Sentey LS-4201 Headphones Amplitude X360 Review

What if you found headphones that would last forever?

Sentey LS-4201 HeadphonesWith all the technological advancements that our generation has made and witnessed, it is a common annoyance among all music lovers – how often they have to keep replacing their headphones. The cables tangle and tear, the audio just stops functioning, and one can expect their listening experience to last no more than a few months till they have to hunt for a new piece to meet all their needs. The Sentey LS-4201 Headphones Amplitude X360 is, however, one headphone that challenges all of these problems with an all-purpose solution that its customers believe will surpass the usual lifetime of a headphone. At least for one in this price range. Sentey itself is known as an electronics company worldwide for their PC manufacturing and their gaming solutions. However, it appears that they have come up with an ingenious new headphone that has pleased music lovers and experts alike. So what are the features that the Sentey LS-4201 Amplitude X360 has on offer?

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Sound quality of the Sentey LS-4201 Headphones

Designed with two 15mm dynamic drivers, these earphones come equipped with the potential of generating bass quality that is definitely going to blow you away. For the price range, the Sentey LS-4201 Amplitude X360 steps up where sound balance and achieving a high quality listening experience is concerned. They are fitted with the perfect silicon earbuds as well, which provide more than the usual naturally sounding music experience – which is another quality that regular music lovers do not experience with the run-of-the-mill stereo earphones.

The sound quality isn’t the only selling feature

Apart from delivering on the sound quality, which frankly is enough for a lot of us who have been hunting for the perfect pair of low-cost earphones – the Sentey LS-4201 Headphones Amplitude X360 comes with an in-line microphone that allows users to answer calls and have an easy conversation using the handy buttons on the cable. The hands-free talking and handling feature makes it really simple to connect to your phone and use the earphones as a multi-purpose device. Incidentally, not that it claims to have a complete noise-isolation feature to it; the earbuds are actually pretty successful in blocking out sounds around the user.

It is built for durability

The overall design and build of the Sentey LS-4201 Amplitude X360 is another quality that puts it above the rest of its peers. The protein material that is used for the earbuds makes it not only a comfortable experience to have these on for long periods of time, but the earbuds are especially durable – which means that replacing the earphones due to regular wear and tear is not something you need to worry about. The earphones overall have a hardy rubberized material that coats its body, which gives the piece the finish and long lasting feature that any music lover needs from their earphones. In fact, the earphones come along with a set of earbuds in three different sizes for no extra cost – which means that you can find the perfect fit for your ears without worrying about noise leaking in through ill-fitting earbuds.

From the positive feedback that the Sentey LS-4201 Headphones Amplitude X360 has received from customers and experts alike – it is safe to assume that this earphone is a perfect handy piece to own for everybody who needs a music accessory and is on the move. From people who love having their favorite playlist handy and within reach in the gym or on public transport or just on a walk – this would be the easiest and a long lasting solution.

In a nutshell, the sound quality and the hardy quality of the Sentey LS-4201 Amplitude X360 are the two greatest selling points for it – especially for earphones within its price range. That and the fact that it is compatible with all possible music devices from your PC, all phones and MP3 players – there is almost no other feature that one can want from an earphone. The final finish and quality to its design are also added benefits – which means that the Sentey LS-4201 Headphones Amplitude X360 looks much more lush than its price implies.

<<CHECK OUT PRICES & CUSTOMER REVIEWS OF Sentey LS-4201 Headphones Amplitude X360>>
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