Photive BTH3 Bluetooth Headphones Review

photive bth3 headphones review

Unique and smart designs along with a great stress on the utilization of the latest technology – that’s what makes the Photive products a class apart from the rest. Photive products have been known to provide an ultimate experience in music, power for the devices as well as quality protective cases for safety and ease of portability. A couple of years ago,  Photive launched the smartly-designed wireless Bluetooth headphones – the ‘BTH3.’ Given the good brand recognition of Photive, what makes the Photive Over-The-Ear BTH3 headphones an absolute steal?

Audio Performance

The audio performance of Photive BTH3 headphones is brilliant and impressive. BTH3 headphones make use of full, 40 mm drivers for a crystal-clear bass, accurate treble, and lucid mid tones. Bass response in BTH3 is subtle and balanced and never too overpowering. The mid tones are lucid and crisp and are perfectly capable of boosting the vocals without affecting the music. The highs extend rather nicely and come off as quite powerful. Upon testing, the BTH3 headphones were found to block outside noises quite effectively. What’s more, the BTH3 headphones encase the ears in plush, soft ear cups that enable the hard-core music aficionados listen for hours in absolute comfort. The BTH3 headphones will deliver the identical audio performance whether one listens via Bluetooth or by plugging in the 3.5mm audio cable in order to connect to devices that aren’t Bluetooth-enabled. To sum it up, using Photive BTH3 headphones, one can listen to music of all kinds of genres without any compromise on sound quality.

Design & Durability

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Easy to hold and handle, the Photive BTH3 headphones have a slim build. This is perhaps the most important attribute of this impressive model. Being extremely lightweight at just 6 ounces, the BTH3 is not bulky at all, it doesn’t put any stress on the ears and neck and facilitates easy listening for hours. It’s worth noting that Photive have also produced an even lighter model the Photive HF1. Moreover, the wide padding of the ear cups vastly adds to the comfort factor. The body of the BTH3 headphones is quite stylish and modest-looking. BTH3 is soft to touch and has a rubberized exterior which offers a smooth and tactile experience to the users. The headband is comfortable, while the headphone units are adjustable and come with flexible arms. Since the unit is not collapsible, a hard travel case is provided for easy and safe portability. Its compact form factor makes it twice as convenient to carry. It’s worth mentioning that along with the simplicity of the design, the BTH3 headphones come off strong on the durability factor as well.

Bluetooth Capability

What makes Photive BTH3 headphones stand out is its advanced Bluetooth capability. BTH3 features the latest Bluetooth CSR 4.0 technology. The Bluetooth connectivity is quite simple to set up with BTH3 even if there is no voice prompt. As soon as a user turns the dedicated power button on, a blue flashing light appears on the left ear cup’s side. The headphones get automatically paired up with a preferred device. The Bluetooth-enabled BTH3 gives a complete freedom to its users from the mess created by tangled cords. Users can enjoy listening to music wirelessly and make voice calls with the built-in microphone. Thanks to the Bluetooth capability, BTH3 users can wirelessly stream music, movies, and videos to a device of their choice, be it iOS or Android smartphones, tablets, or a laptop. Moreover, the users can connect the headphones to the portable gaming devices.

Additional Features

Unlike the multi-function button provided on the headphones currently available on the market, BTH3 headphones include a dedicated power button in addition to a separate play/pause button. In fact, the users of BTH3 headphones might find the product quite convenient to use and control as it is packed with buttons. The left ear cup has the aforementioned play/pause button along with the forward/skip and rewind/back buttons. In contrast, the right ear cup has the power button in addition to the dedicated volume buttons. Users are able to change tracks and adjust the volume with a greater ease. The BTH3 headphones come equipped with a lithium-ion battery that charges swiftly and gives up to 12 hours of battery life. Users can enjoy hours of unlimited music, movies, podcasts, and voice calls before they charge it again. The 3.5 mm audio-in jack and the charging port of BTH3 are located on its right ear cup and they are covered. This feature ensures that dust or moisture doesn’t seep inside the unit.

Performance / Comparison Vs Other Headphones

Upon comparison of Photive BTH3 with the wireless August EP650 over-the-ear headphones, striking differences and similarities can be noticed.

Color and Weight: BTH3 is available only in black color. Users can choose from a range of colors in the case of August EP650 headphones such as black, black/silver, gold, red, blue, red/silver, silver, white, and white/silver. August EP650 weighs 4.2 ounces and is a bit lighter than Photive BTH3 headphones.

Build and Durability: August EP650 headphones look minimalist and professional in design and BTH3 shares this trait. It’s quite durable and solid just as BTH3 is. EP650 is collapsible which makes it easier to pack and carry. Even if the headphone unit is folded quite a few times a day, it shows no signs of slackening.

Sound quality: Even though August EP650 headphones handles mid tones and treble quite convincingly, bass response is a bit muddled and not quite overpowering. In contrast, the Photive BTH3 headphones perform superbly and offer solid bass, treble, and mid tones.


The Photive BTH3 headphones are indeed an ideal choice for the music lovers. Not only do these headphones come equipped with a wireless Bluetooth technology, but these also allow the users to utilize them on any device of their choice, thereby making BTH3 a perfect wireless headset. Needless to say, the simplicity of design, a superior battery life along with a decent sound quality makes BTH3 a must-buy product for people who are passionate about music.

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