Razer Kraken Over Ear Headphones Review

Razer Kraken Over Ear Headphones ReviewIn recent years, there has been an influx of headphones that highlight multi-functionality and outstanding sound performance.  Whether high end or in the lower price range, these ear gears pretty much offer the same comfort and pleasure to music lovers. However, sound specialist know that even slight differences matter.

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So how would you know that you finally got the headphones that could jive to your needs? Simple. Check if your cans are the Razer Kraken Over-Ear Headphones, the headset that satisfies.

Features of Razer Kraken Over Ear Headphones

Design and Construction

Having the same motivation as other high-end headset in the market today, Razer Kraken is built to last. The construction speaks durability that can withstand daily abuse. Whether you are on the go or tuning out an indoor activity, this is the model to grant you an exceptional music experience as you listen to your favourite soundtracks. Razer Kraken is designed for maximum functionality and lightweight comfort for hours.

Razer Kraken is a product focused on ergonomics for the head. It is built to be portable and travel-friendly. With its foldable earcups, it is perfect for anyone who is always on the go. Don not be afraid to listen to your favourite jam as you take daily commutes or travel in long drives. You can bring the Razer Kraken Over Ear Headphones along anywhere you go.

Sound Quality

Weight, functionality and performance were the key variables ideally balanced to create Razer Kraken. Even more so, the headphones feature large 40mm neodymium drivers for a powerful audio performance. You can expect crystal clear music in the high-and mid-ranges, as well as rich, deep bass and fully powered lows. If you are using the powerful Razer Chimera headset, the only big difference is it is wireless and that the drivers are bigger at 50mm. It’s not every day that a headset can offer clean sounds, yet Razer Kraken nailed it. Once the bass is tuned along with everything else, great sound will surely hit your ears.

Also, these headphones have the ability to cancel ambient sounds from around you so you can enjoy great music even in a noisy environment. Whether listening to music, playing an online game or watching movies, Razer Kraken enriches you over all experience. The tuning of the headset is a little annoying, but once you finally get it right, you can now expect Razer Kraken to give you a seemingly live audio performance.

There would come a time that you wouldn’t feel the headphones at all after a long time of wearing. The cups are made to accommodate larger ears, making it a comfortable wear for people with larger ears and/or glasses. You can easily wear these cans from Razer Kraken Over Ear Headphones for 12 hours straight with no issues of stress or pressure. The headset is also well built. Not the best you have seen, but as good as their competitors’ sets. Most of the frame was a matte plastic with metal in some spots. Its trendy design also lets you to wear it outside your home without looking like a fool. The Kraken is available in black.


Razer Kraken Over Ear Headphones may not be the best in the market, yet there is no doubt that its features and offering are truly remarkable. For the price, it is worth every penny. It is one of the few cans out there that a music enthusiast and an online gamer like you should not miss.


Razer has always created some of the better gear that gamers, music lovers, and sound specialists always rely on. For a relatively cheap price, the durability of Razer Kraken is also amazing. It also sounds better than the ones Razer earlier produced. They can be used for games such as Nintendo DS, All PC gaming, and PSP and PSVITA.


At first, Razer Kraken can be a little tight around the ears. Putting this headset may take you about a day or so before you get used to it. If you are sensitive enough or have a lower tolerance on pain, you may feel a little pain in my lower ear. However, stretching it has yielded a great result. The Razer Kraken Over Ear Headphones isn’t perfect. It actually does not have any special features like wireless capability or surround sound, but it is still truly amazing.

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