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Face it. Your wired headphones can only do so much. They let you take your music with you, but they don’t always sound good, and they eventually end up being a sad mess of tangled wires at some point. Wires get frayed and you start hearing more and more white noise the longer you use them. You want to put your wired headphones out of your misery, so what do you do? You pull the trigger and decide to get yourself a pair of those fancy schmancy Bluetooth wireless headphones everyone’s been telling you about. Or do you?

Sure, Bluetooth wireless headphones are some of the most convenient pieces of audio electronics available to you today, but they are also pretty expensive. What if the headphones you want cost more than what you can comfortably shell out? Are they really all they’re cracked up to be? More importantly, what if they just end up cramping your style?

With so many questions dancing playfully to the awesome party mix that is on your now less than portable playlist, what other options do you have, when Bluetooth wireless headphones just won’t do it for you? You buy a hoodie with headphones.

Say hello to the Hoodie Buddie.

What’s a Hoodie Buddie?

The Hoodie Buddie is an inconspicuous zip-front hoodie that is more than meets the eye – it is fitted with built-in earphones connected through its patent-pending HB3 technology. As an acoustically enhanced article of clothing, the Hoodie Buddie may not be the Iron Man armor of hoodies, but it’s definitely just as cool.

The earphones on your standard Hoodie Buddie are built right into the drawstring cord that you pull down on when you want to close the hoodie. They look like regular drawstrings, but instead of aglets, their ends have silicone earbuds. The earphones then run from the drawstring down into the fabric, and out the front pocket via standard 3.5mm audio jack. You simply plug your phone or mp3 player into the audio jack, put it in your pocket, then prepare for your upcoming air guitar solo.

What’s that you ask? Are the earphones even machine washable? Yes, HB3 technology says they are. As long as you cold-wash and line dry them, they should be fine. The Hoodie Buddies are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors, and they go well with just about any outfit that you may have in your closet. As far as audio equipment goes, few are as fashionable and as functional as the Hoodie Buddie.

Whatever operation you’re running, whether you’re into sports, acid jazz, or hotdog eating contests, there’s always a Hoodie Buddie that works for you. This ingenious garment includes earphone caps that come in two sizes, allowing you to find a secure fit that not only effectively seals out background noise, but also holds the earphones in place while you do your thing. You can also buy more caps online if you need to.

So What Makes Hoodie with Headphones So Great?

Aside from the obvious convenience of not having to deal with exposed audio cables that are more trouble than they’re worth, the Hoodie Buddie also offers a great solution to an age-old dilemma: how to look cool while dancing in the subway like a crazy person.

  • Fashion and function in one awesome getup. Your Hoodie Buddie not only keeps the fashion police at bay, it also lets you take your music with you in fashion jail if you ever do get caught. But you won’t get caught. The Hoodie Buddie is available in a growing array of fabrics, sizes, and design variations that include the Standard Issue, the Superlite, the Supersoft, the Supercrisp (yes that’s a thing), and more. Some even have inline microphones sewn into them, allowing you take hands-free calls without having to take your lift a finger. Okay, you lift one finger to press the call answer button but that’s it.
  • Great sound quality. For some people, the Hoodie Buddie is more audio equipment than garment. To them, it’s not just a hoodie with headphones, but a pair of remarkable earphones that deliver audio quality so good that they need to be wrapped up in a protective fabric. If by “protective fabric”, you hear “stylish hoodie”, then you get the idea.
  • Durable weather resistant design. If the Hoodie Buddie can stand up to cold washing, a little rain shouldn’t be a big deal. The earphone’s audio cables are designed to bend with the fabric, and they are durable enough to withstand regular wear and tear. So now you can go out in the rain and party like nobody’s watching.
  • Value for Money – Whoever said that you had to choose between buying a new hoodie or a new pair of earphones won’t be raising eyebrows at you when they see you rolling with your new Hoodie Buddie. With prices that range from $15 to $70, Hoodie Buddies still cost less than a new pair of machine washable headphones and a new hoodie combined. Why pay more, when you can look this cool?

Take a Look at the Hoodie Buddie’s Hoodie with Headphones Men’s Standard Issue Lite

If you want a no-frills approach to how your acoustically enhanced outfit would look on you, then the Hoodie Buddie Men’s Standard Issue Lite could just be what you’re looking for. A simple zip-up hoodie with headphones made from soft and comfortable cotton-rich jersey, the Standard Issue Lite is the perfect no-frills gear for the audiophile who likes rocking plain clothes. If you are not a fan of the plain look, the Standard Issue Lite is also perfect for screen printing. This makes it great for customization and letting out the rock star in you. After all, you define what “standard” should really be. And for the ladies, fret not. While it does say “Men’s”, the Standard Issue Lite is actually designed for unisex sizing. It also comes with the same HB3 technology earphones that you see in all of the company’s merchandise, and retails for a little over $50.

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