The Most Durable Earbuds in 2019 [Unbreakable.. heavy-duty earbuds]

If you are here, you must be familiar with the heart-wrenching sight of broken earbuds, dead in one ear. You hear Ed Sheeran only ‘doing shots at the table with his friends’. You fail to hear the romantic part where he’s in ‘love with the shape of you’. Why? Because the left earbud went boom just when Sheeran came out with a masterpiece. There are a few weapon-grade earbuds that look elegant but hide the guts of steel. Plastic earbuds are wallet-friendly, but you end up spending quite a bit when they die on you every few weeks. We zeroed in on the 15 most durable earbuds that are equally focused on sound and sturdiness (we have also covered the best value for money earbuds in a separate article). These might be slightly pricier but can last for years and their audio performance is superb.

What are the physical features of the most durable earbuds?

Even though earphones fit in the palm of your hands, there’s a whole lot of science that goes into developing them. For a long life, each part needs attention: the ear pieces, the wires, the mic and the plug. The following design decisions make the most durable earbuds immune to the abuse of daily use:

Ear pieces: The most durable earbuds use metal for the ear pieces. Usually these have aluminum or titanium ear pieces. If you were to accidentally sit on your earbuds, metal is less likely to split open into two halves. With plastic earbuds, you start to see cracks on the side after a few days of use. Any damage to the driver housing makes the drivers susceptible to damage too. That’s how the ear pieces blow.

Cable: Shorted cables are a thorn on the side of avid music-junkies. Think back just how many times you have had your phone/iPod dangling off your cable.  In the long run, it ends up damaging the wiring inside. That’s how you end up with only half of Godsmack’s Serenity. The most durable earbuds use Kevlar to reinforce their cables. Or they use a braided cable to relieve the tension from all the yanking.

Plug: Earbuds have either a straight connector plug or an L-shaped plug. If your playback device has the 3.5mm port on the sides, go for the L-plugs. They will be under lesser strain from moving your body around.  If the port is on the top or at the bottom, the straight plugs are better. In general, the L-shaped plugs require more force to detach if accidentally tugged on.

Joints: You have to look at the joints between the ear pieces and the cable and the cable to plug. The shape of the ear pieces also determines how they connect to the cable. The more they extend beyond the driver casing, the more durable they are. The cable-plug joint should have a flexible sleeve to relieve the tension from the playback device’s weight.

If you are looking for large durable headphones, please refer our guide about the most durable over-ear headphones.

Evaluating the most durable earbuds – Our methodology

Not all expensive earbuds are durable. We checked through scores of them looking for tell-tale signs of sturdiness. That’s how we arrived at a list of the 15 most durable earbuds. They were evaluated and ranked based upon the following criteria:

Audio quality: Durability is of no consequence if the earbuds do not sound good. The most durable earbuds selected here support neutral or slightly warm sound signature. Such earphones would treat all genres well. They also make sure that they don’t sound tinny or thin just because of the small driver housing. The earbuds provide good seal to the ears and have less or no cable noise.

Durability & Materials: The most durable earbuds are chosen from amongst a bunch of hardy earphones. They pay attention to the construction of the ear pieces, plug, cable and joints. Some earphones like Shure earbuds have a detachable cable so that you can change it if the cable is damaged.

Comfort: The most durable earphones are chosen to be worn comfortably all day. If you are looking for sturdy earphones, you most likely use your earbuds day-long. They should sit in your ears without slipping off frequently. There should not be any pain points in the inner ear.

Features: Perks like detachable cable, inline mic and volume buttons, carry case, ANC etc.. get these earphones more brownie points.

Customer reviews: The earphones that look durable are not necessarily so. Only time can tell if they will survive the abuse of day-to-day life. So we looked at the customer reviews to see if customers had a good, long-lasting experience with them.

Warranty: Quality earphones have a great warranty to back up their products. Cheap earphones have no warranty. With the most durable earbuds, in many cases you can even get the item replaced. That kind of customer service adds value to your investment.

Top 15 Most Durable Earbuds In 2019 – Complete List







 1. 1More Quad Drive Earbuds Streamlined aluminum 1 Year Warranty $$$4.5 
 2. RHA MA750i Noise Isolating Premium In-Ear Headphone with Remote and Microphone 303F grade stainless steel 3 Year Warranty$$$ 4.5
 3. 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones Enameled Copper Wire 12-month Warranty$$$ 4.2
 4. Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver Black rubber material Two-year limited warranty$$4.1 

5. Audiophile Earbuds In-Ear Headphones Fine-tuned 16 Ohm impedance 12 month warranty$$4.1 
 6. TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling HeadphonesMachined aluminum alloy 12 month warranty$$4.0 
 7. V-MODA Zn In-Ear Modern Audiophile Headphones with microphone Futuristic Liquid Zinc Metal Housing 2-Year Warranty$$$4.0 
 8. Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Premium Water Resistant Lycra Material 1 Year Warranty on parts and labor$$3.9 
 9. Jayfi JA40 Earphones Technology CNC Aluminum Alloy 1 Year Warranty$$ 3.9
 10. Panasonic drops360° Premium In-Ear Stereo Headphones Large aluminum housing Limited 1-Year Warranty$$3.9 
 11. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear earphones Stainless steel Two year warranty$$3.8 
 12. Tweedz Tangle-free Noise Isolating Ear Buds Earphones Nylon braided wire and rubber runner One Year Warranty$$ 3.8
 13. JLab Audio J4M Heavy Bass Rugged Metal In-Ear Headphones Aluminum housing and kevlar reinforced tangle free flat cable Limited Lifetime Warranty$$3.7 
 14. GGMM Nightingale Deep Heavy Bass In-Ear Noise-Isolating Earbuds Full metal components and TPE cord Lifetime Warranty$$3.7 
 15. iLuv City Lights by iLuv – Deep Bass In-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Earphones Premium metal housing 1 Year Warranty$$3.7 

1. 1MORE Quad Driver Earbuds

1More Quad Driver Durable Earbuds

The 1More Quad driver earbuds is one amongst the line of impressive durable headphones from this relatively new manufacturer. They have bedazzled the users with the big bang for bucks they bring. The bold sound is packaged in a daring body which ensures you enjoy it for a long time. 1More’s prodigious sound forms a complete package that earns a top place in the most durable earbuds list.

Design and Features

You get a measure of the 1More Quad driver earbuds’ quality when you open the box.  The bullet-shaped ear pieces are designed out of aluminum. The ear pieces are slightly large as they pack four drivers. The metal stem of the earpieces extends quite a bit over the cable. Down the cable, the remote and the plug are also milled of aluminum. The whole body is lightweight but ready to run down a tank. They come with multiple pieces of foam and silicone tips, of which the latter offer a better seal.

Usually the inline controls only work with either Android or iOS devices in most phones due to the jack configuration of the cable. But these tough earbuds have an inline control which works with both platforms clearly and articulately. The cord ends in an L-shaped plug. It is tangle-resistant through Kevlar-reinforcement, so the cable is not a weak link here. These come with a shirt clip so that the inline control remains put. It has a faux leather hard case with a magnetic clasp which conveniently keeps them safe during transport. An airline adapter is also packed here.

Audio performance 

The 1More Quad driver earbuds revel in the subtlety of their performance.  These are audiophile-level earbuds that have an effortless relationship with details. They balance like a ballerina and make you feel like you are engrossed in the middle of a concert hall. They extend well into both bass and treble regions. The intricate detailing is spread out throughout the spectrum. The deep bass is tightly controlled in all its power. It beats with authority but never overstep their domain.

The mid-range is deliciously smooth. The strain of handling a complicated mix of instruments, if any, is not audible. The four drivers sound rich. The treble is smoothened to remove any bite. The lack of any trace of harshness translates to a non-fatiguing listen.


  • Aluminum body
  • Exceptional tonal balance
  • Outstanding extension on both sides
  • 3-button inline control works with Android and iOS


  • Foam tips don’t give complete seal

2. RHA MA750i Noise Isolating Premium In-Ear Headphone with Remote and Microphone

Most Durable EarbudsIf you are looking for durability plain and simple, you cannot do better than RHA MA750 earbuds. These look and feel substantial. It’s like looking at a wrestler’s body: strong, beefy but elegant. You will be attracting some attention on the subway with such a solid metal and black design. To go with their bold outer looks, RHA pack some deep bass and clean audio. The audio and build partner to earn it a place in the most durable earbuds list.

Design and Features

Upon seeing the RHA MA750 earbuds, you immediately notice the plain stainless steel metal ear pieces. These have some drastic contours and ‘RHA’ branded across the back. These are heavy ear pieces though. They are not for everyone. The solid metal racks up moderate weight. The ear pieces are flat on the back, so they don’t bother you if you sleep on the side with them on.

The cable of these durable earbuds is the heavy duty kind. They have extra reinforcement in the portion of wire that goes around the ears. There’s a 3-button inline control for Apple devices. The cable terminates in a 3.5mm plug which is hosted on 1-inch of metal joint. They come with 10 sets of eartips including double-flanged ones and foam eartips. A clothing clip, a premium carry case and a stainless steel eartip holder is provided in the pack.


The RHA MA750i earbuds sport a fun and clear audio. They bring out the refinement that music-enthusiasts so crave without making the audio sound clinical. The bass runs deep and wide. You get that low-end power that empowers classical music and add zing to the hip hop, EDM and Techno. The midrange gets a luscious quality. There is no bass bleed here. It maintains the clarity throughout the mid and high range. The treble walks a fine line between detailed and harsh.


  • Warm, fun and refined audio
  • Meaty bass and warm midrange
  • Tough build
  • Excellent and classy accessories


  • Heavy


3. 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

1More is a not a brand you must have heard of. They are a Grammy award-winning group of mavericks striving to bring you audiophile-quality sound at a reasonable price. They do this by innovating in the design department. They think outside the box architecturally to bring out the clear and rich audio. Apart from driver design, they have also invested in premium materials for a hardy construction. Although a surprise entry, it takes away one of the top spots on the most durable earbuds list.

Design and Features

The box of the 1More Triple driver earbuds itself feels premium. The presentation gives you a sense of how meticulous they are with their product. The earphones look ornate and gorgeous. They have aluminum alloy ear pieces. The driver casings are kind of large and bucket-shaped. As the name suggests, it packs triple drivers, hence the bulk. However, 1More makes the design palatable. They look great in your ears. The metal piping extends down the cable for extra protection to that joint.

The cables of these durable earbuds are Kevlar-reinforced against damage. The fact that the same material is used against bullets ought to tell yourself something about its strength. It is tangle-resistant. The cable terminates in a scrawny 3.5mm jack. The earphones are available in black color with either brushed Rose Gold or Titanium finish.

The earbuds come with a very reliable hard case. It’s stylish just like the earbuds. There are 9 sets of eartips included with the pack. The cable has a 3-button remote. This has a universal mic and volume controls for Apple devices.  An airline adapter is also included.


The 1More triple driver earbuds pack two balanced armatures and a single dynamic driver per earpiece. The direct consequence is a full-bodied and dynamic sound. These are one of the best earphones in their price range. The bass has a lot of punch without overstepping the boundaries of the midrange. Not only is it meaty, it has definition. At this price-point, that is a lot to get out of an IEM. Its sound has a rich, buttery decadence that reminds us of the Sennheiser Momentums. This might not be the purest sound, but it’s definitely the more enticing, warm signature.

The bass of these durable earphones does not distort even at the top volumes. The bass is not boosted. It just uses the inherent power of the lows of the song. The high-mids and highs are also precisely done. They match up the warmth and lusciousness of the lower-registers. The sound is much better balanced even if it’s not entirely neutral. The songs are set in a spacious stage. The vocals and instruments stand on their own. Even in bass-heavy songs, the bass is supports the song and gives vocals the stage when needed.


  • Affordable
  • Beautiful body
  • Metal ear pieces and Kevlar-reinforced cables
  • Warm, balanced, enjoyable audio
  • Excellent bass, mids and treble


  • 32Ohm impedance requires slightly more power to be driven


4. Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver

Shure is a name that elicits great love and excitement amongst the audiophiles. The Shure SE-215 earbuds are one of their finest and offer features that no other earphone in this price range has. Do note that the sound is for In-Ear monitoring though. If you are a basshead, you might not find your mojo here. Nevertheless, this has enough durability measures to make it to the most durable headphones list.

Design and Features

Wondering what makes the Shure SE215 so special? Detachable cables! The cable can detach from the ear pieces. This brings modularity to the design. So if the cable dies on you, you can get it replaced. You can even get the ear pieces replaced! The eartips, instead of extending straight from the driver housing, are set on the side of the ear pieces. The way this is designed, the ear pieces themselves play the role of fins and makes the eartips sit in the ears tight. The plug that connects the cable to the ear pieces is covered in flexible plastic in the area that goes around the ears. This gives it more tensile strength against regular bending.

The Y-Joint of the cables simultaneously lends strength and flexibility to the cable movement. The cord terminates in an L-shaped 3.5mm plug. These durable earbuds come with 3 different sizes of silicone eartips and 3 sizes of foam eartips. A handy padded zipped carry case is included. This has a carabiner clip.


One thing that distinctly helps the audio of Shure 215 earphones is their excellent noise-isolating ability. It clears out the space for the Shure’s audiophile quality sound. The bass is punchy. There’s a tiny bit of warmth to it which keeps the sound from sounding surgical. Midrange is clean and articulate. It can resolve the thick mix of instruments for clear sonic details. The highs are smoothened to keep the edge out. The audio signature is designed to be non-fatiguing. You can listen to it for hours without straining your ears.


  • Audiophile-grade neutral sound
  • Detachable cable
  • Excellent noise isolation
  • Classy design with clear ear piece shell


  • The carry case could be of better quality


5. Audiophile Earbuds In-Ear Headphones

The Audiophile earbuds are another one of those lesser-known brands. But we gave them a shot in our search for a durable earphones at a low price. Audiophile brand has put special effort into the sturdiness of the dynamic drivers. They also pack decent audio quality for the casual listeners. They could do with better finishing though. They slid right into the most durable earbuds list.

Design and Features

The Audiophile earbuds have subtle design points that prolong their life. The ear pieces are regular cylindrical casings. They do look a little boxy compared to the other fashion-forward earphones on the most durable earbuds list. The eartips extends straight out of the driver housing. They have the Audiophile logo in gold. The joint between the ear pieces and the cable is safe against gentle yanking.

The cables of these durable earbuds can stand more abuse than the usual inexpensive earphones. The plug has a solid plastic housing which will get through the wear and tear from being dumped in your college bag. They come with 3 different sizes of silicone eartips. They do not have a mic. That’s a shame at this price.


The dual dynamic drivers of the Audiophile earbuds are a catch at this price. The bass performance was deep and moving. There’s a richness to it that we did not expect at this price. Bass did not overstep on the territories of the mids. But you need the right seal for the lower frequencies to really shine through. Some people are simply not able to get that with the stock earbuds. You can use Comply foam eartips for the perfect seal.

The midrange is clean and the highs are crisp. The sound is lively for everyday listening.


  • Good bass
  • Clean, balanced sound
  • Sturdy build


  • No mic or inline remote


6. TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

TaoTronics is a spunky little brand trying to climb the ladder in the earphone market. Since these are still making their name, they cost less than the known brands. They pack Active Noise Cancellation(ANC) feature in a very budget-friendly package. And they have the characteristics of the most durable earphones. Needles to say, these are fit for airplane use and come with an airplane adapter. Just having so much going for them at such a low price buys them a place in the most durable earbuds list.

Design and Features

The TaoTronics Active Noise Cancellation earbuds look petty fancy from a distance. As they get closer, you can see the little signs of cheaper earphones, but we can’t complain. The ear pieces are made out of aluminum alloy. So they are not as prone to damage as the plastic earbuds. The eartips are angled away from the driver casings for a more ergonomic fit. These earphones also come with fins that stick inside the curve of the ear. This gives proper fitment so the earbuds don’t get tugged out of your ears. The joints of the earpieces and the plugs with the cables are properly covered.

These durable earbuds have an inline ANC circuit. This feature can be switched on or off. The control box is not big enough to weigh down your ears. The battery lasts for 15 hours with ANC function on. They work in normal mode without the ANC. These TaoTronics earphones have normal cables. There’s no reinforcement. But these cables do last decently long. There’s a 3-button inline mic for controlling your music playback.

These earphones come with 3 sets of differently-sized ear fins, 3 sets of earbuds, charging cable and an airplane adapter.


The TaoTronics Active Noise Cancellation earbuds are a catch for the price. We were immediately drawn to the ANC functionality. It actually works and cancels out the low-frequency hum. It is not as prodigious as, say the Bose QC20, but it costs only 1/6th. The low-frequency hum is dealt with properly and the ANC also boosts the volume. In the quiet places in the music or between songs, you don’t hear the slight buzzing you hear with Bose QC20. We found the TaoTronics earbuds very useful on our flights and very easy on our pockets.

The bass sounds more substantial with the ANC on. With the right eartips, the bass gets the depth and clarity. The vocals have a good presence. Its balanced audio gives the vocals center stage where the bass might try to overpower it. The soundstage is more intimate. But there’s plenty of space between the instruments. These do not sound muddy, even at their price.


  • Has fully-functional Active Noise Cancellation
  • Balanced sound
  • Has ear fins for great fitment
  • Metal ear pieces


  • Cable is not tangle-friendly


7. V-MODA Zn In-Ear Modern Audiophile Headphones with microphone

V-Moda is scrupulous when designing their earphones. Strength, durability and bold style come naturally to them. The Zn is a pricier, older brother of the Forza Metallo. And it has a very different sound signature. But the guts of steel are all there. With hardy Zinc and Kevlar roped in for construction here, Zn earbuds are hard to defeat. Of course V-Moda offers excellent warranty and service terms. If you are looking for audiophile-level laidback sound and grungy durability, it does not get better than this. V-Moda clinched another top spot on the most durable earphones list.

Design and Features

V-Moda Zn durable earbuds start impressing right from the ear pieces. They use precision Zinc alloy for the driver housing. This is not just aimed at the longevity of the design. It gives the sound an open, relaxing quality. There are gaps in the housing which constitute the V-Port airflow system. This brings in more details from the tracks. There are acoustic filters between the driver and the casing. There are 8 sets of eartips supplied with the pack in XS to L sizes. These include clear eartips which are easily recognizable in size.

The cable of these earbuds is Kevlar-reinforced to be 20 times stronger than the industry-standard of earphones. The diamondback design of the V-Moda cables is distinctive. These are actually tangle-free too. The cable terminates in a 45-degree plug. Like Forza Metallo, these are prepped to be bent 60,000+ times. The cable sleeve extends down quite a bit for strain relief. These earphones are available in two models. One has a 3-button inline control that works with all iPhone devices. The other one has a 1-button inline remote for Android.

Another cool accessory with Zn earbuds is a pair of detachable ActiveFlex earhooks. Once these are attached, they shape the cable over the ears. This relieves strain on them when you are running with these on. These come in multiple sizes. When you work out, it’s also advisable to use the shirt clip supplied with the pack. The Batman carry pouch is in the pack as well.


If the Forza Metallo earbuds have the bass power, the Zn earbuds are much more toned with grace. The neutral sound signature creates an open transparent sound. The purists will respond better to the Zn than the Forza Metallo. This has the clearer audio in the mid-centric genres. The bass hits deeper but it’s not as weighty as the Forza Metallo. They are laidback on the whole, but they sound livelier than the Metallo. We found the bass to be just enough to match up to the full-sized headphones.

These durable earbuds have feisty performance in the highs as well. The treble extension is good. The upper frequencies have an airiness that makes them brighter than the Metallo. The bass and the highs match up in their energy. The high mids are the only region that need a little improvement. A tad more clarity and bite in the high mids can balance the sound out.

If you are the kind who spends conscientiously on earphones, you should wait for the online deals. There are more neutral earphones in the same price range. It comes down to understanding which sound signature you prefer.


  • Metal ear pieces and Kevlar-reinforced cables
  • Relatively neutral, full-bodied sound
  • Deep and tight bass
  • Great bunch of accessories


  • High mids need more clarity


8. Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Apart from regular use, another main purpose for which people favor durable earbuds is for gymming and jogging. When you are pumping irons, your favorite music can be your motivating partner. The Photive BTE70 wireless Bluetooth earbuds could be that friend that inspires you to put in the work every day. Their sweatproof build is primed to take the stress of your physical workout. Affordability too is the strong suit of these earbuds, hence their place in the most durable earbuds list.

Design and Features

The Photive BTE70 wireless Bluetooth earbuds consist of two earbuds connected by the wire. These connect to the playback devices solely by Bluetooth connection. The ear pieces sit flat on the ears. They are held in place by ear hooks. These do not tug the ears but they fit securely. So you can run, skip or do pushups without displacing these earbuds.

The buttons for operating these Bluetooth earbuds are placed on the left ear piece. Once you get used to their position, you will be able to operate them in the blind. These durable earbuds support Bluetooth 4.0 with AptX. They can chug out a life of 6 hours between charges. These kinds of headphones will work well with the iPhone 7 because of its lack of headphone port.


Since the BTE70 earbuds are directed at winning over the fitness fanatics, bass gets a major push here. There’s enough bass to put the music ahead of grunting noises in the gym. Even at low volumes, the music does not thin out. The mids and highs have decent clarity. The highs are smooth, not overly bright. There is no distortion at high volumes.


  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Sweatproof design
  • Affordable
  • Earhooks for proper fitment
  • Punchy bass


  • Buttons are difficult to resolve initially


9. Jayfi JA40 Earphones

The Jayfi JA40 earphones belong to the affordable group of durable earbuds. They go the whole way with metal housings and what not. They have a confidence-inducing design too.  The accessories here are a good haul. The audio is quite enjoyable for this area of the price spectrum. The casual listeners will like the added durability. At their price, these make some of the best durable earbuds.

Design and Features

The Jayfi JA40 earbuds have a design that defies their price. The earpieces are done in curvy smooth CNC aluminum alloy. The metal casing extends some way over the connecting cable. This eliminates the chances of ripping the cable off the ear pieces even with a hearty tug. The eartips extend straight from the driver casing. The cable looks thicker than the body of the usual earbuds.

The Y-junction of the cable has a chrome plated handle too. The cord terminates in a 45-degree plug. This reduces strain from the typical connecting position of the earphone plugs. There is an inline single-button remote. The earbuds are shipped with 3 additional pairs of silicone eartips and a shirt clip. The eartips provide a nice seal and keep them from being tugged out.


The JA40 durable earphones stand head and shoulder above the dirt cheap earbuds. They aren’t world-class earphones though. But they show surprising maturity in the audio. The bass has great oomph to it. It does not extend as much as the high-end earbuds. The sound is laidback and interesting. There is a warm touch to the sound which colors all your songs enjoyable.

The midrange and highs are clean.  They are not muddied by the overpowering bass.


  • Clean, balanced audio
  • Oomphy bass
  • Metal ear pieces and hardy cords


  • Inline button does not change tracks or volume


10. Panasonic drops360° Premium In-Ear Stereo Headphones

Panasonic has a way of throwing excellent headphones at you at crazy low prices.  The drops360° earbuds give you an excellent deal for the price. Audio-wise they do great for the casual listener. Audiophile might want to move up the price ladder. Even at their budget-oriented price, they have all the characteristics that make an earphone reliable. Such features are hard to come by at this price. We loved them so much that we dropped them right into the most durable earbuds list.

Design and Features

The ear pieces of the Panasonic drops360° earbuds are designed to sit securely in the ears. They have a longer audio port compared to other earphones which gives very good noise isolation. These are aluminum ear pieces that can potentially take the rough use you put them through every day. These are coupled with eartips in S, M and L sizes. Selecting the best-fitting tips gives you the best audio performance.

These durable earbuds use high-grade cylindrical cable. They join to the ear pieces through a long sleeve so the connection will not be destroyed by usual tugging. There is an inline control with a single button. The button is used for Play/pause and volume control. The button works with both Apple and Android devices. The cable culminates in an L-shaped plug. This reduces the strain on the plug when the device is in your pocket.

The drops360° earbuds are available in red, blue or silver combination with black. They look quite fancy.  A soft carry pouch is part of the package.


The Panasonic drops360° durable earphone is agreeably priced.  Its audio is something that a casual listener will appreciate. With the right kind of eartips, the bass has a nice body. It’s not tinny like cheaper headphones. The bass is taut and does not bleed into the mids. We found it to have good control for the price. It is also deeper than what we expect of IEMs at this price.

The vocals sound clear and have a presence over the bass. The highs are smooth. They aren’t very bright though. The mic has some echo but it’s usable. We wish it had a little more clarity though. To an untrained ear, the overall sound signature is clean and balanced. The audiophiles might nitpick more about it. The bass performance is totally dependent on the eartip fitment.


  • Budget-oriented
  • Clean and natural sound
  • Punchy bass
  • Metal ear pieces and high-grade cable


  • Mic performance could be better


11. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear earphones

Sennheiser Momentum over-ear headphones are legendary in their circles for their warm, delicious sound. The in-ear Momentum earbuds are prodigious in their own right. Since these are moderately-priced IEMs, you will end up handling them well anyway. There’s some metal in the construction and the cables are flat and sturdy. They come with a complete kit of useful accessories and the renowned Sennheiser sound. All the more reason to get them on the most durable earbuds list.

Design and Features

The Sennheiser Momentum in-ear headphones seemingly have plastic-only ear pieces. But the IEMs have a custom-machined stainless steel housing. This keeps them safe from the inadvertent shocks that earbuds often face. The cable joined to the earpieces is run through a loop which relieves the strain in them when you yank them off the ears. The cable runs a compromise between flat and cylindrical in what is a very robust construction.

The cable has an inline remote with 3 buttons. You have either the Android version or the Apple version. The mic is of excellent quality, both physically and sonically. These durable earbuds come in a zipped semi-hard carry case and a plastic wrap-around tray for the cables. This tray helps with cable management and adds years to the earphone’s life. The plug is angled for minimal shock impact. Multiple sets of eartips, including a triple-flanged set is included in the pack.


The Sennheiser Momentum in-ear headphones do not line up with the typical Momentum sound. They sound energetic and brighter than the laidback, warm over-ear Momentums. If you listen to mid-centric songs and the vigorous genres, these can kick up the excitement a notch. The top frequencies have that spicy quality that many audiophiles like.

As more and more IEMs lean towards bass in the market, Momentums IEMs offer a respite. That being said, their bass is right on line. It has the oomphy quality that supports its clean and highly detailed midrange.


  • Balanced, exciting audio
  • Steel post in the ear pieces
  • Cable management tray and a zipped hard case
  • 3-button inline control and mic


  • Bright highs may not be for everyone


12. Tweedz Tangle-free Noise Isolating Ear Buds Earphones

It could be the case that the ear pieces aren’t the weakest link in your process of handling the earphones. Cables, the otherwise tangly annoying mess, are what make the Tweedz earphones a hoot. They have used some special characteristics to get the cable to behave. It lies in the affordable price range. The only downside in the previous version of Tweedz was the lack of a mic. However, the latest and updated version of Tweedz earbuds now come with a mic! So you can now take calls whilst you’re on the go!

Design and Features

The highlight of the Tweedz tangle-free durable earbuds is their braided cord. This Nylon cord can retain its shape. You can wrap the wires around your fingers and dunk it in your bag. It will emerge back untangled and in the same shape. A runner on the wire allows you to adjust the length of the Y part. The joints and the terminating 3.5mm plug are both study and beefy.

The ear pieces of these earbuds are plastic. But they are small in size. So you can wear them and sleep on your side without busting them or creating pressure on your ears. The joints of the ear pieces and the cable are suitably covered against possible damage. We found blue and red colors of the Tweedz earbuds. The cable has a funky pattern.

We had hoped that we could see a mic too at this price.


The main advantage of the Tweedz durable earbuds is that they give the ears a good seal. This gives you enough bass punch in all genres. The bass is not overpowering. It toes the line where midrange is involved. The vocals and instruments have good clarity. These are suited for all genres for casual listening.


  • Braided cable
  • Tough joints
  • Small ear pieces can be worn while sleeping
  • Affordable
  • Extra long cable: 51 inches


  • Sporty look not ideal for people who a looking for earbuds with a classy design, but great for those who are after durable earbuds for everyday use


13. JLab Audio J4M Heavy Bass Rugged Metal In-Ear Headphones

We have already covered the best JLab Audio earphones. They are not yet well-known in the market but JLab delivers. Their J4M is one of their older models. It looks chunky but that contributes to its health. These are affordable earphones and come with a fair bunch of accessories to go. We saw potential in them so we raced them right into our most durable earbuds list.

Design and Features

The JLab Audio J4 earbuds have aluminum ear pieces.  The beefy construction also induces fear in any surface that comes in contact with them. The Kevlar-reinforced cable are angled at 45-degree from the ear pieces instead of 90 degrees. The pack includes 7 sizes of eartips. The cable is much tougher than the usual earphone cables. Both sides of the cable join at a bulky Y-plug.

The cable of these durable earbuds terminates in a very beefy plug casing. It comes with an unnaturally shiny zipped pouch. These models are available in gun metal, purple and red colors. We expected a mic or inline remote control at this price.


The J4 JLab earbuds have a punchy audio that can school many headphones double the price. The bass comes in oodles. But the bass-bump has been carefully executed. It does not muddy the mids or hamper the vocals. With classical music, you can hear the instruments clearly. The treble might seem a little inconsistent with different tracks. You should let the J4 stew for a burn-in for a few hours once you get them. As you keep using them you find that the kinks in treble smoothen out.

Overall, J4 sounds balanced with a solid low-end with no issues of distortion at high volume. The call quality through the mic was excellent.


  • Aluminum build and Kevlar-reinforced cable
  • Big bass, balanced audio
  • Comes with case, shirt clip and 7 sizes of eartips


  • No volume control buttons


14. GGMM Nightingale Deep Heavy Bass In-Ear Noise-Isolating Earbuds

GGMM Nightingale sure do have a name to remember. But once we put them on, we found that they gave a memorable performance too. These are relatively inexpensive earbuds. They still managed to use aluminum in their construction and stay strong. They still have their perks like inline remote control and trippy colors. These are not JBLs or Skullcandys but they offer much more value for the price. That’s the kind of math that lands them in the most durable earbuds list.

Design and Features

The GGMM Nightingale earbuds look much expensive than their actual price. The earpieces, the Y-Joint, the mic and the plug are all done in graphite metal color. The cord is in a poppy contrast red. There’s another model which has dull gold embellishments and stark black cable. The ear pieces are done in aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. So they can stand the test of time.  The cable sleeve at the joint does not have great extension. But people haven’t had a problem with the joint falling apart. There’s a metal cylinder at Y-joint of the cable as well.

The cable of these durable earbuds ends in a straight jack. The plug has a metal body which keeps it strong against stress from other devices. There’s an inline remote control with mic. The single button can be used for Play/Pause and track navigation with portable music playback devices. GGMM brings on its A-game for the price.


We did not expect the world out of the GGMM Nightingale earbuds. But we were pleasantly surprised with the performance. The bass has a taut presence. Most earphones in this price range tend to boost the bass unnaturally high. This muddies the deal for the other parts of the frequency. The bassheads might require a little more bass than the GGMM can offer.

Since there was no issue of bass bleed with these earbuds, the midrange got its space. The vocals were not drowned out by the beats. The highs sounded crisp but not overly bright. For a casual everyday listener, this is big bang for the bucks.


  • Good-looking earphone
  • Metal earpieces
  • Clean and mature sound
  • Balanced audio


  • The cords could be thicker


15. iLuv City Lights by iLuv – Deep Bass In-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Earphones

The iLuv City Lights earbuds are incredibly cool-looking earphones. And they are rather budget-friendly too. These petty things are available in 10 different colors.  It does help that they have metal casing and really thick cords. The audio performance is great enough for your everyday use. These were so snazzy, they lit up their way right into the most durable earbuds list.

Design and Features

The model we picked up was the metallic silver one. These looked elegant in spite of their price. The metal housing of the ear pieces has a dull muted tone. The joint of the ear pieces and the cable is secured by a long sleeve. This takes the strain from moving around with the earphones on. The cables are the flat non-tangling kind. The cord terminates in a straight 3.5mm plug. Its metal housing will also not fail against banging across your desk.

These durable earbuds are available in a simple or with-mic model. The latter has a single-button remote. Three sizes of eartips are shipped along with them.


The iLuv City Lights earbuds have exceptional bass response for the price. They have agreeable definition. So these IEMs sound full-bodied. The rich and dynamic sound tricked us into thinking they were much more expensive. These have the same kind of sound signature that you would expect out of a Beats earphone.

The bass boost is in the mid-bass area so it does not get boomy or completely take away the clarity of the mids. You can always EQ out the bass bump though. The midrange and highs are clean and airy. There are better earphones in the market, but these sure are the most durable earbuds in their price range.


  • Inexpensive
  • Metal driver casing and sturdy chord
  • Weighty bass
  • Warm sound


  • None

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