Mpow H10 Headphones – Complete Review

The (2019 Edition) have been designed and constructed to block out outside noises which are a big bother while listening to music or attending a phone call. Mpow has till now soldMpow H10 Headphones over 12 million headphones, and this new 2019 Edition is also very popular with people who love to listen to music on the go and who want to concentrate on their headphone audio without getting disturbed by outside sounds. The headphones can lower the noise levels from outside by up to 32 dB. This allows for perfect concentration on the headphone audio for a great and enjoyable music listening experience with a lot of music detail or for answering calls. The headphones carry a 2-year limited warranty against materials and workmanship.


These headphones have been designed with 90° swiveling ear cups, and the headband in these headphones is also adjustable. These have been designed to allow them to deliver a versatile and flexible use for the different demands related to different individuals. Regardless of where they are used, the smashing audio always accompanies the individual. These headphones are lightweight and are also collapsible. This feature saves a lot of storage space, and these are very easy to carry. They allow for an undisturbed and enjoyable musk experience.

The headphones boast a very decent and elegant over the ears, closed-back design. They are also quite comfortable and are a great fit for average and large heads; however, they might appear to be big for small heads. The design is an over-ear design, and therefore, the sound isolation is quite good; however, they might not be the perfect choice for sports and similar fast movement demanding activities. The ear cups are quite dense, and the padding on these is quite good. There is adequate padding on the headband as well. As far as the availability of colors is concerned, these headphones are available in only two dark colors and sky grey.


The headphones have been tailor-made for comfort, and they can be worn throughout the day with feeling any discomfort or unease. The padding on the headband and the ear cups ensures all-day wearing without any issues. The headband does not clamp down hard on the head and does not cause pains or aches. The clamping Mpow H10 Headphonesforce is quite manageable is adequate to ensure a perfect and snug fit but soft enough to allow for comfort for long hours of listening to music or playing games, etc. The protein ear pads are enlarged and quite soft and enable a fully-wrapped comfortable experience. The ease of wearing these headphones is facilitated further by the 90° rotatable ear pads.

The comfort level provided by these headphones is very useful for people who like to listen to music while studying or doing some other work. They can simply put on these headphones and continue with their work for hours on end. Watching movies, TV shows, and listening to music for long hours with the ability to attend to telephone calls in between offs a very convenient and comfortable way to spend one’s day at home, in the dorm or at the campus. The headphones stay on the ears snugly and do not fall off during ordinary movements around the house.

Active Noise Cancelation

The Mpow H10 Headphones boast Active Noise Cancelation technology which cuts the outside noise up to 32 dB. This allows for a higher level of concentration on the details in the music or on the headphone audio. This serves as a great benefit during the telephonic conversation as well. If the headphones are being used in a noisy or busy area, the telephone conversation would still be easy. The use of these headphones in buses, subways, and the plane is highly recommended for this reason. Active Noise cancelation technology employs Total Noise Elimination (TNE) techniques to generate an inverse signal equal to the noise amplitude and simply cancels it off. Thus, the noise is not heard, and the headphone audio becomes audible, or the telephonic conversation is easily carried out. The headphones are good when it comes to noise isolation as well. They can easily block out low frequency sounds like the roar of the plane engines as well as those of the buses and traffic noises. As such, they are ideal for commuting purposes.

It is noteworthy to mention here that the Active Noise Cancelation technology only works when the onboard battery has at least some charge left in it. The headphones connect via both Bluetooth wirelessly and can be used via an audio cable as well. In case, the battery is discharged, the headphones would run with the power being sourced from the music or audio device, but as the battery is no longer operating, the Active Noise cancelation technology would not work. Therefore, to avail this technology at all times, the battery should Mpow H10 Headphonesalways have at least some charge.

Audio Performance

The Mpow H10 Headphones have got powerful, warm, and rich sound. They employ 40 mm large-aperture drivers, which allow for a very powerful and crisp sound. The bass is deep, and the treble is of high-quality. The bass is flawless, and the headphones sound quite good for all types of music genres. The H10 perform great on bass and offer an even and flat response throughout the range. The Low-Frequency Extension (LFE) is 11 Hz which is considered quite good. The mid-bass and high-bass are even a bit overemphasized. Thus, the kick of the drums and the punch of the bass guitars are accentuated as well. The headphones are very good in reproducing the bass as it carries just the right amount of body and thump. The mid-range sounds are fairly good as well as the response in this range is also quite even. The headphones give a good treble or high-frequency performance as well. Like the bass and the mid-range, the response is quite flat in the entire range.  This leads to leads and vocals getting their details reproduced accurately. These headphones have got a very low latency as compared to many other wireless Bluetooth headphones in the market. This serves well while watching a TV show or a video.

The frequency response of these headphones is consistent and quite good. When the headphones reproduce bass sounds, it utilizes the Active Noise Cancelation technology (ANC) to check for seal. It also ensures that the bass is delivered aptly. In the treble range of sounds, the headphones allow for a maximum deviation of 5 dB.  This is considered quite good in terms of specifications. It is important to note here that the way the headphones are positioned on the head might also have a slight effect on how good the tribe range is delivered in the output sound. The headphones do not leak any sound at low or mid-volume levels, but at very high volumes, there could be leakage of sound to people in close vicinity.


The headphones boast dual wired as well as wireless connectivity. The wireless connectivity is enabled via Bluetooth, and the headphones can connect to any smart device, which is Bluetooth enabled. The headphones employ the new and upgraded stellar CSR 8635 chip for wireless Bluetooth connectivity.  These headphones can establish a very quick connection with smart devices this way, and the connection is very stable. It allows for very clear and crisp audio reproduction as well. The deep and rich bass is felt with all its clarity and Mpow H10 Headphonesdynamics and provides a highly immersive music experience. In case,  the headphones are not charged, they can get power from the music source using the audio cable, however, as mentioned earlier, this would force the Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) to stop working.


These headphones have for dual microphones to allow for hands-free calling experience and in combination with the built-in CVC 6.0 noise-canceling in these microphones, the calls are clear, and the conversation is comprehensible. The control buttons for controlling the calls is located very conveniently on the ear cups, and these are very easy to operate. The control buttons also allow for playing and pausing the music as well as easing or lowering the volume and changing tracks. The call answer or hang-up controls are provided in these as well.


The Mpow H10 headphones have got a battery which allows for a 30-hour playtime on a single charge if the ANC is turned off. The playtime with the ANC feature turned on is 23 hours. This time is more than enough for anyone to use these headphones the entire day. The charging time is just a little more than 2.5 hours. The battery has got a large capacity, and it does not let the sound quality be sacrificed at low charge levels. These headphones allow for a perfect music listening experience as well as telephonic conversations on the go for long hours without any worries that the charge would finish. The headphones provide a standby mode for power saving.

Key Advantages

  • The headphones employ Active Noise Cancelation Technology.
  • The headphones have got a very deep and powerful bass performance.
  • The headphones have got low latency.
  • The headphones are well-padded in the headband and the ear cups.
  • The headphones allow for 30 hours of playtime without ANC.


The Mpow H10 headphones are lightweight, foldable and stylish wireless headphones, which are ideal for every day use, travelling and commuting. Their battery life and playtime of 30 hours is quite impressive, whilst their Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and Bluetooth capabilities are very effective. If you’re looking for a minimalist pair of wireless headphones with active noise cancellation and a strong audio performance without spending a fortune, the Mpow H10 would definitely be a great option.

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