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paul-frank-logoPaul Frank is a company well known for its creativity as it produces a range of clothing and accessories to go with it. Its hallmark symbol is the monkey Julious that gets imprinted on all its products. This monkey is a hip one with his over-sized glasses and bow tie, and this design is what makes Paul Frank a household name in the world of fashion. To take this fashion aspect to new heights, Paul Frank partnered with Skullcandy to come up with a unique line of headphones. Each of these headphones have the face of Julious on either side of the outer cup of headphones. For Skullcandy, this partnership has been beneficial too because it is constantly looking for new features and designs that will appeal to its audience. So, the coming together of both thee companies has been a mutually benefiting partnership for these companies as well as the customers at large as they get to wear cool-looking headphones that has Julious as its fashion statement.

Before going into what Skullcandy and Paul Frank headphones look like, it makes sense to go a little bit into the history of Paul Frank to get a feel of its sense of creativity.

This company has its roots in 1995 in a small garage where a group of friends were sewing wallets and handbags with vinyl scraps they had collected from different places. To give life to these accessories, they created characters such as Julious and Skurvy. The idea behind these efforts was to come up with products that can be sold as gifts. As people saw these characters, they fell in love with them and these handmade products became an instant success.

By December of 1997, Paul Frank Industries was incorporated as a company in Southern California. What started as a fun way to show off the creativity of a few individuals became a company that began to sell inspiring designs. What was unique about these designs was that they were fresh and looked completely different from the ones that existed in the market then. Due to this aspect, Paul Franks had a cult-like following, and this enthused the company to breathe in fresh life into everyday products such as bags, purses, hats, T-shirts and jewelry.

This company further made a mark for itself by calling itself an accessories company, and by designing only accessories for everyday living. Since this company was able to create a niche for itself with the fashion industry, it became hugely successful. To cash in on its popularity and success, it has made a foray into different industries that double up as accessories, and headphones is one of them. This company was sensible enough to understand that it does not have the expertise to create consumer electronics products like headphones, so it partnered with Skullcandy that has the experience and knowledge to create it. In return, Paul Frank industries simple gave its design and its ubiquitous character that can make its products instantly recognizable worldwide.

All the Paul Frank headphones created through this partnership combine the best of the expertise of both companies, so it has a unique and eye-catching design that is backed by excellent sound quality. Also, these headphones are reasonably priced to give users the best value for money.

Below are the reviews of a few headphones made by Paul Frank and Skullcandy. These reviews will give users a better insight into what they can expect from this partnership between two companies that are diverse and experienced in their own way.

Skullcandy and Paul Frank Headphones

Skullcandy Hesh2 Paul Frank over ear headphones

Skullcandy Hesh2 Paul Frank over ear headphones is an adorable product that feels and sounds great. At a retail price of $60, these products are a steal and users love them for its design and functionality.

The design is the highlight of these headphones. They come in a combination of white and black with the stamp of Julious monkey present on the outer side of each ear cup. The head band and outer side of the ear cups are white and they are connected by a black hinge-like design. The logo of skullcandy is present on top of the head band. The under side of the head band is red in color to match with the face of Julious on the ear cups. The padding on the ear cup is black with a soft matte finish. The ear cups protrude out and are shaped like a bubble.

A removable cord plugs into the left ear cup. This idea of using a removable cable gives greater flexibility for users in many ways. More importantly, they can carry it easily without worrying about wrapping up the cord and secondly, when there is a problem with the cord, this alone can be replaced without having to replace the entire headphone. This helps users to save money and at the same time, enjoy their Paul Frank headphones for a longer period of time. Along with the cable, users also get a travel pouch that comes handy for travel and another cable with in-built microphone. With this cable, users can also take audio calls as it is compatible with most Windows, Android and iOS devices.

This attractive design is backed by excellent comfort as well. The ear cups pivot on both sides, so that it sits well on all users. The padding is thick and durable and feels soft on the ears. This thick padding also provides high levels of noise isolation which means users can listen to their music in peace even when they are traveling on crowded public buses or trains and when they are walking through crowded streets. Along with noise isolation, sound leaks are also minimum so users do not have to worry about their music affecting co-passengers who sit next to them. The head band is also well-padded and provides good comfort for the skull.

Though these headphones are made of plastic material, they are durable enough to last for a long time. In this sense, the company has struck a right balance between durability and portability because plastic will not add to the weight of the headphones, thereby making it easy to carry.

As for the audio performance, it is superb too. The bass is solid and a little punchy, but it does not overpower other sounds. Hence, there is an excellent sound balance that makes it ideal to listen to all genres of music. The mids are clear while the highs are crisp, and this enhances the overall clarity of these headphones. All the notes are detailed and there is no distortion even at the highest volumes, Due to these factors, Skullcandy Hesh2 Paul Frank over ear headphones score well on performance too.

Overall, these headphones are a great package as they come with good design, superb performance and are comfortable to wear too. Its design is sure to attract others towards the users, and the best part – it retails for a lo cost that makes it affordable to anyone who wants to won a beautiful headphone that delvers great output.

Skullcandy Paul Frank Uprock Headphones

Another pair of headphones that looks fantastic and sound great is Skullcandy Paul Frank Uprock Headphones. Skullcandy has come up with a series of headphones under the Uprock banner, and to take the popularity of this series to new heights, it has introduced the Paul Frank Uprock headphones.

As with all Skullcandy-Paul Frank headphones, design is the most outstanding aspect of these headphones too. It comes in a combination of red and grayish-blue – colors that one would normally not associate with headphones. But, this is what makes these headphones so cool and popular among users. The head band is of a grayish-blue color with the words “Paul Frank” written at the end of the head band. It connects to a ear cup on either side that is also of grayish-blue and has the face of Julious imprinted on it. The padding on the inner side of the ear cups is red in color to complement the bright color scheme. This combination simply looks amazing when worn and pairs well with almost any casual outfit. This design is particularly appealing to the young generation as they like to sport cool accessories.
Though Skullcandy has invested much time and resources in the design of these headphones, it does not in any way compromise on other features. These headphones are super lightweight as they weigh only as much as a computer mouse and thereby, they are easy to carry. At the same time, it is also durable and does not break easily. Due to this combination of durability and lightweight, it is ideal for light running or brisk walking.

Cables come from both the ear cups and meet each other just below the chin as they ed up with a Y design. These cables also have a bluish-gray design that matches with the overall color scheme of the headphones. However, they are not detachable and this could be a slight discomfort for users. Also, there are no accessories such as travel bag that comes along with these headphones. This aspect could be a slight disappointment for some users, but its design and performance more than makes up for this small disappointment.

The padding is thick and comfortable on both the ear cups and the head band. This thick padding makes it comfortable for users to wear these headphones for long periods of time.

The performance of these headphones is also excellent. No aspect sticks out, so there is a perfect sonic balance in these headphones. As a result, it can be used to listen to any genre of music.

All in all, these headphones are a great value for money with its super cool design and good sound output.

Skullcandy INK’d Paul Frank Earbuds S2INCZ-049

Its not all about headphones, but earphones too. This is the message that comes from Skullcandy and Paul Frank as they came up with their next product called Skullcandy INK’d Paul Frank Earbuds S2INCZ-049.

The design is pretty straightforward, so there is nothing much that can be done with earphones. The overall color scheme is black and blue, with black being the prominent color. The earphones are mostly black and have blue concentric circles just before the ear bud. The cable that comes from both the ear buds are black n color with blue dashes. The outer side of each ear bud has the prominent Julious monkey logo to remind people that it is a part of the Paul Frank headphones.

The ear buds are made of silicone material that feels soft on the ears. It comes in two sizes to give all users the perfect fit. Such a good fit makes it easy for users to listen to their music while they are on the go, though the company does not explicitly recommend it for sports or other outdoor activities. Still the fit is good and the logo of Julious monkey looks prominent when they are worn. Another advantage with such a good fit is the high levels of noise isolation that it offers. Though it does not have active noise isolation, this fit gives excellent passive isolation that makes this product a right choice when it comes to crowded places.

There are no other accessories that comes with these earphones, but that is understandable considering that these products sell for a mere $25. The only accessory is a braided cable of 1.3 meters length that comes attached to the ear buds. These cables end in a 3.5 mm plug that is plated in gold.

Performance is also good as both the ear buds sound consistent throughout any recording. Due to this consistency, there is an excellent balance with the notes. No aspect is overpowering, so the blend of bass, highs, mids and lows provide a good listening experience for users.

In short, these earphones have the trademark attractive design and comes with nice audio performance too. The fact that it sells for $25 makes it a good buy.

Skullcandy Aviator Paul Frank Mic3

Skullcandy Aviator Paul Frank Mic3 is a high-end product that is definitely worth its price as its design and performance are top class.

The design of these headphones is fairly subdued when compared to many of its other products partly because Skullcandy wants to reach out to a larger audience with this product. Flashy colors appeal only to the younger generation, so Skullcandy wanted to break out of this stereotype with Skullcandy Aviator Paul Frank Mic3. These headphones are all-black and have the logo of Julious monkey on the outer side of each ear cup and a skill on the inner side of each ear cup. The head band is made of good quality leather that is soft and flexible and it is attached to the ear cups by means of metal casing.

Since the head band is made of soft material, it fits well on the skull and does not hurt even with long hours of use. This comfort is backed by the high quality leather padding on the ear cups that sit comfortably on the ears. This memory foam padding provides ultimate comfort for the ears with prolonged use.

These headphones are portable too as both the ear cups bend inwards that make it easy to fold and carry. A nice-looking case comes as a part of the accessories to store these headphones. Besides the travel bag, these headphones also come with a cable that has an in-built remote control and microphone. Hence, this Paul Frank headphones double up for audio calls as well.

Sound performance is good too for both vocal and instrumental tracks. Its crisp and clear sounds make it ideal for all genres of music while its ability to bring out the details of each note enhances listening experience.

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