JETech H0782 Universal Bluetooth Headphone Review

JETech H0782 Universal Bluetooth Headphone ReviewWith the way things are nowadays, that everything is hinged on technology and everything is being done instantly – one has to be able to maneuver ways to being able to do a lot of things in so little a time, while still being able to take control of their lives. One way to accomplish this is with the Bluetooth wireless headset – having this hooked or fitted in one ear leaves both hands free to do other things is one of the major advantages why people often choose to use these type of headphones, allowing them to focus on other things and still have fun because you can still control the tracks or the things that you have on your mobile device with your Bluetooth headset. One of the best Bluetooth headset available in the market is JETech Universal Bluetooth Headset. JETech is a brand known for creating creative and competitive mobile devices and they have produced an affordable, easy to pair, convenient Bluetooth wireless headsets that can be carried around everywhere – the JETech Universal Bluetooth Wireless Headset.

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Sound Performance

The JETech Universal Bluetooth Wireless Headset are well suited for people who are always on the move.

  • The sound quality produced or delivered by these headphones are decent and is monostereo sound because it only comes out of one driver.
  • Boasts of noise cancellation technology – enhances voice clarity despite a noise background. It allows the user to be heard clearly even through rough weather such as rain or storm.
  • Volume control is limited with these headphones. It is meant mostly for voice calls.

Design and Build

The design is simple and user friendly. It is easy on the eyes and is light and convenient.

  • MFi-certified by Apple (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) – to make sure that it would be 100% safe and certified for use on Apple devices.
  • It has undergone multiple testing for quality and endurance.
  • It is mostly made up of plastic with a soft silicone ear tip that is designed to fit well into the ears.
  • Product is small and lightweight.
  • Front of the headphone has the power button: it has a telephone symbol that is also used to pair devices for Bluetooth. It also has red and blue indicator lights to let user know that device is powered on or is pairing with another device.
  • Right side has the micro USB port – where micro USB cable is connected to charge the device.
  • On top is the volume control – limited to three levels: low/medium/high.
  • At the very tip of the JETech Universal Wireless Bluetooth Headphone is the microphone – conveniently located near the mouth if worn for easier access and clear voice quality.
  • Earpiece/ear hook – removable for easier storage.
  • Built in battery.

JETech H0782 Universal Bluetooth Headphone Review

Additional Features

  • Micro USB charging cable – used to charge the headphone, can be connected to any laptop or desktop for power.
  • Headset battery meter automatically shows onscreen for iPhone and iPad (Android battery meter available via the ‘MyHeadset’ App available on Google Play)
  • One year warranty. 


  • Long battery life – has a DeepSleep mode that helps extend battery life (up to 14 days standby time, up to 6 hours talk time, up to 6 hours music play time)
  • It’s small and lightweight – making it easier and more convenient to use.
  • Fits either ear comfortably – hook or switch from one ear to another with no trouble.
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 6/5s/5c/5, iPhone 4s/4, Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3, LG, PC/desktop, laptop, and other Bluetooth capable device.
  • Very easy to pair with any Bluetooth capable device – just hold down the multifunctional/ power button until red and blue LED lights flash to indicate that the JETech Universal Bluetooth Headset is searching for a device, then turn on the Bluetooth capability of your chosen device and seamlessly pair them.
  • It also comes with Multipoint technology, where you can connect two Bluetooth-friendly devices to it with no issues.
  • Very affordable.
  • Can access voice activated apps on smart phones easily like SIRI/ Google/Cortana/S Voice.


  • Volume control on the headset is limited to the 3 levels. – cannot be acutely controlled.
  • Monostereo – music can only be appreciated from one speaker.

JETech H0782 Universal Bluetooth Headphone Review


All in all the JETech Universal Bluetooth Wireless Headset is perfect for people who like to stay active and needs to have full use of both their hands most of the time. It is small, compact and can be carried or used anywhere. It will also connect with almost any Bluetooth friendly devices with just one long press of the multifunctional button and it will not put a major dent on your pocket – pricewise. Not to mention the fact that voice call are crystal clear and the active noise cancellation technology makes sure that your voice would still be heard clear even if the background is noisy.

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of JETech H0782 Universal Bluetooth Headphone>>