iDeaUSA Bluetooth Headphones Review

ideausa bluetooth headphones review

Quality, comfort, and affordability. These are three qualities to look for when shopping around. Be it a pair of jeans or the newest high-tech device, quality, comfort, and affordability are characteristics that must be present in whatever item you’re looking for, and a pair of headphones is no exception.

Nowadays, the headphone game is getting better and stronger. Gone are the days wherein a simple headset that lets you listen to music is enough. Headphones nowadays take your listening experience to a whole other level – from the hard drop of the bass to the snug, pillow-soft feel of the ear pads, not to mention the three qualities above. Is the sound quality of your headphones on point? How comfortable are they and how long will they last without your ears hurting? Last but definitely not the least, do they fit your budget?

Premium headsets cost around $300, and you may not be willing to shell out that much cash. Where does this leave you? If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that ticks the three qualities – quality, comfort, and affordability – then the iDeaUSA Bluetooth Headphones may be the ones for you. From audio quality to Bluetooth capability, the iDeaUSA headphones are packed with many impressive features..

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Audio Quality – Surrounded Stereo Sound..

ideausa bluetooth headphones review

The iDeaUSA headphones feature noise cancelling properties. This way, you can say ‘goodbye’ to unwanted sounds and background noises, so you can focus on what you’re doing, be it listening to music while working and studying or while mowing the lawn. Also, if you’re looking for a headset with a heavy bass, you don’t have to look anywhere else. The audio quality of these headphones is up to par with that of premium headsets, and at a fraction of the cost – at least that’s what our customers say. Whether you’re bobbing your head to the music or listening to an important business call, the iDea USA headphones give you quality and affordability at the same time.

Bluetooth Capability

You’re not just paying for quality; you’re also paying for convenience. The iDeaUSA headphones offer Bluetooth capability, so you don’t need to distract and inconvenience yourself with wires. Although the packaging comes with a removable cord in the event you prefer them over going wireless. With the Bluetooth function, now you can stream music and answer important calls wirelessly within a range of 33ft. As mentioned earlier, the headphone game is getting stronger and stronger. You just don’t want headphones that do the job; you want a pair that elevates your listening experience. The iDeaUSA’s wireless capability definitely ups the convenience and hi-tech factors.

ideausa bluetooth headphones review

Build and Design – When Class meets high-tech..

Are you looking for headphones that provide both form and function? Don’t look elsewhere. Headphones that provide superior sound quality are definitely an important factor, but if you’re shelling out money, you want the whole package. This means you’re not only looking for quality; you’re also looking for comfort and style. With a headband made from high-quality leatherette and ear cushions from velour, your listening experience is ensured to be not only comfortable but stylish at well. Aside from that, the headphones have been engineered to be lightweight and foldable, so you can bring them with you wherever you go. They also come with a hard-shelled zipper case that features a nice slim design. This way, your earphones are easy to store and won’t run the risk of damage with its protective case.

<<Latest Prices & Customer Reviews of iDeaUSA Bluetooth Headphones>>

Additional Features

ideausa bluetooth headphones review

If you’re using headphones mainly for work and to answer and make important calls, you’ll need headphones that will last long, comes with a built-in microphone, and a listening experience that doesn’t break or turn choppy. The iDeaUSA headphones are built to last for fourteen hours. In line with that, they fully charge after two to three hours. If you expect to remain stationary for a certain time, you can also use the built-in cord to make the battery last longer. More than that, the headphones are designed with a built-in microphone, so you can make and take important calls for work or for casual conversations. Last but not the least, the wireless capability provide both convenience and quality. There’s no need to use wires and you won’t have to expect any chopping or disconnecting between your device and headset.

All in all – Great value for money

ideausa bluetooth headphones review

The iDeaUSA headphones offer quality, comfort, and affordability. For the price point, you can’t get any better than that. However, it’s safe to assume that as with anything, the headphones have a couple cons, along with its pros. While the headphones are engineered to feature wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, they’re not as effective in longer distances, so with this, it’s better to keep your device and headset close to one another to get the full listening experience. Another thing to note is the hard-shelled case. While it’s certain the case will keep your headset protected, they come with additional weight, so that’s one thing to consider.

All in all, if you’re looking for headphones with superior sound quality below a hundred dollars, the iDeaUSA is just right for you.


The iDeaUSA headphones surely gives more for less , as headphones with similar specs are substantially more expensive. You get quality, comfort, and affordability all in one – as what highly-satisfied customers have raved about. The creators of the iDeaUSA want you to experience excellent sound quality, a stylish and classy design, and wireless / bluetooth connectivity at a very competitive price.

<<Latest Prices & Customer Reviews of iDeaUSA Bluetooth Headphones>>

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