Never out of Tune with Blue Microphones Mo-Fi Powered High-Fidelity Headphones

Have you ever dreamt of having the consistent awesome sound quality when you play your track from one device to another, mobile phone to a tablet? Well, stop dreaming and start believing because Blue has something in store for you. Blue Microphones High-Fidelity headphones are the first ever headphones which deliver real audiophile performance and superb sound quality on every device there is, from laptops and tablets to your phones.

Mo-Fi stands for true mobile high fidelity. The headphones have built-in audiophile amplifier made to perfection and precision which provide a vast dynamic music range to every device you intend to use. They bring the performance of custom-tuned reference monitors closer to your ears. They allow you to hear what really is going on in your mix. The excellent sound isolation allows you to hear each note clearly. With Mo-Fi, you can experience incomparable studio quality on any device making it easy for you to track, mix, and listen to awesome music anytime, anywhere.

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Features of Blue Microphones High-Fidelity Headphones

  • Ultimate design paired with a very comfortable experience

The exterior of Blue’s Mo-Fi is inspired by the sleek appearance of an open-wheeled Formula One race car. It carries the brand’s elegant look without diminishing functionality. Once you put Mo-Fi over your head, you will feel a certain improvement in yourself, making you look and feel more professional than ever. Moreover, the ear cups of are designed surround your ears in a sleek manner.

Although Mo-Fi will remind you a lot of a race car, it does not encourage you to sit uncomfortable small with it like you are inside a car. It is surprisingly very comfortable to use. It has pivoting arms which makes it easy to change the angle of the ear cups. The range of the ear cups can also be extended to a certain height to suit your head perfectly. Aside from this, the ear cups are shaped to fit your ears, and thickly padded so you will feel comfortable even during the long hours of wearing it. On the top of the headband, there is a tension knob which you can use to fine-tune the headphone’s overall fit.

Blue Microphones High-Fidelity headphones is suitable for every casual listener, disc jockey, and other audio professional. Despite using it in long, critical listening hours, the headphones remain ideal for recording, mixing, and mastering tasks. However, if you are the type of person who wears headphones around the neck when not listening to music, you might find Mo-Fi’s bulky design a little bit bothering but you will get used to it.

  • Assured Mo-Fi quality in every beat

Regardless using Mo-Fi as long as 12 hours, the quality of music that you will hear through it never change. The only moment when Mo-Fi will function like a traditional passive headphones is when it has ran out of battery.

Mo-Fi headphones have audiophile amplifiers within which have a remarkable output of 240mW. Its 50mm titanium-reinforced drivers perform with extreme accuracy as well.

When you are listening to music using your iPod, iPhone or some other music player, you will not be able to hear the full dynamic range of the sounds. The devices were not built to send signals strong enough to reach your ear buds. With Mo-Fi, however, everything is different. The integrated amplifier revolutionise the classic headphone design by delivering a stunning output and studio-grade sound no matter what the device may be.

  • All analogue amp modes

Another thing that makes Blue Microphones High-Fidelity headphones with Integrated Audiophile Amplifier overwhelming is its three (3) all-analogue amp controls.

  • On

This control activates the internal amplifier. Before switching this on, make sure to lower your volume to protect yourself from the air which the headphones push as the music goes. Mo-Fi can let you listen into every beat of the drums and strum on the guitar strings with enough power to shake your jaws. Experience detailed separation, amazing sonic clarity, and full Mo-fi experience even with your mobile devices.

  • On+

This mode engages the amp’s low-frequency enhancement circuit. Note though that On+ does not simply add bass. Rather, it adds back bass to tracks where the low end is not present. It improves music quality at the moment and note necessary.

  • Off

This control turns the sleek thing hanging on your head into passive mode. You can use this when you have another amplifier to play your music with or when you are running low on battery or when it has already ran out.

  • Impeccable power management

Blue Microphones Mo-Fi Powered High-Fidelity Headphones with Integrated Audiophile Amplifier functions using a 1020mAh battery. The battery takes only about 3-4 hours to charge fully. The delivery hours are amazing at 12 hours. However, what makes it exceptional is not the battery life, rather, the automatic power on and off. Mo-Fi turns itself on or off when the headphones are opened or closed. This helps save power when not in use even when you forgot to switch it off.

In case you still need to use your headphones but its battery is already drained, it will play on the Off or passive mode until you are able to charge it a 100%.

Summary of the Blue Microphones High-Fidelity headphones

Mo-Fi allows you to hear and appreciate the power of detailed music. Take Mo-Fi a trip down to music lane because it is one of the most revolutionary and exceptional headphones ever created. Specifically, it is a perfect match for you because it has:

  • Highly powered audiophile amplifier;
  • Fibre-reinforced dynamic driver measuring 50mm;
  • Over ear designed ear cups used for isolation and feedback prevention;
  • Adjustable headband;
  • Sleek and classy design;
  • Three all-analogue amplifier performance modes;
  • Power that turns on and off automatically;
  • Easily rechargeable battery that works up to 12 hours of music time; and
  • Capacity to continue playing music even when the battery has no charge. 

Overall, the Blue Microphones High-Fidelity headphones offer a quality listening experience to demanding audiophiles and music professionals alike, and they are certainly worth their price.

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