Kinivo BTH220 Headphones Review

Bluetooth connectivity has always been a pretty nifty and useful feature on consumer electronic products. It allows you to remotely control other devices, share data, and even receive calls on your smartphone. Ever since the technology was developed, manufacturers have incorporated it into everything from portable speakers and headphones, to toy drones and even ice fishing transmitters.

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With Bluetooth technology constantly improving, consumer electronics brands have had to adapt in order to conform to the new standards. The near-infinite number of practical – and sometimes, impractical – uses for Bluetooth has created a more or less even playing field, where top brands get outdone by their lesser-known competitors who can deliver the same product performance at a considerably lower cost.

Such is the case with Kinivo. A virtual unknown in the consumer electronics market, Kinivo is slowly picking up speed, gaining more ground as it begins to catch up with some of the bigger names in the industry. One Kinivo consumer product that is partly responsible for the company’s emergence and continuing success is the Kinivo BTH220 headphones.

Features of Kinivo BTH220 Headphones

Sound Quality

The BTH220 is one of most popular offerings by the American newcomer in the consumer electronics field. It has a fairly decent sound quality, which if put in perspective, is something that most Bluetooth devices have a considerably hard time delivering consistently. On the BTH220, sound quality is hardly an issue.

When used as a wireless headset, the BTH220 also performs admirably, letting you carry out conversations in clear detail, as long as you are within range. The Kinivo BTH220 headphones has been tested to deliver clear and intelligible sound even at a distance of 60 feet, more than twice the effective range of other Bluetooth headphones.

The sound quality when listening to music is as good as can be expected of a Bluetooth device. It may not have the wide frequency response that wired headphones are capable of providing, but it’s not bad either. If you enjoy listening to music in the office, or while travelling, the BTH220 should work great for your purpose.

Design and Durability

Being the Bluetooth headphones that they are, the BTH220 is very lightweight and portable. It connects via the standard Bluetooth v2.1 protocol + EDR class 2, and supports the latest versions of A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.0, and HS/HF profiles. All this basically means that the BTH220 is compatible with most Bluetooth and A2DP enabled devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, and more.

The BTH220 is designed to have all of the controls situated on the right earpiece. One button lets you take calls, play or pause your tracks, or ends calls when you’ve finished talking to the other person on the phone. Surrounding the multifunction buttons are the volume controls and track selection buttons.

It is also worth noting that the BTH220 charges via mini USB and not micro USB. This isn’t really a problem, although it is worth knowing if you have other devices that use mini USB for charging. The battery is rated to last for up to 8 hours of talk time, and pairing with compatible devices is a matter of a few simple steps.

The headphones are surprisingly more durable than they look, if online comments from other product reviews are to be believed. The earpieces are softly cushioned, making the Kinivo BTH220 headphones comfortable to wear even after hours of use. And the wrap-around-the-head form factor makes the headphones look as good as it sounds.

Value for Money

Dollar for dollar, the BTH220 delivers great sound, superb comfort, and reliably stable design that few other Bluetooth headphones can match. Retailing for less than $15, the BTH220 is one Bluetooth headphone that gives you more value for money. And as if its low retail cost wasn’t enough to sweeten the deal, Kinivo gives BTH220 buyers a 1-year warranty with lifetime customer service.


In summary, the Kinivo BTH220 headphones deliver more than what can normally be expected of a pair of bluetooth headphones in its price range. It delivers great sound and are extremely comfortable to wear, it’s not so bad to look at either. The design and form factor looks great whether you’re working out at the gym or digging yourself out of paperwork in the office. For its price, the BTH220 makes for an excellent choice if you are looking for low cost but high quality wireless headphones.

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