The Top Klipsch Earphones 2015

The Top Klipsch Earphones

There are numerous brands in the market today that promise offering best-in-class audio quality and music experience. This makes it important for the buyer to get handy with some pieces of information that help them find the music devices perfect for them.

Speakers, home theatres, headphones etc. are some of the very common devices that have made place in the lifestyle of people. While another handy-category is that of the earphones, that mostly come under in-ear genre, and is considered to be highly pocket-friendly, light-weight and easy to carry devices that do wonders with the sound quality as well. Klipsch has been one prominent name in the music market that has offered amazing products since last six decades. The technology acquired by Klipsch as a brand qualified it so steeply that some of its products managed to stay alive since many decades.

Before we go further into the details of some hand-picked earphones for personal review, here are some important details about Klipsch as a brand that would help the user get connected to the name and also find out some interesting facts behind making of the brand successful.

About the top Klipsch earphones

Settled around 6 decades back, the brand launched itself focusing entirely upon the musical and audio devices. The company gained quick name with the launch of its debut product named Klipschorn that remained in the market as a successful product for a long time. The reason of Klipsch making quick mark in the audio industry was its prime focus on keeping the quality and entire experience as the foremost offering to the customers. The unmatched quality was backed up by the unique technology it started with.

Klipsch used the manual technique of amplifying the signals that made its sound-quality one of its kind. After continued and sleek success of Klipsch as a brand, several products were launched one after the other, and slowly Klipsch got spread into speakers, music systems, headphones and earphones.

Products by Klipsch

From different types of speakers, TV audio systems, surround sound-systems, to a variety of ear-focused music audio devices, Klipsch has some considerably good quality products that offer value for investment to the buyer. Not just the functionality of the brand makes it competitive, but structurally it does equally good job. The smart and sleek design of each set makes it look like a costly device, while it’s quite soft on the pocket.

The top Klipsch earphones

Earphones have been launched by Klipsch in a huge number of categories. After a lot of checks back and forth and detailed study of the market, we have brought our best 3 choices of Klipsch earphones, which we find as the top within their respective categories.

1. Klipsch Image S4i Premium

This earphone from top Klipsch earphones claims to be the first one of its kind to offer complete control on the voice-over attribute of the iPod shuffle. Having the term ‘i’ in its name, this piece is eligible for use with iPod and iPhone devices. It comes with a mic along. The most attractive attribute of this set is its stand-apart sound quality and value for money. Costing quite affordable to a lot of buyers this earphone would give a great bass response and overall experience.

This piece offers exceptionally amazing sound-quality, and is also very comfortable on ears. The buyers get box and cleaning tool along with the earphone as an additional usage comfort.

Coming to the first disadvantage of this earphone, it has a thin wire, which makes it clumsy to use. In some cases, the ear tips didn’t work. It would be a good step to keep a closer eye on that issue when you buy it.

In all, this earphone offers an overall great experience in comparison to a lot of other earphones existing in the market in this price range.


  • Sound quality is at par
  • Quite affordable
  • Excellent bass response


  • Thin wire
  • Ear tip not fit for everyone

2. Klipsch Image a5i Sport

Here comes another sporty name in the line under Klipsch. Quick technical specifications of this would include stereo sound output mode. This in-ear piece is also soft on pocket and value for money to the buyer. It is a lightweight and flexible product that is oval in shape and fits just right into the ears. There is a mic attached to it, along with 3-button control. Extremely unique curvy design gives a sporty feel to the user. Be it treadmill, road or any place of your choice, Klipsch Image a5i Sport would make a great company throughout.

Coming in a variety of jazzy colors, the top Klipsch earphones gives a perfect fit to the ears that stays inside steadily without any fear of falling off while running or jogging. The company claims having built this earphone in a way that makes it completely different from any other earphone in terms of design. This device would go with any instrument with a 3.5mm standard jack. Hence, this qualifies to be used with most of the music devices.


  • Great sound
  • Comfortable fit inside the ear
  • High-end noise isolation
  • Easy to manage cable
  • Stylish and compact carry case
  • No sweat after prolonged use
  • No slipping


  • Blocks all sorts of extra noises
  • Slightly higher on the budget
  • Not really easy to fit in right place in initial few times due to complex design

3. Klipsch X10

Klipsch X10 came up to have the prime feature of absolute noise-blocking. The design of the earphone was such that it got completely fit inside the ear and blocked all the unwanted sounds. Some found it bothersome after a limit, but that’s what this version was formed upon. Coming with thin and easy-to-manage wires, these earphones are perfect for those who like having handy earphone that do not bother through clinging together inside pockets, and also don’t look too complicated to use. The top Klipsch earphones go with every 3.5mm jack-based instrument.


  • Lightweight and hassle-free to carry along
  • Easy to use
  • Great sound
  • Restricts extra noise


  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • Absolute noise-block might bother some users