Photive HF1 Bluetooth Headphones Review

photive hf1 headphones review

For the audiophiles, Photive is a recognized brand that stands for an immersive audio experience. Therefore, a pair of headphones that act as a fashion accessory as well as score high on the portability factor is certainly a sought-after product. Launched a couple of years ago, Photive HF1 on-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones satisfy both the aforementioned criteria. The Photive HF1 Bluetooth headphones are absolutely more than just another audio device and there are some rather good reasons for that.

Audio Performance

The Photive HF1 Bluetooth headphones provide sophisticated HD audio technology that generate an immersive sound profile along with a profoundly rich bass, crystal-clear treble, and excellent mid tones. Balance and subtlety are the best words to describe its audio quality. The highs are crisp with no warping or shrillness, the mid-range is calmingly soft and harmonic, and the bass is overpowering and distinct. Upon sampling a range of music genres including hip-hop, punk rock, classical, Blues, country music, and techno, the HF1 did an outstanding job ay accurately reproducing every style of music. Users of HF1 obtain a rich all-inclusive audio performance with its well-balanced noise-cancelling ear cups that deliver a deep immersive feeling by eliminating distractions and let the music flow smoothly. The ear-pads are soft, lightweight and small, thus, users can wear them for long hours without any discomfort. Equipped with the latest CSR aptX audio technology, the HF1 on-ear, wireless headphones generate a sound of identical quality just as a wired pair of headphones would produce. Frankly speaking, HF1 represents an implausible dynamic range.

Design & Durability

photive hf1 headphones review

Sleek and slender build as well as ultra lightweight components make Photive HF1 a true audiophile’s choice. Photive HF1 has a streamlined body and eliminates the bulky look of most of the headphones currently available. HF1 has a lightweight frame and the unit just weighs 5.2 ounces and this makes it the lightest and most comfortable Bluetooth Headphones among its counterparts. Consequently, HF1 is astonishingly easy and comfortable to put on for hours and easily avoids aching in pressure points that become sore owing to extended usage.

However, the light frame does not indicate that HF1 is not durable. In fact, these pair of headphones have been engineered and analyzed successfully by Photive to determine if they can last over longer periods of time. The ear cups rotate quite smoothly and this makes the headphone unit easy to store and carry. Not only does the HF1 has a superb quality, these pair of headphones also look eye-catching with their full-grain leather head band, smooth protein leather ear cups with padding, steel hinges, and classy Aluminum ear pieces which are also available in anodized space gray shade. To sum it up, Photive HF1 looks classy and stylish on every music aficionado.

Bluetooth Capability

photive hf1 headphones review

Photive HF1 is outfitted with the superior Bluetooth 4.0 with CSR aptX® audio codec that enables the users to wirelessly stream and listen to music, movies, videos as well as play the most recent games. Its Bluetooth capability gives a complete freedom from the issues created by knotted and tangled cords. The Bluetooth range is around 4.0-33.0 feet. Consequently, the users can enjoy music on the go without being stuck indoors. The aptX® audio codec can compress the audio files on a lossless algorithm, so the sound heard is as fine as the original media file. This compression prevents the sound from disconnecting, even if the connection is briefly lost with the device. The codec lets the users enjoy the full benefit of a Bluetooth audio. The Bluetooth capability of HF1 makes it universally compatible with the major smartphones and tablets currently available in the market. HF1 is great for PC gaming purposes.

Additional Features

Users who like to constantly have their music on full blast can get precisely 12 full hours of playtime with the HF1 headphones. Outfitted with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, HF1 can stream music whole day on a sole charge. The charging time is around 2 hours. With the extra-powerful battery life, the HF1 is a must-have travel accessory. If one is outdoors for an extended span of time with no access to a charger, an included 3.5mm aux cable allows the user to plug it into any typical headphone jack. In that case, the headphones change into passive mode and utilize built-in amplification of media device like a standard headset. HF1 headphones are moisture-resistant and the handy buttons on HF1 ear cup’s side have a firm and tactile click. Users benefit from the buttons such as power/play/pair/pause/answer call, volume up/previous track, and volume/down/next track.

Performance Comparison with Photive BTH3

Upon comparison of Photive HF1 with the wireless Photive BTH3 over-the-ear headphones, one can spot quite a few prominent similarities and differences.

Color and Weight: Photive HF1 is available in 2 color variants, black and Aluminum, whereas BTH3 is just available in black color. HF1 is a bit lighter than BTH3 as the latter weighs 6 ounces.

Build and Durability: While BTH3 is a quite decent-looking pair of headphones, HF1 is somewhat a step ahead of it. HF1 has flawlessly rounded ear cups balancing well with the sharp edges of its head band. The silky brushed aluminum texture looks grand against the natural faux-leather curves. Both the products have equal durability and withstand constant daily use.

Sound quality: Thanks to its aptX audio codec, Photive HF1 offers a high-fidelity audio with a lossless compression. In this respect, it’s a bit more versatile than Photive BTH3.


The HF1 is a subtle pair of headphones that’s quite elegant and visually appealing. The design, form-factor and the Bluetooth technology does a big job in creating a universal appeal of HF1 headphones to the senses of any customer, irrespective of age and gender. With the great audio codec, HF1 can recreate the delicate nuances of a skillfully performed concerto or the adrenaline punch of powerful rock. Truly, HF1 headphones can be a significant boost to the listening experience.

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