Cool Headphones – Matching Style and Quality

Cool headphones

In spite the rising trend of funky earpieces in the audio industry, it is distressing to know that cool headphones in the market do not sound cool as they look. What’s even more alarming is that consumers often base their purchasing decision to the external design of the headphones when in truth, the style is only small factor of the larger criteria. Many of us even see headphones only as a fundamental fashion statement that highlights our great sense of style. On a lighter note, still a couple of headphones do sound great even in their amazing retro and futuristic cases.

To help you find the headphones that will perfectly match your taste, here is a list of cool sounding and looking headphones that hit the market in the recent years. Whether you are up for a jazzy night, a hip-hop session, or an indie huddle, these five pairs of headphones are engineered for your ears’ pleasure.

The top cool headphones

1. Skullcandy Aviator


Sporting for a pair of classy, retro-style headphones? Skullcandy’s over-ear Aviator-inspired headphones have all the rights to be dubbed as “cool,” and owning a pair would make you just ahead of the pack. Its sleek and aerodynamic design constructs a highly functional audio gear that is stylish in every season.

With a metal appearance aiming for elegance, Skullcandy Aviator’s specifications are as follows:

  • Headphones Form Factor: Full size
  • Impedance: 65 Ohms
  • Diaphragm: Mylar – 1.6 in
  • Sound Output Mode: Stereo
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 20000 Hz
  • Magnet Material: Neodymium

What does differentiate the Skullcandy Aviator?

The Skullcandy Aviator has all the qualities and features that you expect from a high-end audiophile product. Its comfortable fit is designed not only to provide a relaxing way to listen to music, but also to isolate external noise and deliver clear and accurate sound. It is an excellent headset with the following features:

Custom fit design

Do you go for hours listening to your playlist or talking to someone on the other line? If your ears are in pain every time, you might want to consider replacing your old cans with Skullcandy Aviator. With Skullcandy’s soft ear pads, you can now say goodbye to unpleasant and stressful listening sessions. The ergonomic design and comfortable built of these lightweight headphones are the result of premium materials. It has durable cords, joints, and a curve-shaped headband for easy adjustments. The frame also bends at the top of both ear cups.

Easy volume control

With Skullcandy Aviator’s attached volume control, you can now increase or decrease the volume at your own will. It allows you to adjust the sound without going through a lot. These cool headphones also features a remote with a built-in mic on the cord so you could freely talk on the phone, play, and change tracks. The cable is detachable and fits iPhones and almost all smartphones.

Slim retro style

The new Skullcandy model is far from the usual headset that you commonly see in consumer electronics shop. Inspired by the classic Aviator sunglasses, its two solid cans are built on the shape of an egg. Its sleek body design and glossy finish also invoke the retro spirit of the ’70s. This contemporary headset is coated with a translucent outer ear cup shell.

Tasty sound performance

There’s more to Skullcandy Aviator than meets the eye. This massive headset houses 40mm speakers and built-in Mylar drivers. The Aviator headphones generate powerful sound that immerses your whole system in a deep, pounding bass. It produces rich vocals and precise highs for a clearer, crisper, and more accurate sound.

Skullcandy Aviator is what you need for a cool, punchy, and detailed music. The polished style comes in three different colours: black, white, and brown gold. Taking you to a higher dimension, this Aviator model is the ideal best friend to take care all of your audio needs.

2. Symphonized Wraith Premium


Delivering one of the purest audio experiences, Symphonized Wraith Premium focuses on the right blend of aesthetics and sound quality. Unlike the usual headsets made of metal compounds, this model is formed out of genuine wood. The unique acoustical property of wood allows the headset to produce the richest sound so you will never go back to plastic again.

Included in its unique specifications are:

  • Body Material: Wood
  • Headphones Form Factor: Full size
  • Sound Output Mode: Stereo
  • Magnet Material: Neodymium
  • Recommended Use: Portable audio system, phones, tablets, digital players

What’s new with Symphonized Wraith Premium?

Have you ever wondered why musical instruments, opera houses, and top-of-the-line speakers are made of wood? It is because wood helps generate rich, dynamic sound and powerful bass that are delightful in the ears. Its on-ear wood-cup stereo makes the sound symphonised. The Symphonized Wraith Premium also takes pride in the following features:

Unique yet comfortable design

Cool headphones from Symphonized offers audiophiles an energising vibe through its on-ear wood-cup finish. Meanwhile, it also highlights a gold-plated 3.5 mm audio jack that is responsible for a superior, no-loss sound connection for your audio device. Although the Symphonised Wraith Premium is wood base, the outer and the inner construction are of great durability.  It is also user-friendly. The headband is easy to adjust and the earpiece fits both kids and adults.

Top quality acoustics

With the powerful combination of natural wood and neodymium magnets, this headset surrounds you with first-rate acoustics and high-fidelity sound that you have never experienced before in an earpiece. Its base is generated with unparalleled depth and resonance. It is as if you are listening to the music produced by the strings of an “actual bass.”

Superb sound

With Symphonized Wraith Premium, you sure get what you paid for. The best part of the deal is the headphones deliver rich, clear sound. Its high notes are perfectly crisp and accurate. Since these cans also have an excellent noise isolation feature, clear and distortion-free sound is what escapes from them.

Are you searching for a way to listen to quality music? With the Symphonized Wraith Premium, you can enjoy varied music genres without hearing even the slightest hint of distortion. This amazing headset by Symphonized suits iPhones, iPods, iPads, mp3 players, CD players and many other audio devices.

3. Koss Porta Pro


With Koss Porta Pro, you can now experience rejuvenating music sessions you have always wanted. Its unique form and supreme sound quality make it one of the coolest headphones in the land. Audiophiles around the world are eager to take hold of Koss’s new darling.

Wired in perfection and designed in exquisite taste, Koss Porta Pro provides the following specifications:

    • Headphones Form Factor: On-ear
    • Headphones Technology: Dynamic
    • Sound Output Mode: Stereo
    • Frequency Response: 15 – 25000 Hz
    • Impedance: 60 Ohms
    • Sensitivity: 101 dB SPL/1mW
    • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.2%
    • Magnet Material: Neodymium iron boron
    • Cord: Straight, dual entry, 4 ft.

What’s new with Koss Porta Pro?

Koss lets you boast stylish over-the-ear headphones that fly above the rest. The acclaimed Koss Porta Pro has set high standards in terms of comfort, clarity, and quality.  Its solid and tight bass makes it an ideal choice for music lovers. It is definitely better than other headsets of the same price because of the following features:

High-level of comfort

Koss Porta Pro boasts of temporal pads that are easily adjustable to help relieve stress and ease ear pressure. Its overall construction is lightweight and ultra-portable. The headphones have open-air ear pads for hear-through sound that delivers outstanding sound while ensuring that listeners are well aware of the surroundings. You can always rely to the dual ‘comfort zone’ adjusters to custom the fit between your outer ear and the foam ear pads to your own preference.

Cool design

The headphones are geared with a collapsible headband designed for protective storage. You can go paces to places without worrying that your earpiece might break. The overlapping steel bands also secure a solid yet stress-free grip on your head that prevents the headset from slipping.

Rich bass

The dynamic elements of oxygen-free copper voice coils enable rich bass and an astonishingly wide frequency response to break away from your headset. Every tone comes out rich, warm, and with finer balance. The coils also signal clarity.

With so many cool and funky headphones flooding the market, Koss remains the home of quality headsets. Whether you are listening at home or on the go, the Koss Porta Pro is ready to delight your ears with fantastic sound and life-like performance.

4. 66 Audio BTS+ Sports Wireless


Released in 2014, the 66 Audio BTS+ Sports Wireless headphones manage to look incredibly cool without screaming for attention. Both a wireless stereo music streaming and a Bluetooth phone headset, it features hands-free calling with clear voice output. It is particularly designed and programmed to activate the athlete in you.

You can now jog around the village in the vibe of your favourite music while taking pleasure on the following specifications:

    • Earpiece Design: Ear pad
    • Noise Cancelling Technology: Active
    • Weight: 71.2 grams
    • Dimensions:  54mm (d) x 23mm (h)
    • Battery Life: 20 hours

What’s new with 66 Audio BTS+ Sports Wireless?

The 66 Audio BTS+ Sports Wireless is another headset that rings a familiar name to audio professionals. It delivers style and remarkable performance in a lightweight package. This latest innovation highlights extraordinary stereo sound compatible with all Bluetooth music players, such as iPhone, iPod, Android phones, PC and Mac. The 66 Audio BTS has successfully penetrated the audio industry because of the following features:

Slim and classic design

The neckband is made from thin plastic that sits comfortably around the neck. It features plush ear pads that comfortably envelopes your ears. Since it’s a cool headphones for sports, it is built for wearers not to feel tiresome over long hours. Its foldable design permits premium portability and easy storage.

Easy controls

The controls of this headset are basic. It comes equipped with a built-in multifunction button that allows users adjust volume, accept or reject calls, pair the headset, and change music tracks. You can now take calls from your phones without hassle.

Highly functional

You can play nonstop music whenever you want. It features 30 hours of continuous music playback on a single charge. The headset has integrated Bluetooth 4.0 +EDR technology with Multipoint pairing to bring unmatched wireless audio experience. It also has a battery indicator on-board that displays power in real-time for iOS devices.

Improved sound performance

Its first class audio codec developed by CSR enables the music to resonate in rich tones. The ingenuity of Bluetooth technology also allowed low latency and high bandwidth output primary to the reproduction of incredible sound.

With so many headsets made available in the market, it is wise to pick the brand that you can truly trust. The 66 Audio BTS+ Sports Wireless is the ultimate retro chic headset for you. You can now enjoy music in full comfort for a reasonable price.

5. Bose SoundLink Wireless


Although Bluetooth is not a new technology, it has intercepted a breakthrough in the field of audio electronics. One brand that stood out above the rest is Bose. Its SoundLink White headphones push the boundaries of what you can expect from a pair of modern earpieces. Bose’s headphones manage to have a neat but simultaneously attention-grabbing design that audiophiles would definitely love at first sight.

Move around the house and dance to the beat of your music choice with Bose SoundLink Wireless following specifications:

    • Height: 7.1 in
    • Width: 5.5 in
    • Depth: 2.4 in
    • Weight: 152.6 g
    • Battery life: Up to 15 hours
    • Charging time: 1.5 hours for full charge
    • Quick charge: 15 minutes for 2 hours
    • Wireless range: 30 to 35 feet

What’s new with Bose SoundLink Wireless?

With its SoundLink White headphones, Bose draws on a classic design that allows high level of optimisation. The company once again proved that its one of the leading electronics brand in the world. Its team of experts and specialists has created a headset that could generate music in brilliant details. The Bose SoundLink White raises the bar high with the following features:

Crisp, powerful sound

The sound is powerful and clear. You can always enjoy your music in deep lows and clear highs. This headset model allows you to have clear conversations even in windy or noisy streets.

Advanced 2-way microphone system

The dual microphones isolate the background noise and prevent it from interfering with the internal sound. Bose’s incredible technology allows the volume to adjust automatically every time the external noise changes.

Bluetooth controls with voice prompts

Set your music free with this ultimate wireless Bluetooth device. This on-ear piece from Bose is all music and no wires. The headset has buttons located at the right ear cup so you could adjust volumes, change tracks, play or pause music, and take or reject calls fast and easy. Voice prompts are also activated to setup Bluetooth pairing and receive notifications.

Ultra comfortable cool headphones

This finer model is 40% lighter than usual headsets. It is easier and more convenient for you to walk around because of the headset’s comfortable fit. The adjustable headband allows the headset to rest gently on your head without inflicting stress or pressure. The ear cups, on one hand, rotate for a perfect fit.

Long-lasting battery

You can listen to music, watch movies, and check out videos for 15 hours with its rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Are you looking for wireless Bluetooth headphones that go perfectly with your cool and carefree lifestyle? The Bose Sound Link White has a cool, futuristic design that keeps you connected to powerful music all day long. Its state-of-the art interface would make others swoon in envy.

So what is cool in terms of headphones? The coolest headphones are “cool” because of their overall unique and authentic design and strong sound. Apparently, the right combination of price, quality, style, and comfort is what builds up a cool audio gear. Once sound escape these ear cans, you know you are about to have the ultimate audio treat. Cool headphones should be built on the foundation of crisp and balanced audio response without having to compromise their overall design.

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