Review – Panasonic RP DJ S400K

If you are looking for a pair of handsome earphones to pair with your music player, then the Panasonic RP DJ S400K gives you plenty of good points at a price that won’t hurt your pocket. The sound quality is great, the design is perfect as fashionable accessories and the construction is made with lightweight materials that allow for comfortable wearing.

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Features of Panasonic RP DJ S400K

Design and Construction

The DJS400K brings DJ and modern styles in one, clearly made for the young hipster market. It is designed for those who want to make a fashion statement, with its body in colour black and ear cups in stylishly orange hue.

To highlight the two-tone colour design, these Panasonic headphones have a mechanism that you can swivel. This swivel mechanism allows you to rotate the headphones up to 90 degrees, making the modish headphones work well with one-sided listening. Surely, you’ll look DJ-snappy when you hang it around your neck as you move around town. And if you’re the type who likes listening with a friend, you can easily share the headphones with your pal, thanks to this 90-degree rotation feature. Also, it is also foldable so you can conveniently bring it anywhere in case you don’t plan to wear it around your neck.

Upon inspection, you’ll get a feel that its glossy black body feels less sturdy but you can’t complain too much as this Panasonic RP DJ S400K model belongs to the more affordable bracket of headphones out there. On the contrary they are the most reliable in their range. You’ll surely get your money’s worth when you choose to get this DJ street style headphone from Panasonic.

The ear cups fit comfortably on the ears. They aren’t as big as the other ones out there. The size of the ear cups fits just right although you might want to take a break after long use to rest your ears. The body feels very light, weighing only 135g. Because of this compact size, you can just hang the headphones around your neck without you feeling uncomfortable after a long while. Despite the glossy feel and the lack of padding, the headband is sturdy. Yes, with the right usage, these headphones can last for three years and even more.

There is a 1.2m cable is attached to both ear cups, with the wires meeting in the middle. This can restrict your movement a little although the cable is long enough to give you room for movement. The cable won’t really matter since when you start listening to how good it sounds, you’ll forget that there is a Y-shaped cable connecting the ear cups.

Sound Quality

Panasonic RP DJS400K offers enhanced bass sound, making it very ideal while you travel in the city. The sound is clear and bold even when the surroundings are noisy. You’ll get good and solid sound with the Panasonic RP DJ S400K, although those with discerning ears should not expect too much from an affordable unit like this one. It may not be the best-sounding earphones in town but it definitely is worth its price especially when it comes to the bass sound. Try listening to tracks with low bass loops and you’ll surely notice how great the bass sound is. And if you turn the volume too high, you’ll notice that the enhanced bass tends to overwhelm the mid-range tones.


If you are looking for good-looking headphones for your music player, then get the Panasonic RP DJS400K. You’ll get your money’s worth and much more. It has a plastic finish that’s sturdy enough to last for longer use. The striking black and orange body makes it perfect for those who are looking for fashionable headphones that can match urban lifestyle. It is also convenient when you plan to carry it around because of its convenient travel-fold design. Meanwhile, the rotating ear cups allow you to achieve that DJ look while walking around the city. Plus, you can easily share your music to a friend due to the swivel mechanism. The audio performance is very impressive, especially when it comes to the bass sound. This one is great for listening to massive beats.


You’ll easily fall in love with the black and orange shade of this model. It’s hip, fashionably, and very attractive. It has swivel mechanism that allows users to rotate the headphones up to 90 degrees, perfect for one-sided listening, like most DJs do. The body feels very light so you won’t get tired even when worn around the neck. Sound wide, the headphones offer enhanced bass, with the sound clear and bold even in noisy surroundings.


It has glossy black construction that makes it feel less sturdy. Ear cups aren’t as big as others so you may want to take a break after listening for long hours to rest your ears. There is no padding which makes it a little uncomfortable. The cables are attached to both ear cups and connected to the middle forming a Y-shape. Movement may be a little restricted. Finally, the mid-range tones are overwhelmed by the bass sound when the volume is very high.

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