Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones Review

Loves listening to music but is always on the run? You can now listen comfortably to the latest tracks without the threat of your headphones falling off from your head or the cord pulling out your phone from your pocket as you move around.

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You can always use the Plantronics BackBeat Fit in your workout. Unlike analogue headsets with traditional cords, this model can keep pace with you as you stretch and exercise. Being a wireless headset, BackBeat Fit is powered to be flexible. You can do mild exercises or extreme sports with this portable headset. Great for working out at the gym or running around a racetrack, the Plantronics breakthrough headset is an outstanding partner for outdoor training.

Features of Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

Design and Construction

BackBeat Fit is perfect both for day and night activities. It features a lightweight and safety-oriented eartip design that lets you hear your surroundings and be seen at night. Its behind-the-neck design lets you ready and confident even during heavy exercise.  It is also very flexible, portable, and easy to store because of its petite package. If you are done working out, you can just fold it up and store in the armband case.

BackBeat Fit is built to endure all levels of action. It features a flexible design that is comfortable, stable, and stays put as you exercise and move around. Its reversible neoprene armband comfortably secures your smartphone while you are moving, making it your perfect workout partner. The easily accessible on-ear controls keep you moving while getting access to your music or calls. However, this type of earpiece is not as comfortable to wear outside of the gym.

You rarely come across a headset that is truly outstanding both in audio and design. Yet boasting with maximum durability and excellent audio, the Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones is ready to provide you all the good things you need. Incorporated in its sleek design is the P2i technology that protects the headset from sweat and moisture. Applied during the manufacturing process, it has a P2i nano-coating that serves as an invisible liquid repellent that makes the headphones more reliable.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit is also made to last. You can enjoy a week of workouts with up to 8 hours of listening time, 6 hours of talk time, and 14 days of standby time. It also highlights a DeepSleep power-saving hibernation mode that keeps the headphones charged for up to six months. This feature activates when you are out of range of your mobile device.

The rugged design of Plantronics BackBeat Fit makes it ideal for jogging, biking, and lifting weights. It comes in two electrifying colours: neon green and electric blue. The ear tips are in-ear style ear buds. The overall look displays forward-ported caps with rubber stabilising rings that keep the gear secured in your ear.

Sound Quality

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones underscores an action-packed audio that lets you clearly listen to your music. Integrated in it are powerful speakers that deliver the deep and heart-pumping bass, as well as crisp highs of your music. In terms of sound performance, it is a little backward compared to high-end wireless headsets. Yet this sports gear produces a decent sound that compliments its design and construction.


Sports-oriented people would definitely love it, but not sound specialists and music fanatics. Yet in its imperfections, Plantronics BackBeat Fit offers a very satisfying sound.

Pros of Plantronics BackBeat Fit:

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones wireless stereo headphones are a stable companion for sports fans. It provides safety features as well as the excellent audio performance you need to stay on the go and moving. Ideal both for indoor or outdoor activities, Plantronics innovative design is ready to rock your world with good music. Made to be water-resistant, it stands to be untarnished by rain, sweat, and even the splash of a sports drink.

Cons of Plantronics BackBeat Fit:

Most sports headphones always try to find exceptional balance between performance at workouts and performance everywhere else. However, Plantronics BackBeat Fit is not the model that pursues such goal. It is purely exercise-focused.

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