Kinivo BTH220 Headphones – Complete Review for 2022

Are you an audiophile who loves to enjoy high-quality music? Does your work need you to use a headphone andKinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones attend calls hands-free? Do you like to relax by gaming for hours in the weekend? Then the Kinivo BTH2220 Headset is a product that is ideally suited for you. It comes with a list of advantages and desirable features which the users love a lot.

Kinivo is a trusted brand that has won much love and popularity from the customers because of the consistent quality that they have been churning out through their long line of products. This pair of headphones is a big hit because it combines comfort, functionalities, and durability into one. As compared to the other headsets in the market this one is available at a reasonable price and stands out when it comes to the features that it is equipped with.

Design and Size

This pair of over the ear headphones come in a stylish and sophisticated design which is likely to be popular with a user of any age. The subtle black color with silver highlights on the earphone looks extremely appealing and stylish to the eye. The Kinivo logo is embossed on the earcup for an additional touch of elegance. The subtle yet fashionable design is suitable for all types of users. It does not have any loud or jarring effects that might put off the conservative customer.

It is to be worn behind the head and due to the flexibility of the headband and the adjustable size, you can be sure of a good fit on any shape and size of head. The headband is covered with spongy padding that sits as a cushion and prevents any hurt to the head muscles. Also, the cushions on the ear are there to help with perfect noise isolation. With this headset, you can accept calls, adjust volume, change tracks right from the headpKinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphoneshones. A large call button is there on the right speaker which lets you take or make calls. Other side buttons help you to change tracks or to adjust the volume of music.

The model number of this item is BTH2220-Bluetooth-Headset. These headphones are 5x5x5 inches in dimensions and weigh a mere 71 g or 2.5 ounces. Being extremely lightweight in construction and foldable in design, this headset is highly portable for the user. The box contains the headset, the manual book, the mini USB charging cable, and the carrying pouch. 1 Lithium polymer battery set is required to operate the headset. Charging through a mini USB port is supported. Once the device has been charged fully, you can expect up to 8 hours of quality music time or up to 150 hours of support in the standby mode.

Materials and Comfort

The Kinivo BTH220 is built with premium quality materials which make sure that you get best in class comfort without compromising on functionality and durability. The flexible headband is padded for maximum comfort and it comes in a behind-the-head wearing style which creates no strain on the head even after prolonged hours of usage.

Also, the over-ear earcups come fitted with over-sized foam padding which takes the pressure off the ear and gives you long standing comfort. You can listen to music for long hours and there will be no problem of overheating in your ears. Due to intelligent construction, it does not leave behind a buzz in the ears. There is a built-in microphone for extra convenience to speak and the ergonomic curvature of the headset makes sure that it is a Kinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphonesperfect fit for any head size or shape. You can be sure that your head muscles do not feel constrained or pressurized due to ill-fittings or extra weight sitting on it.

Although the headset is lightweight, it is extremely strong in construction. They are fitted with premium-quality speakers which deliver high-quality stereo sound.

Sound Performance

The Kinivo BTH220 headset is armed with Bluetooth technology and it comes with a powerful and good range. The music quality churned out is remarkable and with this headset, you can expect to enjoy music hands-free without interrupting other work that you might be engaged in. The stereo effect of this headset makes sure that you can enjoy loud booming music without disturbing those around you.

Due to the excellent audio performance, this headset is an excellent travel companion for you. The battery support stays on for a long time so you can hope to entertain yourself without imposing on anyone around you. Since it comes with hands-free call-taking functions, you can also use it at work in order to attend important calls while you need to type away.

The hi-level precision of this headset makes sure that you can listen to amazingly clear and distinct audio. The noise cancellation, distortion minimization abilities of the headphone make sure that accurate and clear audio is played out for you. Right from booming lows to the clear highs, you can now expect to enjoy endless music in refined quality while you multitask or wait at the airport lounge. The sound performance remains close to perfect and the seamless transition to calls from music and back to music when the call gets over is a wonderful feature of this headset.


This headset is made of high-quality materials which ensure that you as a user get excellent durability without Kinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphonescompromising on the performance. Kinivo is a brand that highly values customer loyalty and satisfaction and hence each part is made with best-in-class material. After assembling, the final product goes through various levels of screening and quality control, before it is packed for you.

On your part, you have to make sure that you take all the precautionary measures while cleaning and maintaining the device. You can disinfect the product with rubbing alcohol but be careful to never wet the components directly with water or any other liquid. Take a soft cleaning pad and use very gentle pressure while cleaning. Also, let all parts dry out fully before storing it away.

It comes with a return and refund policy of 30 days. Also, there is a limited period warranty of 1 year from Kinivo with this product on both parts and labor. This means that you can expect the company to fix manufacturing defects as well as functional defects that might occur within a year of your purchase.

Connectivity and Compatibility

This is a wireless headset that comes equipped with Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR class 2. Enhanced data rate together with Bluetooth ensures a strong and stable wireless connection within a short range of uninterrupted space, allowing you to enjoy music and multitask in a hands-free manner. It supports the latest versions of A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.0, and HS/HF profiles. This headset will enable you to enjoy amazing music with most stereo-capable Bluetooth devices.

The list of devices with which this device is compatible is a long one. Right from iPad3, iPad2, iPad, iPhone 5, 4, 4S, 3G, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, 3G to the various Android smartphones (HTC, all droids, Samsung), and Blackberry smartphones, this headset is compatible with all. It is also compatible with PS3 supporting chat audio with good clarity.

Pairing up the headphone with any Bluetooth-enabled device is not a big deal. You just have to press down the multifunction button for 7 seconds till the blue and red light start to flash alternatively. Now, you need to go to settings, turn Bluetooth on, and do the pairing. Once paired, you can expect strong and uninterrupted connection. Kinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo HeadphonesYou will be able to enjoy loud and clear audio wirelessly for hours.

Additional Features

These lightweight headphones can be folded to a small size and packed neatly into a pouch for easy transportation.

This headset supports hands-free calling and call taking. When the device detects an incoming call, the music is automatically paused, allowing you to receive or reject the call. The large button on the right speaker is used to accept, reject, disconnect, or dial a call.

You can use the side buttons on the headset to change tracks or to raise/lower the music volume. All the necessary functions like pause, play, stop, etc. are accessible right from the headset, giving you more freedom of movement.

Although it is technologically advanced, it comes with a simple user-friendly design so you can expect to pair it up easily with any other device. It remains simple enough to use despite the innovation and technology used.

The integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery is easy to recharge. You can use the mini USB port to charge it up and once fully charged, you can expect 8 hours of non-stop music without needing to recharge again. And when on, stand-by the battery will last for 150 hours. In normal usage, you can expect the headset battery to easily last for a few days. The charging cable is provided with the headset.

It serves you as a wireless music device, as well as a Bluetooth-enabled phone handset with hands-free calling.

Who are these headphones for

Being a wireless headphone, this device is meant for anyone who owns a Bluetooth enabled stereo device. So, if you own an iPhone, iPad, smartphone, Blackberry, etc. this headphone set is for you. You can also listen to music from an MP3 player that is Bluetooth-enabled.Kinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

If you are someone who travels frequently then you can select this headphone set for yourself. During those long hours of wait at the lounges or the connecting cab rides, you can switch on music and drift off to a world of your own, without having to disturb the peace of those around you.

When you need to multitask at work, these headphones can be an excellent choice. Due to the hands-free facility, you can attend that important business call while typing away the key details at your laptop or computer. The best part is that being a hands-free device, you will get the freedom to move around a bit and will not feel chained to your work desk.

If you are someone who works from home then this headset can let you attend the important meetings without disrupting the privacy and peace of other family members. It will enhance professionalism as well as your convenience to a great extent.

Even if you are into gaming and you own a PlayStation, this headset can be of good use to you as it supports chat audio perfectly and allows you to play better.

The headset is easy to use and the user-friendly design makes sure that it is suitable for users of all ages. Right from the avid gamer of a teenager to the retired person who loves to holiday a lot, this headset caters to the needs and requirements of all age brackets. You can select it for yourself or as a gift to someone close to you.


  • Ergonomic design with padded headband and spongy ear cups
  • Flexible headband for perfect fit
  • Compatible with a whole range of Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Supports hands-free calling
  • Refined audio quality
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery support
  • Lightweight and foldable model
  • Comfortable for long-term use

VerdictKinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

There are various competing brands in the market that manufacture similar products in the space of stereo headsets but this Bluetooth enabled headset combines the best of many worlds. It is a wireless device armed with superior audio and excellent comfort. You can now multitask without compromising on the freedom of movement. So, whether you are working from home or you are traveling, this Bluetooth enabled headset is a device that can be a useful companion for you. You can entertain yourself, any time anywhere with hands-free facility to answer your important calls. And since it is compatible with a wide range of gadgets and devices, you would get good flexibility if you buy this device.

About Kinivo

Kinivo is a fairly recent company that was founded in the year 2010. It is headquartered at Redmond, Washington USA. But within a decade’s time, this company has become a valued brand when it comes to consumer electronic products and accessories that people might use on a regular basis.

Their products are designed in the US and are manufactured in various overseas factories owned by the company. Always striving for excellence, Kinivo ensures that they are well-versed with the latest technology and innovation so that they can deliver only the best to their customers. Their consumer electronics products include a whole range of devices and equipment that you can use at home or on the go. The state-of-the-art design and technology infused in their products make sure that you are always satisfied with the quality. Multiple teams work at Kinivo to cover all possible user scenarios and they work hard so that you get exceptional quality at reasonable pricing.

This Bluetooth Stereo Headphone set from Kinvio combines advanced technology with superior design and lasting quality. And all this comes to you at an attractive pricing too. It is a product that you can select for yourself or as a worthy gift for someone close to you. Kinivo assures that the user will get the best of experience.

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