Sennheiser RS 175 RF Headphones – Complete Review 2022

These headphones are part of Sennheiser’s mid-range offerings in the 2015 lineup of RF headphones that use Sennheiser RS 175 Review in 2020proprietary wireless technology to deliver an outstanding audio experience while you watch TV. The closed-back design makes these headphones a great companion when you want to tune out the rest of the outside world while you immerse yourself in the stories that come alive through your TV. The system takes home entertainment to a whole new level that allows you to enjoy a more immersive experience.

Design & Size

These headphones sport an over-ear closed-back design that keeps external sounds from distracting you while you are intently watching your favorite series. This design also prevents sound from leaking out of the headphones, so you can switch to a higher volume without being concerned that your loved ones will be bothered by the loud sound.

The main controls for the functions are positioned on the headphones, so you can easily manage them whenever necessary as you move freely around your home, without needing to go close to the transmitter or docking station.

The system comes with a user-friendly profile that will be a breeze to set up to ensure that you will spend only a short time with this preparation, so you can immediately use the headphones while watching your favorite movies or series on TV.

The system of RS 175 is composed of 2 parts – the headphones and the multi-purpose transmitter that doubles as a base station where you can place the headphones when they are not being used. The transmitter has a sleek and low-profile structure that makes it easy to tuck into a discreet corner, where it will be safe from accidental falling and will not pose a distraction to the area’s overall aesthetic.

Sennheiser RS 175 Review in 2020

The transmitter also functions as an easy charge cradle that you can use to charge up your headphones so you can enjoy the digital wireless features for an even longer time.

Materials & Comfort

These headphones for TV feature an ergonomic design that ensures you will stay comfortable even when you go binge-watching your favorite series that will take a couple of hours to finish.

They with cushioned ear cups that fit snugly over your ears to keep external noise from seeping through and to ensure that your ears are properly covered without being pressed too tightly that may result in discomfort, especially with long hours of use.

Sound Performance

These headphones deliver phenomenal audio clarity that will enable you to keep track of the dialogues as well as the slightest hints of audible emotion and background noises onscreen, making the entire experience much more immersive – as if you are part of the scenes and not just a bystander to the stories.

The digital wireless technology helps maintain the sound accuracy and clarity as you move away from the TV area, enabling you to move freely and do other important stuff while still keeping track of the scenes on TV so you will not miss out on the crucial scenes.

This headphones system makes it possible for you to switch between virtual surround sound aSennheiser RS 175 Review in 2020nd dynamic bass listening modes so you can enjoy a customized audio experience that you can adjust to suit your preference to match the various situations on the show or movie you are watching.

There are 2 Surround Sound listening modes that deliver livelier and more spatial stereo sound, while the Bass Boost listening mode enhances the audio bass response for a more immersive listening experience. The plain stereo mode, on the other hand, results in a more sharply focused sound that other listeners prefer over the faux surround sound effects.

The headphone system delivers a well-balanced sound that you can enjoy with both movies and music, with a warmer sound that some listeners might prefer over the results of using a wired model.


These headphones for TV come with a 2-year warranty.

The headphones come with 2 AAA rechargeable batteries that offer up to 18 hours of continuous use, allowing you to go on a marathon of your favorite series without being interrupted by the need to recharge the wireless headphones.

Connectivity & Compatibility

These headphones offer a range of 100 meters, allowing you to move around in your home from room to room without being disconnected to your home entertainment system, so you will always be updated with the scenes currently showing on your TV regardless of where you are in your home, provided that you stay within sight of the TV.Sennheiser RS 175 Review in 2020

A digital optical connection is located at the back of the base station/transmitter, where a 3.5mm analog minijack input is also positioned to enable you to easily connect it to your TV or any audio component with the included cables and the corresponding outputs.

The transmitter can simultaneously support up to 2 pairs of headphones, so it is possible for you and a loved one to connect your headphones to the transmitter at the same time, providing both of you with an immersive audio and watching experience while keeping the sounds from bothering the other people in your home.

The system features a plug and play setup that will only require you to plug in the AC adapter to the transmitter/docking station and afterwards plugging the power socket into the wall while keeping the included optical cable connected as well.

Additional Features

These headphones offer great noise cancelation that will allow you to keep your focus solely on the scenes being showcased on TV, instead of being distracted by the sounds that surround you all around your home.

The system supports the digital audio and analog inputs while allowing the toggling between the inputs for remarkable flexibility of use.

Product Highlights

  • Comes in an ergonomic design that offers long hours of use without feeling discomfort
  • The transmitter can support simultaneous connections to 2 pairs of headphones for a great bonding experience with a loved one
  • Offers a range of up to 100 meters within line of sight to enable you to move freely around your home without too many distance restrictions
  • Includes 2 listening modes that you can choose from to achieve a customized listening experience
  • Feature a user-friendly plug and play setup that will be a breeze to prepare so you can immediately enjoy the immersive home theater experience

Who are these Headphones for?

These are superb headphones for people who want to enhance their TV enjoyment by using a pair of headphones Sennheiser RS 175 Review in 2020that they can use to customize the entire experience. The headphones allow you to choose between two listening modes that you can use to suit the scenes that are currently onscreen, so you can have an even more immersive experience that will otherwise not be possible if you watch your favorite movies or shows the regular way – without the wireless headphones.

These are ideal for those who want to watch TV in peace – without the distractions from outside noise and without disturbing other people in the process. The closed-back design of the headphones works to reduce noise from the surrounding area so you can focus on the scenes and dialogues being shown onscreen instead of being frequently distracted by the sounds around you. Meanwhile, the headphones also ensure that the sounds will not leak out so they will not disturb your loved ones who may not be fond of what you are watching, or simply want to do something else.


These are amazing headphones to have if you want to elevate your home theater experience with the ability to customize the way you listen to and experience the scenes onscreen. The system comes with different listening modes that you can toggle to suit your preference, allowing you to enjoy the TV shows or movies exactly the way you want to, without being limited by the stock modes. You can turn up the volume to the highest level to be able to feel as one with the characters onscreen, and still be confident that you will not earn the ire of the other people in your home because of the distracting noise – because you are the only one to hear the sounds, through the headphones.

These digital wireless headphones for TV can offer significant benefits if you want to multitask while watching TV. The system offers an impressive 100-meter range that means you can move around your home while watching TV – you just need to make sure that the TV stays within your line of sight. You can do the necessary chores or check on your loved ones while ensuring that you do not miss one crucial scene onscreen because the headphones will continue transmitting the audio without breaking or dropping out even while you are moving around.

The premium features of these headphones come with a higher price point as well, so it may not be the best option for those who are looking for the most inexpensive choice for headphones for TV. However, if you want to enjoy Sennheiser RS 175 Review in 2020the high-quality features and the seamless digital transmission that Bluetooth headphones may not be able to offer, then the RS 175 is definitely worth a try at the very least.

About the Company

Sennheiser was established in 1945 and continues to be a third-generation family-run business with the goal of developing one of a kind listening experiences to ultimately shape the future of audio. Today, the company is one of the top manufacturers of loudspeakers, microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems in the world, with the name being synonymous to excellence in the world of audio. The company’s products are created by following sound design that allows people to hear and also feel the outstanding audio quality for a truly remarkable experience.

Sennheiser Urbanite XL Over-Ear Headphones

These headphones are designed to deliver an intense club sound, making it a great companion while traversingSennheiser Urbanite XL Over-Ear Headphones the urban jungle on a daily basis. The Urbanite XL is an over-ear pair of headphones that offers massive bass to keep your heart thumping with the beat so you can feel as energized as the tunes you love listening to. While the bass may have the spotlight with these headphones, they also make sure that audio clarity is not sacrificed across the entire frequency range. The Urbanite lineup is designed for your music enjoyment while you are on the go, combining excellent sound quality with ease of use that you can conveniently take advantage of without taking a break from your fast-paced lifestyle.

Design & Size

These headphones have an integrated in-line remote control that you can use to manage functions such as controlling the music on your tablet or smartphone, so you can continue listening to your beloved music tracks without breaking stride.

They also come with an integrated microphone for making and receiving calls while on the move, offering superb clarity so that the call quality will not be negatively affected regardless of where you are located.

The headphones are available in a variety of colors that you can choose from to reflect your personality or to suit your mood whenever you wish to go out while continuing to listen to your preferred audio tracks.

The hinges are made of stainless steel that offers enhanced durability and strength while at the same time providing a sleek aesthetic that amps up the coolness factor.

The aluminum sliders likewise contribute to the strength and longevity of these headphones, at the same time working to elevate the overall premium look and feel of the product.

These headphones can easily be folded when not in use so you can conveniently keep them safe in the included soft carrying pouch where they can be protected from damage that may be caused by dirt or exposure to the Sennheiser Urbanite XL Over-Ear Headphoneselements.

While the profile of this pair of headphones is larger than the standard models, it manages to retain a sleek appearance that works well with an urban-chic vibe that will go well with a minimalist outfit aesthetic.

Materials & Comfort

The headband of these headphones is wrapped with a soft fabric to make sure that your head will not be pressed against a hard surface to prevent discomfort, especially when you use the headphones for long stretches of time.

This headband allows a little flexibility, just enough to ensure that you can do the necessary adjustments to prevent pressure from building up in your ears as you use the headphones for the better part of the day (or night).

The earpads are generously cushioned so they will gently cover your ears without pressing too firmly to prevent pain from setting in especially with long-term use.  The cushioning also works to muffle external sounds so you can keep your attention focused on the music or a podcast without annoying distractions from the outside world.

These earpads are designed to have a larger structure compared to standard ear pads. This is to ensure that the ear pads will surround your ears in a comfortable manner instead of fitting directly and too tightly to the ears.

The ear cups’ height can be adjusted so you can achieve the most comfortable fit to ensure that you will not feel pain even with long hours of use.

The headphones feature a lightweight structure that makes them a joy to use for long hours at a time because they sit naturally on your head, protecting you from the discomfort that can come from wearing heavy and bulky headphones for long periods.

Sound Performance

The Urbanite XL headphones are designed to produce an attention-catching club sound along with massive bass to keep you on your toes as you listen to your favorite heart-pumping tunes.

They deliver outstanding clarify and accuracy throughout the entire frequency range, which is a given with Sennheiser Urbanite XL Over-Ear HeadphonesSennheiser’s unmatched audio expertise.

The headphones manage to make the massive bass as tight and precise as it can possibly be. This results in the mids coming out clearly because the bass does not muddle up the other frequencies with an overemphasized delivery.

The tightness of the bass and the good frequency response makes these headphones suitable for watching movies because it works to keep the dialogues clear and unaffected by surrounding sounds.

These wired headphones also deliver an extended treble and smooth midrange, allowing you to fully enjoy and distinguish the subtleties of the audio track you are listening to.


The headphones come with a 2-year warranty.

They are built with a rugged profile that makes them extremely reliable for long-lasting use that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Connectivity & Compatibility

The headphones come with a 3.5mm audio cable for connecting with a compatible device and does not need a separate external power source.

They are available in two versions – one that is compatible with Apple devices and one suited for use with Android or Windows devices.

Additional Features

The extra-large closed-back ear cups are designed to go over your ears for superior comfort, but they also work for noise reduction so you can fully enjoy your favorite music without unwanted sounds that can keep you distracted Sennheiser Urbanite XL Over-Ear Headphonesonce they start to seep into your hearing range.

The cable is detachable so it can easily be stored in separately when the headphones and folded. This can prevent damage that may result from the headphones and the cable rubbing against each other when in storage. When you are ready to use them again, simply insert the cable into the headphone until a click can be heard, after which you will need to twist the cable clockwise to ensure a secure fit.

Product Highlights

  • Delivers massive bass without sacrificing the clarity throughout the entire frequency range
  • Features a solid construction with high-quality materials that ensure you can enjoy these headphones for a long time
  • The headphones can be folded so it is easy to place them in a carrying pouch when not being used to keep them protected from damage
  • Comes with large and generously cushioned ear cups that fit snugly over your ears while ensuring that there will be no uncomfortable pressure buildup
  • An integrated in-line remote control allows you to manage the functions while on the go for your complete convenience

Who are these Headphones for?

These headphones are an ideal choice for audiophiles who live for the bass. The headphones ensure that you will get massive bass that will get your heart pumping, letting you feel the beat that will keep you feeling completely alive and energized especially while listening to upbeat tracks. However, the bass is not the only thing that you can enjoy with these headphones, because they work at the same time to keep the entire frequency range astoundingly clear so you can have a truly immersive experience regardless of the genre of the tunes you listen to.

These are the headphones that are ideal for those who are always on the go and would benefit from this product’s convenience features. They come with an integrated in-line remote control that makes it possible for you to control the functions while you are on the move, without needing to pause just to adjust the volume or jump to Sennheiser Urbanite XL Over-Ear Headphonesanother track. The foldable design of these headphones is also beneficial if you plan on carrying them with you throughout the day without necessarily using them all the time. When they are folded, the headphones transform into a small structure that will perfectly fit into the included carrying pouch, where they can be protected from damage while you are on the go.


These are excellent headphones to have if you are looking for a pair that can keep up with your active and busy lifestyle. The headphones have a rugged construction made with high-quality materials that offer superior strength and durability. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that slight bumps or accidental falling will not automatically turn the headphones into a broken mess, so you can still plan on using their long-lasting features for a long time.

These headphones are a great choice if you want a bass-focused pair that will nonetheless keep the entire frequency range clear, so you can still enjoy the fantastic sound quality that the brand is known for regardless of the music genre of the audio track you are playing. It is also one of your best bets for headphones if you want uncompromising sound quality, but you still value the importance of a stylish product. The sleek lines and premium-quality materials of these headphones elevate the overall aesthetic to one that is classy enough to be used in any setting.

On the other hand, this may not be the most ideal product for those who need the mobility offered by wireless headphones, since the wired profile may be too confining for some people. The premium features of these Sennheiser Urbanite XL Over-Ear Headphonesheadphones come with the corresponding higher price range, so this may not be the best option as well for those who are looking for headphones with the lowest price.

About the Company

Since Sennheiser was founded 75 years ago, the company continues to be an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing headphones, microphones, wireless transmission systems, and loudspeakers. The company has a mission of providing its customers with moments and experiences that are unforgettable through new innovations in sound quality. The ultimate goal is to mold the future of audio and create unique sound experiences at the same time. Today, Sennheiser has 2 divisions – Consumer and Professional – that have the common mission of creating great sound.

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