DinoTwin T2 Premium Sport Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Do you like to do aerobic or weight-lifting sessions at the gym which that are incredibly intense and make you sweat a lot? If you like working out regularly, then it makes sense to invest in fitness gears and accessories of the highest quality, just like the DinoTwin Bluetooth earbuds, which come with a lifetime guarantee against sweat.

There are so many things to love about these DinoTwin sport earbuds. It is wireless and sweat-proof. It cancels out noise and has an inline microphone. The DinoTwin T2 Premium Sport Bluetooth Earbuds boasts of great features. It is even certified with Inline Remote Control (Hydro Edition) Liquipel Moisture Protection Technology.

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Take advantage of the DinoTwin T2 Premium features?

• Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR (the latest Bluetooth protocol)
• Inline Remote for answering phone calls, skipping tracks, controlling volume
• Onscreen Battery Meter, For iPhones iPads and iPods, See your headphone battery level right on your phone
• Up to 7 hours of listening/talk time, Up to 150 hours of standby time
• 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty, Lifetime warranty against Sweat!

First impressions

Get awed right from the moment you lay your eyes on the packaging of your DinoTwin T2 Premium Sport Ear Bluetooth Earbuds. Inside the coolest-looking box are the headphones, a nifty carrying case, ear cushions that come in three sizes, a pair of ear anchors, a USB charging cable, and an instruction booklet. It’s also worth mentioning that the instruction booklet is more than adequate – the instructions are easy to follow and understand, and the fonts are large enough and are very readable.

The earphones themselves are gorgeous. You’ll love the sleek, minimalist design. It comes in a striking colour combination – red and black, both strong and classic hues, which ensures that it will look good and won’t ever look out of place on both men and women.

Here are some of the great things about DinoTwin T2 Premium:

Comfortable and fit perfectly. There are many things to love about the DinoTwin T2. For starters, it is very comfortable to use, thanks to the soft cushioned ear tips it comes with. It is also available in three sizes – small, medium, and large – this means that you are assured of a perfect and comfortable fit, all the time. It also comes with a set of universal in-ear stabilisers that keep the buds firmly adjusted, secure, and never loose, so you never have to worry about them falling off your ear or out of place while you’re running, walking, or navigating through a throng of people or public transport.
Sweat-proof. One of its most unique feature is that it is sweat-proof. The sweat resistant protection is courtesy of Liquipel, a super hydrophobic gas process that nano coats both the interior and exterior of the ear buds to help prevent damage caused by sweat. You probably have had so many earbuds ruined because of sweat, so this particular feature should be a godsend for you. Plus, you no longer have to be bothered with that icky, uncomfortable sensation that you get when your earbuds get damp. The DinoTwin T2 is designed with the fitness junkie in mind, so go ahead, sweat it out – the DinoTwin will stay dry the entire time.
Lightweight and compact. Great things do come in small packages, as the DinoTwin T2 is incredibly light and compact. It is definitely not bulky, as it can easily fit into your pocket. It is hassle-free to use, as it does not come with cumbersome wires, so you can run and move comfortably while listening to your favourite songs.
Superior audio performance. Despite its small size, it still provides a powerful, full-on stereo sound. In fact, it plays your bass beats in a more pronounced way. Sounds are clearer, crisper, and more distinct with these earbuds. Also, you do not have to crank up the volume 100% when you use the DinoTwin – even at just 50%, the sound is loud enough. It has noise cancelling properties, too, so you can literally zone out and shut off the entire world and all its outside sounds whenever you use it.
Great multi-tasker. The DinoTwin T2 lets you do more than just listen to music. RangeMAX allows you to do different things all at once, or whenever you need to without looking at your phone or device. This multi-tasker also lets you chat with your friends, play games even while on the go, and watch movies and videos either on your tablet, laptop, or personal computer. It features a convenient inline controller that manages calls, plays and pauses tracks, controls volumes, and skips tracks. Oh, it does all that even if your Smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device is in your pocket, or tucked away in your bag! This is particularly helpful when you are navigating through a crowd, or when you are not inclined to take out your phone or device. You also do not have to worry about choppy calls, as its state-of-the-art inline microphone captures your voice clearly.
Bluetooth connectivity. One-touch listening technology lets you take advantage of simplified Bluetooth connectivity. You can activate Bluetooth, pair devices, and stream music and take phone calls when you align and touch NFC logo to the NFC area on your Smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device.
Additional features. With the DinoTwin T2, you get up to 8 full hours of listening and talk time, and up to 150 minutes of standby time. Owners of Apple devices, such as iPod, iPhone, and iPad get to benefit from the convenient Onscreen Battery Meter icon. This monitors how much battery is left on the DinoTwin T2. You never have to worry about losing your buds, as it features a Fit Clip, which lets you rest the T2 around your neck or wrist when not in use. The Fit Clip also secures the T2 around your head while you’re using it.

Who should get them?

These earbuds are highly recommended for serious fitness enthusiasts who are looking for sturdy earphones. With it, you never have to worry about poor performance. Use them while doing CrossFit and true to its promise, they will stay dry and undamaged. Worried about wires? These earbuds allow you to switch tracks without stopping to reach for your iPod in your pocket. Individuals on-the-go who need to stay connected at all times, as well as those who take public transport on a regular basis and cannot live without music, can also benefit from the great features of the DinoTwin T2.

About the manufacturer

DinoTwin T2 Premium is a leading provider of earphones for the serious athlete. The company designs their products to provide convenience and superior audio experience to fitness enthusiasts looking for well-made earphones that can stand physical activity and perform several other tasks. Their line of state-of-the-products includes the Turbo Series, Slim Series, and Pro Series.

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