The Best Motorcycle Helmet Headphones IN 2019 – Complete Guide

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Motorcycle helmet headsets will keep you from getting lonely inside your lid. Say you spend a large part on your life on the commute, to and from work, or simply like to hit the road and discover yourself. A motorcycle helmet headset will be an unassertive companion. It will play music, allow you to talk to your loved ones on the fly and even read you GPS navigation directions from your phone. These headsets are trickiest to design because of the formidable enemy they have to battle: wind noise. If you have a leaky helmet, the burden falls on your motorcycle headset to phase noise out of the audio, both incoming and outgoing. Are you wondering what else the best motorcycle helmet headphones on our list can do?


• Wireless connectivity: Most of the motorcycle headsets are Bluetooth enabled, simply because they eliminate the wire tugging and microphonics. The manufacturers compete to build unimpaired wireless connectivity that can last over long distances and periods.

• Intercom facility: Almost all the motorcycle Bluetooth headsets we covered offer intercom facilities to connect with passenger or fellow riders. Not only that substantiates the thrill of travelling with your best buds, you can also use the headsets to alert them about the occasional good-looking pedestrian.

• Noise reduction: All motorcycle headsets have mechanisms to control the engine and wind noise that creeps into your helmet. So regardless of your helmet quality, the audio from your smartphone or mp3 player will sound high and clear to you if played through the headset.

• Add-on Advantage: These motorcycle helmet headsets can add the audio capability to your existing helmet. Otherwise you have to shell out big greenbacks for a new Bluetooth integrated lid. Such helmets, with present technology, have not been able to pack as many features as the headsets.

There are many headsets for motorcycling out there, but we’ve researched and found the top 10 best, which tick all the boxes in terms of quality, durability and additional features.


 1. Sena 20S-01D Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System with HD Audio and Advanced Noise Control $$ 4.6
 2. Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom $$  4.6
 3. UCLEAR HBC100 PLUS Sports Helmet Communicator Bluetooth Headset $$  4.3
 4. Sena SMH5-02 Low-Profile Motorcycle and Scooter Bluetooth Headset $$ 4.3 
 5. Buyee® Bt Interphone Bluetooth Motorbike Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset
 $$ 4.2 
 6. Sena Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom $$ 4.2 
 7. Cardo Systems Inc Packtalk (Single) Scala Rider Bluetooth Communication Head Set $$ 4.0 
 8. Scala Rider G9x Powerset SRPSX002 $$ 4.0 
 9. Tork X2 Stereo Motorcycle Helmet Speakers with Volume Control $$  3.8
 10. GBGS WEIKAN Bluetooth Helmet Headset $$ 3.8 

1. Sena 20S-01D Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System with HD Audio and Advanced Noise Control

Best Motorcycle Helmet HeadphonesSena is the crème de la crèmeof motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. The true force of technology is felt when you put on a Sena 20S headset- audio, features, accessories, range- Sena can blow your mind away. Mind you, it costs big bucks but rest assured, even at the high price it is big bang for bucks.

Sena 20S motorcycle Bluetooth is accompanied by a clamp to fix it to the side of the helmet. If that doesn’t work for your lid, they pack an adhesive mount as well. It takes the best of 2-3 minutes to set up the headset. It constitutes a main Bluetooth unit with the controls and antenna, a mic with boom and two wafer thin speakers. Apart from the static boom microphone, there a wired boom mic and a wired mic in the box. The wired mic assembly can be routed completely inside the helmet eliminating all wind interaction. Apart from this, there’s a whole bunch of spare accessories inside including wind socks for mic, cigarette charger and speaker pads. Sena 20S uses Bluetooth 4.1 to connect to your smartphone, mp3 player etc..It also facilitates 8-way intercom with a line-of-sight range of 2 km and approximately 1 km in urban area. The audio quality will impress even an audiophile. Microphone does an excellent job of removing wind noise. While there’s a riot inside your helmet, the caller on the other end will not hear any of that bedlam and you can have a conversation at normal volume even if your instinct is to shout.Another cool feature is the audio multitasking which allows you to get audio from two sources at once. You can listen to music while intercom is on. This way you can enjoy the songs but be alerted by a fellow rider talking without switching audio. Controls are very easy to discover on the main unit of this motorcycle Bluetooth headset. They have an ambient mode button which will bring to life an external mic to help you hear what’s going on outside your brain bucket. Voice control can be activated by simply saying “Hello Sena” into the headset. You can save intercom members under new names and saying the intercom number will enable you to talk to the designated person.

Sena 20S motorcycle headset has much more to offer as we haven’t scraped till the bottom of features barrel here. Wild horses cannot keep it out of the best motorcycle helmet headphones list.

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2. Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom

Best Motorcycle Helmet HeadphonesSena already had a great set in the market when it unleashed 20S. Sena SMH10 motorcycle Bluetooth headset has the same impressive spec but with slight changes in ranges and figures. Moreover, these are more affordable for the signature Sena quality that they offer. They redefine seamless Bluetooth experience. Even on a bad day, they will easily make it to the best motorcycle helmet headphones list.

Bluetooth 3.0 lends this motorcycle Bluetooth headset its wireless connectivity. It also provides the framework for intercom for up to 4 participants. Sena SMH10 boasts of a Bluetooth tether of 900m which may drop to around 600m in an urban locale. You can pick calls by speaking into the phone or pressing a button. You can even connect non Bluetooth-enabled devices through a 3.5mm jack to the port in the main unit. Audio sounds immersive from the scraggy speakers. Sena pulls a fantastic mic job again. Callers on the other end will not be able to tell that you are calling on the fly, even at highway speeds. SMH10motorcycle headset saves individual volume profiles for different audio sources like music, call, GPS directions. It automatically switches to the assigned volume when the sources switch. All the functions are handled by a button encased in a jog dial on the main unit. There is a boom mic that connects to this unit and speakers that can be stuck inside the helmet. SMH10 can get through 12 hours of talk time and 10 days standby on a single charge. Clamp, various kinds of audio cable with and without coils, mic wind shield and speaker pads form part of the box.

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3. UCLEAR HBC100 PLUS Sports Helmet Communicator Bluetooth Headset

Best Motorcycle Helmet HeadphonesUClear HBC100 is a great motorcycle Bluetooth headset for full-faced, open-faced and modular lids. With active noise cancellation and precise wireless connectivity mechanism, this headset makes a strong impression on the motorcycle helmet communication market.

UClear HBC100 motorcycle Bluetooth headset sports a boomless mic i.e. the mic is internally built into the speakers. Thus there is no heavy accessory hanging from the side of your helmet. The speakers are a tad thicker as the result, but not enough to cause any discomfort. Noise cancelling and patented technology lets you hold clear conversation in spite of wind rocking and whistling inside your helmet. Without the mic attachment, it becomes infinitely easier to mount the helmet communication system assembly. Bluetooth allows you to connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This headset can hold 4 way full duplex intercom at a range of 500m wirelessly. Pairing with other devices is a one step process. All the functionalities are controlled by three, very accessible buttons on the main unit. The unit reconnects automatically if the connection has dropped. UClear claims that these motorcycle headsets are heat, water and cold resistant. They can be easily fit into the helmets of other adventure sports as well. Audio quality forms huge part of HBC100’s success. You will find it to be loud enough over the mayhem of the highway.

UClear HBC100 Plus motorcycle Bluetooth headset is a hi-tech system with some extra thought put into the design. It makes it to more lists than just our best motorcycle helmet headphones list.

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4. Sena SMH5-02 Low-Profile Motorcycle and Scooter Bluetooth Headset

Best Motorcycle Helmet HeadphonesSena SMH5 belongs to the prodigious line of flawless motorcycle Bluetooth headset that totally wowed us. But this one is a budget-oriented headset. It has been stripped down of high-end features that might be too sophisticated for your simple requirement. It is a great accoutrement to have if you are just stepping into helmet communication domain.

SMH5 motorcycle Bluetooth 3.0 helmet has a main clamp unit with a Jog dial-cum-button to handle all the functions. A detachable boom mic and petite speakers on wires descend from this unit. Installation is a breeze because of the straightforward design. It also comes with a sticky mount.The Bluetooth unit is much smaller and lighter than SMH10 but still maintains the tactile advantage over controls. Intercom can be used with 4 other riders and has a range of 400m, one-to-one at a time. Universal Intercom protocol enables Sena SMH5 to connect with motorcycle Bluetooth headsets of other brands. Battery charge can hold up 8 hours in one go. The unit can be unmounted from the clamp quickly for charging. A cigarette charger adapter comes with the box. Audio quality is pretty clear though it will not parallel the more expensive SMH10. This helmet headset is water resistant. As usual, it is accompanied by a bunch of peripherals that will make your life on the highway very easy.

Sena SMH5 motorcycle Bluetooth headset perseveres to continue the legacy of effortless wireless connection. Any best motorcycle helmet headphones list would be amiss without covering this simple yet elegant device.

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5. Buyee® Bt Interphone Bluetooth Motorbike Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset

Best Motorcycle Helmet HeadphonesIf you are looking for nothing fancy, a regular helmet audio system that can go with different types of helmets, then Buyee InterPhone Bluetooth motorcycle headset will do for you. Easy installation and low price make for a great product that can get in on our best motorcycle helmet headphones list.

Buyee Interphone motorcycle Bluetooth headset has a main unit and speakers and boomed microphone connected to it. Bluetooth enables it to connect to cell phones, mp3 players and other such headsets. It offers an intercom facility with a range of up to 800m. 3 people can participate in this feature but conversation will take place only between 2 at a time. Bluetooth functions for 8 hours on a single charge or 6 hours on intercom with 300 hours standby. The controls allow you to answer or reject a call, redial the last call or even auto-receive a call. Volume and track navigation options are available. Speakers have Velcro at the back that can be used to stick them to the recesses near your ears. Buyee claims that this motorcycle headset is robust to survive through all kinds of weathers. Audio quality exceeds expectations from the price. They sound loud and crisp though they cannot rival the more pricey headsets. Buyee Interphone wireless headset wins brownie points for the job well done.

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6. Sena Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom

Best Motorcycle Helmet HeadphonesIt’s hard to keep Sena away from our best motorcycle helmet headphones list. It again surprises us with the SMH10R motorcycle Bluetooth headset also marketed as Sena’s ‘low profile headset’. It is SMH10-10’s funkier cousin that has been toned for a more aerodynamic design. The looks have been revamped and the beef has been taken out of SMH10 in 10R.

Sena SMH10R motorcycle headset has separated the battery from the main unit. The battery wire can be routed to the back of the helmet. Instead of mounting clamps, the Bluetooth unit connects with an adhesive or Velcro. You can pick between a boom or a flat microphone based on your helmet liner and comfort. Control unit has a main button and two navigation buttons.Voice prompts in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish assist in getting things done on the SMH10R. Alert tones are sounded to inform you of low battery and successful connection. Bluetooth 3.0 is used to communicate wirelessly to other devices. The same provides intercom with maximum three other people. The range is 900m on this functionality, same as SMH10-10. Audio quality is certainly high profile on this low profile motorcycle Bluetooth headset. All incoming and outgoing sound is crystal clear and music sounds as top notch as it can with the scrawny speakers. Noise cancellation and reduction are handled by a built-in codec which supports the quality sound output. Battery coughs out 10 hours talk time on a mere 2.5 hour charge.Cigarette charger comes in the tin with this motorcycle headset.

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7. Cardo Systems Inc Packtalk (Single) Scala Rider Bluetooth Communication Head Set

Best Motorcycle Helmet HeadphonesCardo System brings us the pricey yet blingy motorcycle Bluetooth headset in Packtalk. It gets its name from the multi-participant intercom facility that it caters to its users. If you like to ride as a pack with veterans who want to get rowdy and noobs who need direction, this can be your perfect toy for keeping connected.

Cardo Systems Packtalk motorcycle headset has a sleek design. Its USP is the full-duplex intercom that allows many-to-many conference which maxes out with 15 riders in the new model. It is the first headset to utilize Dynamic Meshwork Communication (DMC), a wireless VPN to cover the motorcyclists. Riders can move in and out of the network without compromising its performance for the others. It gives you 1km range for bike-to-bike communication and up to 5 km for more than 4 participants. The Bluetooth unit has three buttons, one each for audio, intercom and call features. It has roller wheel which is easy to operate with gloved hands. This unit can be loaded on to the helmet with a new mounting system that does not require screws. A voice command system gives you leeway to perform many operations hands-free. Packtalk intercom allows you to share music with fellow goons. FM radio functionpicks up stations quick and easy. Audio quality lives up to its price during intercom and DMC. However music may sound just as normal as the other motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. Battery charge rating is 13 hours per charge cycle of 4 hours.

There is a lot going on with Cardo scala rider Packtalk motorcycle headset. To discuss all its features is beyond the scope of a single post. So in spite of being dear, this hi-tech peripheral ends up in our best motorcycle helmet headphones list.

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8. Scala Rider G9x Powerset SRPSX002

Best Motorcycle Helmet HeadphonesScala Rider won us over with by building G9xmotorcycle Bluetooth headset around small convenience features that make you wonder how you got on without them till you used them. This in-depth analysis on Scala Rider’s part shows that both riders and engineers have colluded to create the design of G9. That kind of dedication brings it to the special notice of our best motorcycle helmet headphones list.

Scala G9x motorcycle Bluetooth headset uses Bluetooth to drive its main feature, the intercom. Intercom will serve a group of nine motorcyclists with up to four people being able converse full-duplex at a time. The range of bike-to-bike intercom is 1 km in open terrain. It is built for motorcycle club kind of groups who like to decipher the meaning of life on the road. Pairing the headsets in a hurry has also been made easy with flash pairing- thump two G9 headsets with each other and they get connected- very primitive but very effective, we say. Click-to-link feature allows you to connect with another rider who is in proximity without any pre-pairing setup. A group signal facility allows a rider to send mass signals to maximum 8 other riders simultaneously, extremely useful to pass along any message about an oncoming danger. Vocal commands can perform a number of operations in this motorcycle Bluetooth headset, leaving your hands free to navigate through the traffic. A caller on the cellphone can be conferenced with a passenger on the intercom. FM Radio function lets you tune into local radio stations. Scala Rider G9x is waterproof and dust resistant for rough use.

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9. Tork X2 Stereo Motorcycle Helmet Speakers with Volume Control

Best Motorcycle Helmet HeadphonesTork X2 is a reasonably priced helmet speaker arrangement that can either be used as such as a wired motorcycle headset or it can be plugged into a motorcycle Bluetooth headset as a replacement speaker. This lends some versatility to its use which can be exploited if you have a wireless headset. If the speakers of Tork X2 are placed correctly they will give you great audio and kicking bass, which is rare for motorcycle headsets.

Tork X2 helmet speakers have two components: a set of speakers connected to 3.5mm jack and a female-to-male audio cable with 3.5 mm jack. The latter also has an inline control with volume wheel. Many Sena headsets can be boosted with the speaker part of these headphones. Otherwise you can stick the very thin speaker pad inside the helmet using Velcro or sew them exactly where your ears touch the helmet. And you can connect them via the cable to your smartphone, mp3 player or any other audio device. Volume stays loud enough to hear over engine and outside noise provided the speakers are placed correctly. Female-to-male audio cable is coiled near the jack to prevent sudden unplugging from your connected device.

Tork X2 Stereo motorcycle helmet speakers realize a simple concept. Consumer friendliness is something we always appreciate in one of our best motorcycle helmet headphones list.

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10. GBGS WEIKAN Bluetooth Helmet Headset

Best Motorcycle Helmet HeadphonesGBGS Weiken is a full-fledged motorcycle Bluetooth headset that costs a fraction of its competitors. It’s no Adele but it will sound sweet even when you are racing down the highway at 80 mph. The Bluetooth pairing mechanism is a little buggy but the cost more than makes up for the hitch in the features. Weiken can be installed in helmets for other powersports as well.

GBGS Weiken motorcycle headset uses Bluetooth to connect to all sorts of audio devices. The same technology allows it to connect up to 6 people over an intercom and provide one-to-one two-way communication at a range of 500m. You can share music over the intercom. You can route music, GPS navigation directions and calls to this headset.Audio is cleaned up by a noise reduction technology that works on both input and output sound. The gruntwork of this system is evident when you find that the caller on the other end can hear you clear as a sunny day while you are gunning at top speed. Battery stays on for 8 hours talk time per charge and 150 hours standby. The lightweight main unit of this motorcycle Bluetooth headset has 9 buttons with an individual button for easy access to each intercom participant. Volume management is also via the additional buttons. Speakers with Velcro pads, camp and charging cable come with the box.

GBGS Weiken is the best you can get in this price range in the market. Any problems that you have with the product will be resolved speedily by the seller. The efficient customer care is definite sign of one of the best motorcycle helmet headphones.

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