S3 Bluetooth 4.1 sports headset for mobile phones review

S3 Bluetooth 4.1 sports headset for mobile phones, is Bluedio’s latest innovative headsets

Bluedio headphones incorporate the latest in the world of sound technology. Its defining and distinguishing aspect is its bluetooth feature as it is one of the leaders in bluetooth technology. It launched its first bluetooth product way back in 2004, and since then bluetooth has features in each and every product that needed it. Hence, this company is vastly experienced, and brings all this experience to every headphone. Due to these factors, Bluedio headphones have one of the best audio streaming capabilities through bluetooth technology.

Besides bluetooth technology, Bluedio headphones are known for their eye-catching design that appeals well to people of all ages. Its aesthetic looks is matched by excellent comfort and functionality as well. Its audio performance is also superb as it uses te latest technology in sound world to deliver a world-class experience for users. Bluedio latest innovation is S3 – a headset for mobile phones.

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Features of headset for mobile phones

Bluedio S3 Bluetooth 4.1 sports, as the name implies, is the perfect music companion for runners, sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts. The design and features is geared specifically to ensure that users feel comfortable wearing them for exercise.


The design of thes earphoes is fairly simple. A long white cable has two ear buds on both its ends. The ear buds are also white in color. There is a small hook-like attachment just before the ear bud, and this attachment keeps the earphones in place when users are running. There is a small control on one side of the cable. This control also houses the bluetooth battery that allows users to connect to their device in the wireless mode. It has the power button that turns on bluetooth when needed. Other than the power button, these controls have volume adjustment that doubles up as a way to change tracks.


These earphones are super comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time as the ear tips do not poke into the inner ears. In fact, the ear tips are made of soft and high-quality silicone that feels light and comfortable to wear.

Also, these earphones are sweat and water resistant, and this gives users a greater level of protection since almost everyone sweats when they workout. In some models that are not designed for sports use, controls will stop working hen users use their sweaty hands to operate. Fortunately, the sweat-proof material of these earphones does not get affected even when it water s spilled on it accidentally.

These earphones fit snugly into the ears, thereby giving users the perfect fit. This fit also provides high levels of noise isolation, so outside noise does not intrude into the music. Moreover, these earphones use sixth generation CVC noise eduction technology that improves the path voice signal through a complicated algorithm. It alters the spectral shape of the incoming path signal by identifying the near-end noise. Due to this alteration, these earphones remove unwanted noise and improves on the strength of far-end frequencies. As a result, audio is super clear both for listening and for voice calls.

Other Features

This cool design is matched by some excellent features as well. The most salient feature of these headphones s its bluetooth functionality. It uses the latest headset for mobile phones to produce stable streaming. As a result, there are little to no interruptions due to bluwooth technology, hereby making it convenient for users to use listen to music in the wireless mode for long periods of time.

Another cool feature of these earphones is its expanded frequencies. It uses the ultra HD wideband when it comes to audio calls and bluetooth technology, which means, users have a wider range than before for their wireless streaming and audio calls. Due to this feature, users have a wider reach and this gives them better mobility. Its speech frequencies, for example, have been expanded from 280 Hz- 4 kHz to 50 Hz – 6.1kHz. What this effectively means is that the era of narrow band has come to an end, and these earphones bring to users’ doorstep the world of HD wideband that enhances audio quality levels by several notches.

Battery life is also excellent considering the size of these earphones. It takes about two hours to fully charge these earphones and this charge can provide five hours of talk or music time.

Lastly, these earphones can also be used to take calls since the remote control has a call answer button. The microphone is in-built so users can talk into it while they run or workout. This ability to take calls provides a greater degree of versatility for users as they do not have to switch headphones for music and call. Also the fact that these earphones have bluetooth capability add to the convenience of taking call even when the user is driving or working out.


It is not just design, comfort or features, but also solid audio performance that marks these earphones. It comes with advanced technology in the audio world such as 10 mm dynamic drivers and a CCAW voice coil that is imported from Japan. Due to the presence of these features, sound quality is original and it reproduces the true sound every time. All the different aspects are I sync with each other to give a balanced sound quality, thereby making it ideal for all genres of music.

Overall, these headset for mobile phones are the perfect choice for outdoor activities as it comes loaded with many features. For all this functionality, this products costs a mere $35, thereby making it a great value for money.

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