Nixon Trooper Headphones Review

nixon trooper headphones

Priding itself in affordable but quality products, the Nixon brand was founded in California in 1997, with a focus on watches and accessories. Their items proved so popular that in 2009, they decided to venture into manufacturing headphones as well. They are now available in over 80 countries worldwide, and are sold in retail shops as well as their flagship stores in the USA, Australia and Indonesia. Although undoubtedly a new player in the market compared to established audio brands such as Audio Technica or AKG, Nixon has much to offer for those looking for good quality without breaking the bank. Initially developed as headphones for the ‘fashion conscious’, they now have a range of models to suit different needs.

One of their bestselling headphones is the Trooper, which couldn’t have been more of an apt name. Stylish and lightweight, they offer a plethora of features and have the added benefit of being well constructed and solid. Built with portability in mind, their compact size and design makes them easy to bring around anywhere, anytime – ideal for travelers looking to tune in to some music while commuting.

Audio Quality – Well balanced & suitable for all music genres

nixon trooper headphones reviewFunction wise, the Trooper features large 40mm drivers, so expect to have the effect of mini subwoofers in your headphones. With a frequency range between 20Hz and 20,000 Hz, these bad boys play up the bass without overpowering other levels, and feature clear trebles and detailed, full-bodied mids.There is minimal distortion, even at high volumes. The overall effect is well-balanced, so these headphones are great with all sorts of music genres, from pop to rock and dance.
At 112dB, they do have a high sensitivity rating, so we don’t recommend them with amplifiers, as there might be a risk of blowing out your headphones. A low impedance of 32 ohms means that they are more suitable for small, portable devices such as smartphones, MP3 players or CD players, rather than large home systems.

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Design and Build – Innovative, stylish & minimalistic 

nixon trooper headphones The Trooper headphones are certainly not the sturdiest pair of headphones out there, but for their price point, they are solid enough and will stand up to everyday wear and tear. Made from plastic, they weigh only 170g so you’ll barely feel them on your head. The material makes them sweat resistant, so they’re good to wear even when jogging outdoors or when pumping it up at the gym. They come in one-size only, but feature a three-fit mechanism that allows wearers to adjust the headband length for the right fit. The ergonomic shape also works well with most head shapes and sizes.
Instead of pleather, the Trooper’s ear cushions are made from custom molded silicone for added softness and comfort. Wear them for hours on end without worrying about pain. And if they’re not your size, fret not – the package comes with not one, not two, but three sets of silicone tips. However, this rubbery material does muffle the sound quality slightly. Their closed design is good at isolating noise even in crowded environments.
When it comes to design, the Trooper definitely has the ‘fashion conscious’ part down pat. Modern and stylish-looking, they carry a sleek and shiny finish, while the thin headband ends in a unique Y-shape in the middle of large ear cups. These are headphones that are meant to be shown off to admiring glances on the tube or at on the airplane. They come in a variety of colors so pick the one that suits your style best – white, blue, hot pink, or gray/purple.

Additional Features

nixon trooper headphonesOne great thing about the Trooper is that the headphones can collapse down to half their size, thanks to a custom folding hinge. This makes storing and carrying them around super convenient, and they slip easily into a protective carrying case that comes included with the headphones. The volume knob is another nice feature. Rather than being on the cord, the controls are built into the right ear cushion and can be easy to miss if you’re the type that doesn’t like to read instruction leaflets. The dial can be loose, especially after repeated usage, so users should rotate it with care – unless you want sudden loud music to be blasting into your ears or have the volume disappear altogether.
The input connection consists of a 3.5mm plug for maximum connectivity with minimized transmission loss. Also included is a rubberized cable, which does not tangle easily. Measuring 150cm, it is detachable and can be removed as needed. Located on the cable is a three-button remote and a microphone which works with iPhones and iOS devices. This means that the Trooper can double as microphone for taking audio calls – talk about value for your money! Our only complaint is that they are not yet compatible with Android or Windows devices.

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  • Their impressive futuristic design make them to stand out
  • They are lot more lightweight than the average pair of headphones
  • Their ergonomic fit in conjunction with their 3 sets of silicone tips, ensure long-lasting comfort
  • Their sound is quite well-balanced
  • They come with a high-quality carrying case


  • Their build is not very robust
  • Their sound and additional features are not the best-in-class, for more info you refer to our best headphones under 50 dollars article

Our Verdict on Nixon Trooper Headphones

For their price, the Trooper impresses with their bold, colorful and innovative design, good functionality and value for money. Although the Trooper headphones are not of studio quality, they are a great pair for casual listeners and should last long with proper care.

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