Cat ear headphones – All you need to know

Cat ear headphones

Axent Wear’s Cat Ear Headphones are manufactured by Brookstone, and are more of an accessory than an audio peripheral. These unique headphones were designed and developed by two students from the University of California (Berkeley) in the United States. They’re light-up cat ear headphones. They are truly, deeply cute with flashy lights. They look great and stand out from the crowd when you wear them on livestreams with the molded, LED-lit and speaker-equipped. If you’re a fan of Japanese pop culture, then their design would impress you. If you’re looking for over-ear headphones that double as glowing cat ears, this would be your only option.

These headphones are priced higher when one looks at just the performance. They deliver everything that you’d expect from normal headphones. For those that only appreciate the powerful applications of the Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones without using, it is just a well designed product that delivers a decent audio performance.

Design and Build

Cat ear headphones v2

The most attracting thing of the Axent Cat ear headphones is their design. The usual head band has two cat ears with LED lights and the earcups are big and circular, with plush, faux-leather pads. That is attached to the thick headband with heavy plastic hinges which lets the cups fold completely inward and pivot sideways. The underside of the headband is lined with the same plush material as the earpads.

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LED lights starts glowing when we wear it hat gives us an amazing and unique look. LED lights come in different colors such as blue, green, red and purple.

We can adjust the headphones to our suitable fit and keep them locked securely in place.

The edges of the left earcup have two 3.5mm jacks. From which one is used to connect the headphones to your mobile device, and the other is used to hold the removable microphone. Headphones have 4 feet long cable. The boom mic is a small black puck on the end of a thin, flexible arm. The headphones, boom mic, cable, and micro USB cable for charging the lights all fits in the included zip-up hard-shell carrying box.

From the outside, the hard plastic earcups are thick half-domes, each featured with a wide ring of translucent plastic covering the lighting elements. The edge of the right earcup has a micro USB port that is used for charging the built-in battery that powers the lights in a charging indicator, Speaker, and Volume Up/Down buttons in the headphones. The headphones themselves are not battery-powered and must be plugged into your mobile device for working.

The huge, triangular, cat plastic earcups stand out around 2.4 inches from the headband at roughly 45-degree edges. They’re the same dark plastic as the earcups and headband that put something aside for the speaker-like components within the ears. Every earcup has two enlightened circles the same shading as the lights on the outside of the earcups, with silver-hued plastic outskirts and plates in the center to give the effect of a woofer and tweeter.

Lighting and Speakers

Cat ear headphones v3

By Pressing the Light button on the edge of the right earcup we can turn on the LEDs. The lights are positively attractive, however not for all users. As some may not like coloring effects to stand out from the crowd and are not sufficiently brilliant to truly divert individuals around them. The lights are encompassing, very little brighter than a nightlight.

The earcups has built-in speakers, yet they’re not represented by the light-up woofers and tweeters. Speaker drivers are set behind the plastic grilles that encompass the lights on the inner parts of every ear. The speakers work autonomously of the lights, and can be turned on and off with the button present on the right earcup.

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Summary of Key Features

  • Premium headphones with a unique design
  • External cat ear speakers for sharing music with your friends
  • LED accent lights with independent control
  • Listen privately —or share music with friends
  • Detachable boom mic for gaming
  • Independently controlled Speakers and lights
  • Secure fit covering Over-the-ear for noise reduction
  • USB rechargeable—up to 5 hour’s durability per charge
  • Inline volume control plus forward & back buttons


The Axent Cat ear headphones are ideal for those who are looking for a set of headphones that – from a design and style perspective – stand out from the crowd. They’re quite comfortable to wear, the sound quality is decent, and their microphone makes them suitable for video calls (via Skype etc) as well as for gaming.

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