Jabra Move Wireless Bluetooth Complete Review for 2022

Jabra’s Move line is designed to deliver unparalleled sound quality in the wireless headphone category. The Move Jabra Move Style Edition in 2020headphones utilize Jabra’s signature digital signal processing to deliver a crisp digital sound that brings out the true clarity and depth of the music people love. Jabra’s Move line is inspired by Scandinavian design, giving them a clean and simple look. The Move headphones are developed with premium sound, functionality, comfort, and durability in mind and are designed for life on the move.

Design & size

The Jabra Move Style Edition wireless Bluetooth headphones have a minimalistic, understated, and simplistic design. It comes in three color options to choose from: black, navy blue, and gold beige. It has a height of 6.8 inches, a depth of 2.3 inches, and a width of 5.8 inches. The headphones are pretty lightweight, too, weighing in at only 150g or 5.29oz.

Each earcup houses 40mm drivers. Since it has a minimalistic design, there aren’t many buttons on the earcups, just the playback controls (volume and track control as well as a multi-function button) on the left earcup and the power button that doubles as the Bluetooth pairing button on the right one. With just the necessary control buttons, controlling the headphones is a breeze as the controls are easily understandable and are intuitive to use. The left earcup also houses the micro-USB port for charging plus the LED indicator for battery and pairing, while the right earcup houses the 3.5mm port that allows for a wired connection. Both earcups pivot enough and both sides of the headphones are adjustable, so you can slide them in and out of the headband to get the right fit.  Also, the earcups’ rear has a metal look even when it’s made of plastic. The headband’s canvas-like cloth texture gives it a neat look – complimenting the inner metal yokes with a matte finish.

Materials & comfort

The Jabra Move Style Edition headphones are extremely comfortable – coming with a rigid stainless steel headband with breathable and dust-resistant cover and ear pads made of memory foam and then covered with leatherette. The leatheretJabra Move Style Edition in 2020te material used for the ear pad cover is pretty light, allowing for enough air circulation while also helping provide good passive noise isolation. Its closed-back and on-ear design as well as its lightweight-ness significantly add to the headphones’ comfort level as it doesn’t cause any fatigue when worn for extended periods of time. A strip of angled metal with enough thickness emerges from the plastic end of the ear cups. However, they slip easily when stored in a bag and not in use, so the headband has to be adjusted quite frequently. On the bright side, the adjustment system is pretty good when the headphones are placed over the head or are resting around the neck.

Sound performance

The Jabra Move Style Edition headphones’ 40mm drivers deliver deep lows and clear, warm mids. The highs, however, have some noticeable coarseness to it. These headphones’ bass is punchy, well-balanced, and not overpowering. It also has a great depth and soundstage that easily outperforms other headphones in the same price range. That said, the headphones sound engaging and offer unparalleled sound whether on wired or wireless mode, and don’t cause any distortion even when on full volume. With support for multiple codecs, you get high-quality sound no matter the device you’re using. It also utilizes Jabra’s signature digital signal processing (DSP) for a crisp digital sound and true clarity. Overall, the Move Style Edition headphones will give you a full experience no matter what type of music you’re listening to once you get a perfect fit with the ear cups resting evenly on your ears.

Durability and warranty

In terms of build quality, construction quality, and durability, the Jabra Move Style Edition headphones feel solid and pleasantly premium. Unlike other headphones in its price range, it doesn’t make any creaking sound when the headband is twisted or flexed. You can rest assured that the headband won’t easily break as it has been tested to withstand a 1.5-meter drop and 10000 bends. The angled metal connecting the ear cups to the headband is adequately thick, quite rigid, and feels far more substantial than the Move Style Edition’s predecessor. These headphones are backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Connectivity & compatibilityJabra Move Style Edition in 2020

The Jabra Move Style Edition headphones utilize the Bluetooth 4.0 technology and have a wireless range of 10 meters or 33 feet (up to 50-60 feet without walls or obstructions in between). Having been equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and not the top-of-the-line Bluetooth 5.0, there can be minor audio lags. The multipoint connection makes up for it, though, allowing you to connect up to 8 devices all at the same time. It also allows for automatic switching of playback between 2 devices. The Move Style Edition connects to every Bluetooth-ready device, and since it comes with an optional cord for wired mode, it can easily be connected to any device with a 3.5mm audio output – a great feature that makes the headphones usable even when it has ran out of juice.

Additional features

The Jabra Move Style Edition headphones perform well in the call and mic department, thanks to Jabra’s HD Voice technology. Its omnidirectional mic is more than capable for most people’s daily needs and does a good job of separating one’s voice from background noise. For such a small mic, it is really remarkable – picking up voice very clearly to deliver a crisp sound to the person on the other end of the line.

According to Jabra, the headphones’ battery offers up to 14 hours of talk or music time and can last for around 12 days when on standby. The 14-hour battery life will of course depend on how it’s used. For instance, it will last longer when used with lower volume levels and will die faster when on full volume. The battery life is pretty good and can easily last a day before requiring a recharge. It can even last for about a week when you don’t always use it. The charging time is fast, too, only taking about 1.5 hours when connected to a 15-watt charging adapter to fully charge the headphones from 0%. Also, the headphones relay a low battery message that starts when the battery gets to 50%. When the battery life drops to 30%, you will be given constant alerts to recharge the headphones, which can be quite annoying at times. If you ever run out of battery, you could just use the included 3.5mm cable Jabra Move Style Edition in 2020for unlimited playback.

Who are these headphones for?

The Jabra Move Style Edition headphones are for anyone looking for a nice and well-performing pair without having to stretch their wallet and spend a lot. It is for people who want headphones that look great and deliver high-quality sound. With Bluetooth connection capabilities and the offering of wired listening, these headphones are great for on-the-go listeners – leaving them nothing to worry about since the headphones can be used even with a dead battery. The Move Style Edition headphones are also ideal for people who take phone calls a lot, thanks to its mic that makes use of the Jabra-exclusive HD Voice technology.


  • Has a clean and simple Scandinavian design
  • Offers high-quality call performance in true HD Voice
  • Reproduces superior audio with exceptional sound quality and a lot of clarity
  • Utilizes Jabra’s signature digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Is compatible with all Bluetooth-ready devices as well as those with 3.5mm audio output
  • Multi-function button allows for managing calls and music directly from the headphones
  • Has a lightweight, adjustable, and durable stainless steel headband
  • Features automatic pairing mode and supports multipoint connection
  • The battery offers 14 hours of playback or talk time and can last for up to 12 days on standby
  • Charging is fast and only takes around an hour and a half
  • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day use

About the company

Jabra is a global brand that’s been dedicated to sound for over a hundred years. The brand’s passion for sound is backed by its unrivaled knowledge of the human ear and its expertise in professional, consumer, and medical audio technology. Jabra puts this passion and extensive knowledge together to craft the intuitive solutions it is known for. The brand’s close relationship to world-leading hearing aid experts allows it to help people hear sounds just as the way they are and deliver a personalized yet natural hearing experience through wireless stereo Jabra Move Style Edition in 2020headphones.


The Jabra Move Style Edition headphones are one of the best and most pleasing headphones that offer a neutral-leaning sound signature in its price range. Although it is not the most premium wireless headphone in the market today, every single aspect of the headphones complements and balances each other out. The exceptional comfort it offers plus the option to use it in wired mode are really great additions. Additionally, its long battery life and fast charging time are quite impressive for a wireless headphone. However, the battery life alerts when it drops to 30% could use a little fixing. The headphones are definitely a steal, given its price tag and the numerous and outstanding features it offers. To end it, the Move Style Edition’s beautiful and modern aesthetic, comfortable fit, great sound quality and audio performance, and long battery life make it a total bargain.