Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds – Complete Review

Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds will give you a great experience of listening to songs with the superior sound and voiceJabra Elite 65t Earbuds Review quality. They are wireless headphones with integrated controls that let you answer the calls and adjust the volume or play music with the simple touch of a button, alongside they have a carrying case double as the charging station.

There is a background noise filter that helps to deliver a clear and crisp voice call while the external ambient noise keeps you aware of the whereabouts. And with the Bluetooth connectivity, the headphones are easy to sync with mobile devices. The colour available in titanium black, which is the best out there. The earbuds are Bluetooth engineered to give the best calling experience ever. Along with this, they are Siri, and Alexa enabled, on your service.

About the Company:

Jabra was established around 150 years ago, it is a part of the GN group, and presently they are the only companyJabra Elite 65t Earbuds Review creating consumer headphones, hearing aids, and professional headsets all at one place. They aim to put their products into the right channel with the sole purpose of making the life of listener better.

They engineer the best wireless headphones that offer freedom, with the noise-cancelling headset that allows blocking the unwanted music. They get better with every product, upgrade, and launch. They are best at what they do, and they strive to serve something unique every time. Jabra believes in delivering the best to their customers no matter what. They are engineered to give the best products on the market. Some of the Elite 65t features are:


Conversations are made easier and clear with the new Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds that features 4-microphone technology and are proven the capability to deliver Superior quality call performance.


The Earbuds have integrated control that let you answer the phone calls, pause music, or adjust the volume with a touch of a button. Talk about convenience. Also, they are IP55 rated with a guarantee of 2 years against dust and water.


This feature makes the Elite 65t unique, they have a Jabra Sound + App so whether you are using Samsung Earbuds or Apple Earbuds, you can listen to the song as you want to listen to it, by personalizing them on the App.

Design and material


The whole earbuds are made of plastic, but that is not a unique thing what makes it special is the thin piece of plasticJabra Elite 65t Earbuds Review that holds shut the case off. The earbuds have a nice soft touch that makes them comfortable even in the extended period.


Honestly, the Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds are not winning in the design criteria, and they are not to be blamed as given the size the scope of design is not much. The earbuds and the charging case though made completely out of plastic manage to feel like the premium product. There are several perforations made in the earbuds that allow doing multi-tasking like the various mics to pick your voice up for calls but also to allow the outside sound to be mixed with music to keep you aware of the surroundings.

The better part is here, that you can customize how much sound to let in with the help of the Jabra App, which is available at Android and iOS. Speaking about the Jabra App it works pretty well and lets you customize different presets for varied situation like relaxing, commuting and others- although there is one hiccup that if you are an android user that you’ll have to download another app i.e., Jabra Service App that will enable you to use the Jabra Sound + App.


There won’t be any audio dropouts, as with the excellent record of connectivity provided by Elite 65t, one can take calls and listen to all the music without worrying about the audio dropouts. There is a background noise filter that helps to deliver a clear and crisp voice call while the external ambient noise keeps you aware of the whereabouts. Then comes the popular voice command that connects to almost every useful thing today be it Alexa, Siri or the old fashioned Google Assistant. This allows you to get all the knowledge in one place, talk about making life easy. It is dependent on the Operating System.

Ultimate call and voice quality

They have this tagline that says heard and be heard which is a very common phrase, but Jabra does stand up to its Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds Reviewtagline. With the wireless earbuds, the conversations are made incredibly clear, and the earbuds are proven in every sense to deliver the best in call performance. They have incorporated the four-microphone technology that provides efficient wind noise reduction while on call, and the advanced speakers which are just 6 mm in size (surprising) allows you to let in, or block out the sound. They provide largely in 3 different sizes; eargels are made to increase comfort.


The headset is in-ear form, with three sets of silicone ear gels. These eargels makes the earbuds very comfortable. There is a feature of an auto turn-on: when taking earbuds out of the charging case and auto-pause when one earbud is taken out of the year. Eargels comes in 3 different sizes, so choose the right size to ensure great audio quality in every situation. People with large, medium, and small ear canal there are options for everyone. The better the eargels you choose, the excellent will be the seal and isolation. The earbuds can go for longer sessions without hurting you.


The Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds comes with a one year warranty alongside the warranty card. The company is very specific about its warranty claims. They often say they strive to solve customer issues quickly and professionally. One can always look for a solution to most product issue on their online website or of course, by calling the customer support. Also, the product itself comes with a guide to help you get out of any issue. Of course, you can always return the product, but the company tries everything to solve your issues swiftly. The earbuds are waterproof, which speaks itself about their durability.

Latest Price of Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds


Jabra Elite 65t is engineered for the true wireless calls and music experience, offering clarity of sound for Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds Reviewconversations, and up to 15-hours battery with the included charging case. It is IP55 rated against damage from water and dust. With a customizable equalizer, you can personalize your music to make it sound the way you want it to be heard.

When you remove any one of the earbuds while listening to music, the music will pause automatically. To resume the music put the earbud back within 60 seconds, after that, music can be resumed by pressing manually. Sidetone enables you to hear your voice while you are on a call. The sidetone setting can be configured by the Jabra Sound + App. For conserving battery the right earbud will automatically turn off within 15 minutes of your phone is out of the range or when it isn’t in the charging case or when it has been inactive for 1 hour. Talk about Artificial Intelligence, and for the left earbud, it will turn off after 15 minutes of disconnection from the right earbud or when not in the charging case.

Let’s dive into some detailed additional feature:

Jabra Sound+ App

With the Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds, the Jabra Sound+ App makes the perfect companion. The App lets you add the extra feature and allows you to personalize the way you use your headset. This feature increases the comfort level. It lets you customize music profiles, choose your voice assistant, modify the level of nearby noise you want to hear or block out for that matter, keeping track of your battery and a lot more.

4-microphone technology

With the true wireless earbuds that feature the four-microphone technology, the conversations are incredibly clear, and they are proven to endow the best call performance. Technically speaking, the MEMs analogue microphone gives a beam-forming directional field that lets in the audio from only one direction- to get to the point this feature lets your voice in but doesn’t let the nearby voices in. On the microphone tip, there is a 30-degree curved design that helps with reducing the wind noise. With the varied perforation incorporated is optimised for the acoustic performance and the wind flows around the microphone tip.

Wireless stability and proven connectivity

Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds is a third-generation wireless product, and the users of Jabra know very well that they haveJabra Elite 65t Earbuds Review an excellent record for wireless connectivity. The Elite 65t lets you experience the stability and listen to the music without worrying about the audio dropouts. And then there is the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 with it you can flawlessly connect Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds to your Smartphone.

Sound Signature

The audio quality is wonderful, and there is no debate about that. Also, with the Jabra app, it gets brownie points because this feature increases the comfort level and it lets you customise music profiles, choose your voice assistant and keep a track on battery too. Also, one can call a tie between the Airpods and the phenomenal Elites. The best part about Jabra Sound app is that it let the user feel the power of control, also the choice to listen to the music the way you want to hear not the way the player is playing it.


Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds gets an easy win on this one. Now because it is a trend to compare stuff with the Apple Company here goes, there is no isolation in the Airpods unless you have small ears. The Jabra elite earbud tips provide a nice seal that passively blocks a lot of noise, and it comes in three different sizes also. This lets you enjoy your music even more as you can listen to it at your own choice or low volume since it isn’t competing with another choice.

One of the good things about the different sizes of the earbuds is that you can always mix and match with them because sometimes your convenience regarding the fitting might change. Some users use the small tip for one earbud and large tip for another earbud, as weird as it sounds the best part is that the users have the freedom to do this. That being said, some people don’t prefer the earbuds with tips going into their ear canals as they find them to be uncomfortable. But these tips are made of soft material, and they are well sized for almost every situation so that should not make a problem, but we just can’t rule out this issue. The ear tips can provide a good seal and don’t cram into your ears as the old aunties do in the colony.

Charging Case: 

The Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds comes with a feature that is being liked by almost everyone that is the snap lock, though usually, people are having issues that the charging case is way too small. If you compare the  Jabra Elite with the Airpods, the Airpods are winning as they are just the right size of small and holds most of the charge, which means it can recharge the earbuds through various cycles.Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds Review

The lid provided on the Jabra Elite case holds the earbud down on the charging connector very smoothly, which has been a problem with the airpods as the magnetic latch on them doesn’t keep the headphones tightly together, and sometimes one of the Airpods doesn’t charge while the other does. That said the Jabra case might not hold the juice as much, but it certainly charges the elite, you can be reliable about that.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

We have a tie in Bluetooth connectivity between Jabra and Airpods. Both give seamless connection irrespective of the device being connected. Given that the Airpods are known for their seamless syncing with all apple devices, but the pairing of Jabra elite is also impressive, some may say that it isn’t as magical as Airpods, but they work just fine.

The Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds comes with the new Bluetooth 5 spec, and it has a difference compared to the version 4 on Airpods. The Bluetooth 5 makes connectivity seamless and fun. Jabra stood up to what it always says and provides the best comfort to the user.


Okay now here we got a problem, technically they are fine, but they don’t have any gesture controls or touch options, they have button presses. The problem is that the buttons can be located and this also comes with other problem that it feels like jamming the earbud into the ear canal, which is discomforting. For someone who doesn’t like this feature, it can be a little annoying. So, as we are comparing with the Airpods this is one point to them as the gesture thing works like a charm in Airpods. That being said, the button presses provide a lot more options that the gesture touches in Airpods give their users.


  •  Bluetooth 5.0 allows low-energy transmissions.
  • Total wireless solution.
  • No accidental tugging while you are running.
  • They are lightweight.
  • The built-up quality is amazing
  • IP55 loosely translated means waterproof and dust resistance
  • The IP55 protection comes with two years of warranty, built like tanks.
  • The fitting is amazing
  • You won’t feel a single movement while jogging or working out.
  • A quick 15-minute charge
  • Gives up to 90 minutes of the playtime
  • The battery case has 2 charging reserves.
  • Gives you 10 hours in the case and then 5 hours on the headphones
  • The battery life is magnificent.
  • Pairing is seamless and smooth.
  • Don’t have any issues with the earbuds connecting to each other.
  • The ability to control stuff with the earbuds is comforting.
  • The compact earbuds give a nice charge up.


  • The elite don’t support aptX
  • The button placements are hard to locate
  • The left ear controls are hard to find and press.
  • Buttons are stiff too requires a lot of pressure to get them activated
  • The charging is inconvenient as you can only charge in the cradle.
  •  If anything happens to the cradle, you will need to buy a new proprietary pin charger.
  • There isn’t any way to track them
  • They have no USB connection given that every device currently has USB by default.
  • The voice commands through Alexa do not work always
  • The base seems to be lacking
  • The connection loosens some times.


Considering all the things, one thing is clear that the Jabra Elite 65t is truly the best earphones you can buy today Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds Reviewwithout hesitation. Although they cost slightly higher than the Apple Airpods but then they do provide all the facilities that will make you say they are worth every penny. They provide all the best features like sound quality, noise isolation, and the adjustable ambient noise that is capable of helping you forget the world yet to be aware of the surrounding. For those who have issues with the alien-like structure of the Airpods, the understated, mature looking Jabra Elites might work the best for you.

So the Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds provide the best feature all in one. Given the stiff competition given by the Airpods, the performance given by the elites is worth appreciating. Given Jabra are known for their quality work, they have never let down their users. The kind of intricate detail they sort out is commendable. Also giving tonnes of feature and yet the weight is so less than you don’t feel a thing is great. The choice of choosing from various eargels gives you the freedom one looks while investing this much money and then the freedom to modify the song through the Jabra sound app gives you a sense of control and power at what you are listening.

The comfort is very good doesn’t feel like jamming the ear tips into the ears unnecessarily. So all in all Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds provide veracity without sacrificing the audio quality or the call quality. And as they said, they do provide the best call performance. Basic it’s a one-time investment, and they are built to last for a long time until the next Jabra launch at least.