Meze 99 Classics Headphones Review

The Meze 99 is a plush and high-end pair of headphones that offers excellent audio performance with well-definedMeze 99 Classics Headphones Review crisp highs and powerful bass response. They come with tons of detachable cables and the attractive wood grain ear-cups add more panache to this music handset.

Here is a breakdown of all the best features and peculiarities that makes these 99 classics a hit among music lovers!

Design & Build

The build quality is exemplary and vintage. They are lightweight and yet they don’t feel cheap or like any shortcuts are made on the design. The headband is fortified with a gold-colored metal support that connects the bars that holds the elastic for headband.

The customary slider design for size adjustment is absent, which seems to be the right move. This makes them easy-to-use on a daily basis and look incredibly great. The ear pads are made from protein leather that makes them very soft and breathable. There is foam underneath the ear pads, which makes them hold shape and super easy for long listening sessions.


A straight up answer – these headphones look royalty. From an aesthetical standpoint, they look seriously cool, classy, and beautiful – all at the same time. These headphones take an interesting take on the classic design in a modern way. The sleek touches make the 99 Classics look elegant and chic. The company offers different color options, but the most striking is the walnut and gold combo.

The beautiful walnut ear cups perfectly compliment the gorgeous matte grain finish. The gold/brass accents and big imitating leather headband make a very visually appealing product.


Comfort the one of the most important features of any headphones. These 99 Classics’ comfort is above excellent. The combination of large diameter ear cups, admirable padding, and self-adjusting headband makes this product a pleasure to wear.

Meze 99 Classics Headphones ReviewAnother important contributing factor that adds to its high level of comforts is the weight. They are super lightweight, without a doubt, and you can make them all day long without worrying about neck muscle strain.

Sound Quality

Another awe-inspiring quality of the Meze 99 Classics is the sound quality. They have a seriously good sounding feature that will leave you wanting for more. You will hear your favorite song on a whole new dimension. The highly engaging sound is immersive and addictive, and you won’t be able to stop listening. The headphones offer a more natural sound – just like sitting in a studio and listening to the artist.

  • Highs

Without straying into harsh territory of pitch voices, the highs have a good extension and amazing details. They can handle the jazz and classical music like a pro. They sound is smooth without any rough tones, which blends beautifully with the midrange.

  • Mids

The midrange is equally impressive and most probably the star of the show. The grain and weight in a male’s artist performance resonate exquisitely in this frequency. The details are clearly spaced and uncluttered all throughout the way.

  • Lows

The low is not the best part of these headphones, but when tuned right, they work seemingly well. You will get bass that extends deep, but avoiding the heavy bass territory. Lows is an area of warm tones of the midrange and smoother, without getting too visceral. Imaging is incredible and they display medium width and depth on equal scale.

Meze 99 Classics Headphones


Isolation is the best feature of these headphones. They offer little protection from external noises, and won’t work Meze 99 Classics Headphones Reviewwell in noisy environment. If a dampening insulation is included in the 99, the wonderful sound that they emit will be compromised. This conciliation is well compensated and agreed upon by the users.

Packaging & Accessories

The packaging and presentation of these 99 Classic headphones is great. You can start to feel the classy experience, right from the start. The package has some beautiful displays of the headphone that will make you excited to look inside. It also contains product info and frequency chart on one side. Once you open the box, you will see a magnificent leatherette hard case. It comes in a classy black textured finish with zippers and Meze logo.

Inside the case there is a Meze 99 Classic headphones and a couple of cool accessories in a soft felt puck shaped case. It contains 2 sets of cables with same design and different lengths, a quarter inch jack, and an airline adapter.

Overall Performance

Inside each 99 Classic headphones, you’ll get a 40mm Neodymium/Mylar transducer. Its frequency response is at 15Hz-25kHz, and at the lowest frequencies, you can really hear the depth. Overall, the 99 Classics deliver a perfectly balanced bass depth, powerful sub-bass, and high frequency definition. Their is some serious boosting in the bass department, but it never overwhelms the mix.


  • Excellent audio performance.
  • Articulate high and ideal bass response.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Accessories like detachable cables and inline remote control.
  • Foam underneath ear pads for better comfort.
  • It has a lightweight design.
  • Exemplary design and artistic features.
  • Great low, mid, and high sounds.
  • Sound quality is exquisite.
  • It is great for all day listening.


  • The design can be bulky for some.
  • The isolation does not work great.
  • It is expensive.

Final Words

The Meze 99 Classics are high on price, but worthy for music enthusiasts who love to listen all day long. They are a combination of a comfortable, lightweight design with stunning good looks and excellent sound. Switching to in-house developments and creativity has made Meze one of the outstanding headphones in the market.

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