Noontec Hammo TV Wireless Headphones Review

noontec hammo wireless TV headphones review

Our television viewing time can be pretty noisy sometimes, say during a football match or when your favorite musical reality show comes over. During these times you feel the need of a wireless speaker with good sound quality and great battery backup which makes the TV viewing experience much more enjoyable for others as well as a treat to your own ears. Matching all these requirements and much more to offer, if the Noontec Hammo TV Wireless Headphones with Docking Station Low-latency Digital Bluetooth Anti-interference 50 Hours Long Battery Life.

Audio performance

This being the most important area of performance considered when buying a pair of headphones, the Noontec Hammo Wireless Headphones are an ideal match to your own high benchmarks. This pair of headphones is equipped with superior technology namely SCCB acoustic technique, which when coupled with the awe-inspiring quality of the respected Vortric HD500 speakers produces a sound perfect for your impeccable standards. It is an absolute treat as compared to the competition headphones in this segment and is a compatible choice for television soundtrack appreciation. Another brilliant advantage of this device is, you can also connect the headphones to your smart phone via Bluetooth to listen to your phone music. These headphones are especially designed to enhance the experiencing by simulating a home theatre sound effect. Also, the anti-interference technology called the High-Definition digital wireless technology of these headphones mean there would be no disturbance due to static or RF interference and crystal clear sound reached the listener’s ears. Now watch movies, sports or enjoy your favorite tracks using high detailed sound thanks to the Noontec Hammo TV wireless headphones.

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Design and construction

noontec hammo wireless TV review

This pair of headphones is sleek and light. At just 195 grams weight, the wearing comfort is beautiful. It measures about 7*7 inches, which is the universal measure for an ideal headphone. With appropriate cushioning, the headphones are absolutely comfortable and adjustable for any user and the ear muffs don’t pose any discomfort even after long hours of use. The padded band in the centre keeps the headphones from sliding off the head easily. The Noontec Hammo wireless headphones come with an elegant, simple and contemporary dock stand which would match any modern home’s living room interiors. The dock is a station for the pair of headphones when not in use, and it saves the headphones from unwanted damage due to rough use or improper storage. The make is quite neat. This dock is also a low-latency device ensuring a perfect sync between the audio and video running on the television, meaning, there will be no gaps or delays in both and they run smoothly together. The docking station also provides for the charging of the headphones using a cable which is included in the set and no other wires or docks are required for the same. This provides a lot of comfort and convenience to the user.

Bluetooth capability & Additional Features

noontec hammo wireless TV review

This device works on bluetooth connection between the headphones and the audio/video output device. Wireless digital Bluetooth 4.1 is the connectivity technology behind the system. The latest Bluetooth capability ensures you stay up-to-date with the technology.

Apart from all the attractive features mentioned above, the Bluetooth headphones come with some additional qualities to boast about.

The headphones have a connectivity distance of 10 meters which is sufficient for any living room. the headphones are equipped with a high performance battery which is in-built and rechargeable and once fully charged, works for 50 whole hours, giving you uninterrupted, superior performance. Say if you use them for about 3 hours a day, a full charge would go for about half a month before needing a recharge. It works on low battery consumption and energy saving pointers, giving you more for less. It is also appropriately designed for people with hearing loss. Another brilliant feature of this pair of headphones is the Smart Connect – which disconnects the headphones from the dock once it is out of range and reconnects them automatically when the headphones come within range. The installation is quite simple and requires minimal process, which can be easily managed by anyone.

Compatible with all devices which have the Bluetooth option, the Noontec Hammo Wireless Headphones are easily adaptable to most electronics.

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Pros and cons

noontec hammo wireless TV headphones review

The biggest advantage of a good quality, lightweight and technologically advanced set of headphones is, one can use it for a long time, and it is also safe to use. be it the range of use or the superior sound quality, the headphones are equipped with all the best-in-class features to make for a relaxed, enriching time while enjoying the media of choice. There are no lags in audio, the battery charge is almost like a dream and the comfort paired with listening pleasure on this pair of headphone is marvelous.

Talking about the cons, the noise isolation seems a little less than expected, and they don’t seem to be designed to cancel noise from the environment out completely and this is quite reasonable too, because the intended use is watching television not designing sound in a studio.

During music playback, there is no provision to go back a track or to skip playing altogether – but again, the intended use is to wear while watching television, but would have been a great feature for music playback.

The overall sound is a little bass heavy, but for most of the television viewing, this should not be a problem at all. Else the sound is pretty clean.

<<Latest prices & customer reviews of Noontec Hammo Wireless TV Headphones>>


noontec hammo wireless TV headphones review

Overall, an amazing pair of headphones to own, the Noontec Hammo Wireless Headphones is a good investment for television viewing, providing ideal sound for theatrical experiences. For the price that these are offered, it is a very decent choice and the quality of comfort, sound and bluetoooth capability one gets (in the headphones for TV category) is absolutely priceless. No need for a gigantic home theatre or television room for enjoying that kind of an experience, the headphones do that for you, that too, without disturbing other family members or roommates while you are at it.

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