Granvela A809 Studio Headphones Review

Affordability, product quality and advanced technology – these are the characteristics that everybody is looking for in today’s modern world. It’s a good thing that your ear’s everyday companion – the Granvela A809 Studio Headphones – qualifies for the above characteristics.

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Features of Granvela A809 Studio Headphones

Design and Construction

Colour Coordinated – If you are into retro or funky look, the Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset is the one for you. Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset offers you with colour-coordinated headsets that you can use from one outfit to another. Its radiant colours reverberate like its sound quality. You never have to worry with its cool packaging, too. It is lightweight yet durable, ensuring you of great music experience for a long time. It’s available in 24 colours!

Comfort and Style – The Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset is foldable, making it easy to carry around. If you’re the type of person who always brings a small and handy bag, this headset is perfect for you.

Comfortable Listening Experience – Just like other Granvela Products, Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset will not fail to give you that comfortable listening experience. It does not look cheap as its soft earmuffs are made of artificial leather which won’t hurt your ear for long-time wearing. And speaking of long time wearing, this headphone can last for almost an entire day as it boasts of 18 hours of continuous playback time.

Fast Charging – With the amount of time you spend doing your daily activities, it is likely to forget to do minor tasks such as charging your gadgets. With Granvela A809 Studio Headphones, you will never have to worry if you forgot to charge your headphone. The Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset has its three minutes fast charging technology. In three minutes time, you can already listen for one hour which is just enough time if you will be travelling to your school, office, or when you are about to go out with your friends.

Wireless – Wireless nowadays is becoming a necessity for people who want everything tangle-free. And since the Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset is wireless, it matches everything from a need to a want perspective. Its wireless feature does not diminish its outstanding sound quality, which you will certainly enjoy for a long period of time.

Micro SD support, TF Card Reader and wire support – Your music is just right at your fingertips. Unlike any other headphone, this headphone has a built in Micro SD support, TF card reader and a wire support. These features give the users the freedom to directly connect the headphone to their computer and transfer the music or files without the need of software or program. However, users who wish to listen to music via Bluetooth won’t be able to do so. The Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset does not contain any Bluetooth function.

Sound Quality

The Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset provides you a lot of benefits but its sound quality will still prevail. The headphone supports audio formats double decoding broadcast like MP3 / WMA and other sources such as stereo FM radio. It will give you a quality listening experience as it has powerful bass, clear treble, and a balanced sound suitable for popular music. Its high quality sound has been proven by thousands of customers. To impress you even more, it has sound modes for pop, rock, classical, jazz, stereo, and soft. You just have to press the EQ key to access this wonderful feature.

Final thoughts

The Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset is perfect in terms of affordability, reliability, quick charging, built-in radio, function, micro SD support, and sound quality. To date, Granvela A809 Studio Headphones is the best headphone out in the market. Its unique features will surely meet your needs and preferences. You’ll actually realise that the price does not matter as you will definitely get more than what you pay for!


It gives users 18 hours of continuous music experience. It is fast charging: it lasts for an hour with only 3 minutes of charging. It several music sources such as Mp3/WMA audio formats double recording decoding broadcasts and stereo FM radio. It also has a sound mode switch that lets you easily change between pop rock, classical jazz, stereo, and soft by just pressing EQ key.


It doesn’t have any Bluetooth function.

<<Click here to see the price, specs and reviews of Granvela A809 Studio Headphones>>

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