GLCON GS-08A Bluetooth Review

The GLCON GS-08A Mini Lightweight is a stylish, comfortable Bluetooth headset which comes with CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology, energy saving CSR 8645 chipset, and superior sound quality speakers that are ideal for your music listening and voice calling needs. The GLCON GS-08A Bluetooth boasts of providing crystal clear stereo sound quality as well as great bass effects. This small wonder is very flexible because apart from listening to music, you can use it to make calls, watch movies, voice online chats, sports, gaming, even perfect for driving and while you’re travelling on the road.

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Features of the GLCON GS-08A Bluetooth

Design and Construction

The GLCON GS-08A Mini Lightweight has been designed to provide comfort apart from style. It has been engineered with a distinct ergonomic in-ear form built from silicone earbud gels with stabilisers, providing the wearer a comfortable and surely secure fit, even though for long wear or for strenuous physical activities, you can be assured that this headset will not fall off.

To emphasise on the secure fit brought about by the stabilisers, you can do numerous jumping jacks, or miles of running, as even any amount of head tossing and shaking will not let the GLCON GS-08A fall off from your ears. Sure they may loosen a bit but they will not fall off. You’ll just have to readjust them slightly whenever this happens.

Compared to its contemporaries, the GLCON GS-08A may appear a little bigger though. In terms of design, you will notice the silver intricacies that are great complements to the headset. The headset’s cord is flat which helps it become more tangle-free and will rest easily on the wearer’s neck.

Part of the stylish design is the neat placement of the buttons. The power button is located on the inner part, to avoid accidental pressing. The increase volume button is aptly located on top, while the decrease volume button is at the side. A Multi-function key is present at the bottom. This arrangement is especially helpful when you’re on-the-go or actively moving.

As an added feature, the GLCON GS-08A Bluetooth also comes in different colour designs to suit your mood and personality.

Sound Quality

With the GLCON GS-08A Mini Lightweight, you are assured of superior stereo sound quality because of the special technology that has been used during its manufacture. The result is crystal clear voice quality, rich bass sounds, surround-sound style, for calls, music, audio, video, and all your listening needs.

The GLCON GS-08A’s advanced Bluetooth technology and being NFC dual equipped permits you to not just listen to audio, but take and make calls at the same time. Playtime for combined music listening and call making is worth around a total of 8 hours.

These mini lightweight Bluetooth headphones are compatible with almost all music devices and smartphones. It perfectly syncs with the advanced Apt-X codec from Apple, so you can use it on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, even your Mac computers and laptops. Apart from Apple, it is also compatible with Android products, Samsung devices, Windows-run products, as well as most music players, game consoles, video players, and tablets.


Ideal for music lovers, sports enthusiasts and travel junkies, the GLCON GS-08A headphones are a great combination of style, comfort and great sound quality, with its crystal clear sound quality perfect for listening to music and taking calls. Quality is great that it works well with any genre of music and video – whether it be jazz, pop, rock or indie. With its long battery life and comfortable secure fit, you will surely enjoy wearing and using it even for prolonged hours.


The GLCON GS-08A is priced quite reasonably for a pair of Bluetooth headphones that are of great sound quality and comes with great sound isolation. It also fits securely and comfortably. The GLCON GS-08A Bluetooth is much lightweight and that is why it is ideal for workouts and other strenuous activities.


No battery indicator so it would be quite hard to figure out when charging is needed, although it lasts for more than a few days. It also becomes quite uncomfortable after very long hours of wearing, just like other similar headsets. And although it is compatible with most portable music devices and smartphones, it is not yet Siri-ready.

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