Sentey gaming headset review

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Nothing completes the ultimate gaming experience better than having great graphics and realistic sounds. Well, maybe some snacks, but that’s not the point. If you want a truly immersive and completely cinematic virtual adventure, whether you choose to embark on a heroic quest, or conquer new worlds, or bodyslam the Big Show, you’ll need more than just your souped up rig and your ultra-high definition computer monitor. You’ll also need high performance gaming headsets so that you can hear every shot fired, listen for clues, or give clear instructions to your attack party before going on your next mission.

One sweet pair of cans that can give you the remarkable audio performance that you need in any game is the Arches™ Headset from international computer peripherals manufacturer Sentey. Part of the company’s successful Elite Gamer Series, the Arches™ Headset offers plenty of nifty features, and delivers excellent audio quality at a very sensible price.

Sound Quality

The Arches™ Headset is equipped with 40mm drivers that are capable of generating optimal output in the 20Hz to 20 KHz range. The sound quality is so remarkably clear that you hear all the sounds of battle. You can virtually feel the impact of every punch or every explosion. And while the Arches™ Headset was built to offer exceptional performance in a gaming environment, it works just as well when you listen to music. The Digital Virtual 7.1 Surround sound that it outputs is tonally balanced and precise, complementing some of the popular music genres of today. The adjustable mic also delivers clear and audible audio, making it easy to talk to your team mates online when you play co-op.

Design and Durability

sentey gaming v2Every gamer’s worst nightmare is for his equipment to break down and quit in the heat of battle. For this reason, Sentey designed the Arches™ Headset to be sturdy enough to take a beating, just as your in-game character is strong enough to take on a horde of zombies. The most noticeable aspect of the Arches™ Headset are its two supra-aural ear cups, which houses the sound drivers, and shows a glowing Sentey logo behind a metal mesh material when the headset is powered on.

The ear cups swivel slightly to allow for a more comfortable fit. The padded headband is flexible enough to let it conform to the shape of your head, and the ear cups are generously cushioned for maximum comfort. There is also an omnidirectional boom mic attached to the left ear cup. On the end of the mouthpiece, you’ll see a red indicator light that glows when the headset is ready. The left ear cup is also where the 6.5-foot braided audio cable attaches. The audio cable is fitted with an inline control module that houses the volume control dial, mute button, and vibration control button.

There are currently two Arches™ Headset variations. The white version has the designation GS-4371, while the black headset is the GS-4370. Except for their color, the two products are practically identical.

Value for Money

For a high performance gaming headset, the Arches™ Headset is probably one of the few that won’t set you back hundreds of your hard-earned dollars. Retailing for a little under $40, the Arches™ Headset gives you great value for money by providing superb sound, comfortable design, and an immersive gaming experience. And since the Arches™ Headset was designed for extensive use, they should last you long enough before you’ll need to replace them with a new pair of gaming headsets.


As far as gaming headsets go, the Arches™ Headset delivers a powerful yet balanced audio performance that carries over to in-call audio and listening to music. Its modern design is sleek and comfortable, and the build quality is considerably rugged and durable. For your money, the Arches™ Headset makes for a great investment, especially if you are a heavy gamer that also likes to sit back and listen to music every once in a while. It may not give you the low frequencies that professional studio headphones are known for, but for gaming purposes, the Arches™ Headset are absolutely worth giving some serious consideration.

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