Parrot Zic Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

parrot zik v1

The Parrot a dynamic company, which has entered the headphone market with some impressive and “out of the box” designs,  whilst it has also developed a very advances wireless capability. The Parrot Zik is yet another high-tech headphone with a marvelous design, which delivers a pretty decent performance in the mid to top-range of wireless headphones category. The price of these headphones is towards the higher end of the spectrum, which can be surely justified, as the Zik, are by no means conventional headphones, and stand out from most headphones out there.


The Parrot Zik wireless noise canceling headphones have many unique features, which cannot be found in other headphones of its class. They work well as noise-canceling and bluetooth headphones alike. They have a broad range of frequency of 10Hz to 20 kHz, which is the reason for its superior sound quality. With regards to audio quality, they produce a clear and balanced sound through a wide range of music genres (see sound quality section below). You can easily listen to audio books, answer to phone calls and its high-end technology makes sure that you get a high-definition sound experience.

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parrot zik v3

It has a sleek, stylish and classy design, which is very much appealing. The design is eye-catching and made with sculpted metal and padded ear cups, which adds to the luxury. The headphones fold flat quickly so that you do not have trouble in resting them around your neck.

Sound quality

The Sound quality of Parrot Zik wireless noise canceling headphone is certainly top-notch, and it works well even when you continue using the Bluetooth capability uninterruptedly.  Most Bluetooth headphones compromise in sound quality, but Parrot Zik is truly an exception to the rule. However, when connected by wire, the music quality is even better. The noise canceling function is also of high-standards, and you get a high degree of isolation even when you are in a noisy environments or when you travel.

Swipe control

Easy to use swipe controls are one of the best features of this headphone. It uses touch sensors to play music, skip tracks, answer phone calls and adjust the volume. On the right ear cup is the swipe controls, so that it just takes a touch to control thins.

Jawbone sensor

It is one of the useful features, which are unique to Parrot Zik. The sensor can detect when you are using it as a headphone, and it adjusts the external microphone accordingly. It has 4 different microphones which work together to filter out unwanted background noise. There is also a built-in sensor, which can sense when you remove your headphones, and it will automatically stop the music for you.

Battery life

parrot zik v4

The battery will last about 6 hours even when the headphones you use continuously. If you use it with the Bluetooth turned off, it would last for straight 15 hours. You can get replaceable batteries for the proprietary battery by spending another few dollars. It is one of the cons because some other rivals stretch to about 20 hours and combines the use of rechargeable and replaceable AAA batteries. However, none of them offers unique features as Parrot Zik does.

Summary of main specs and features

  • Sleek and stylish design
  • 10Hz-20 kHz frequency
  • Active noise control
  • Intuitive touch panel
  • Lithium-Ion battery and 24 hour standby time
  • 4 microphones
  • Bluetooth v 2.1
  • NFC feature
  • Head detection sensor
  • iPhone and Android applications
  • Powerful digital signal processor
  • Hands-free calling
  • Analogue line-in of 3.5 mm
  • Audio suite from parrot
  • Jawbone sensor


With no doubt, it has a stylish design, which suits every fashion-conscious person who looks in for features also. Probably, they are the world’s most advanced hands-free headphone at least in terms of user interface. The noise cancellation and hands-free combination are not new in headphones, but the combo of it with motion sensors and an app is mind blowing. It is a great exception to the group of Bluetooth headphones, which fails to give you better sound quality. With the combination of jawbone sensor and touch sensitive remote, it is one-step ahead all other headphones of similar class. It is just not for the music alone, and you can enjoy phone conversation with utmost clarity.

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If you are looking in for a feature rich and ultra-stylish headphones, grab Parrot Zik wireless noise canceling headphone soon and make it yours. It has a good sounding, Bluetooth, stylish looks, swipe controls, NFC, anything and everything to give you a pleasant experience of enjoying the sound.