear tip that can conform to their ears.

No one likes to have headphones that keep falling out. Good thing Bose has designed the SoundTrue In-ear headphones to be capable of sticking to the ears comfortably. Thanks to the soft and flexible StayHear ear tips you can finally listen to music for longer hours even on the go. You wouldn’t even think that you’re wearing a pair of earphones with this kind of ear tip!

Design and Durability

Similar to other Bose’s in-hear headphones, the Bose SoundTrue’s ear buds resemble the fin of a shark. It may look awkward and quite uncomfortable, but this design actually does a great job in keeping your earphones in place all the time. So whether you’re running or walking, the earphones should sit well into your ears and you don’t even have to worry about it ending up loose after hours of using it.

The cables on these earphones come with a color band twisted around the wire. This makes them an eye-candy for those who put much preference on style. The earphones itself are available in three colors such as metallic red, white and black. Bose also went a step further by providing three additional pairs of ear buds that come in various sizes, while retaining the same overall shape.

It is also worth noting that smartphone users whose mobile phone run on Android, Windows or iOS should get the right Bose SoundTrue In-ear headphone; the one which is compatible with your operating system. There are two versions available – one for Windows Phone and Android devices and one for iOS devices such as iPad, iPod and iPhone. Each earphone includes a 3-button inline remote/mic for switching between calls and music with the press of one button, as well as for controlling certain music functions.

Overall, Bose SoundTrue Headphones feature a durable construction engineered and tested for the rigors of on-the-go listening. Despite the headphones being extremely lightweight, they are durable enough to last for a couple of years.


For its mid-range market price, you will be able to enjoy listening to music at natural and balanced tones combined with great level of comfort and stability. Finding an alternative to Bose SoundTrue from the same market range is quite challenging because there’s only a few them that does it better. This earphone brand is unique for its ability to produce realistic and natural sounds that will make you move.

<<Click here to see the price, specs and reviews of Bose SoundTrue Headphones>>

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