Sentey LS-4230 Headphones Review

Sentey LS-4230 Headphones ReviewWith so many headphones on the market, users are spoilt for choice – but you’ll rarely come across a pair as versatile as the Sentey Phaint LS-4230 headphones. While they are by no means audiophile-level, these headphones work well for casual everyday use: whether it’s for running, sports, gaming or listening to music. Featuring solid audio performance coupled with a sturdy build, they offer exceptional value for money.

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Audio Performance

Sentey as a brand is probably not as well-known as more established headphone manufacturers such as Sennheiser, Bose or Audio-Technica. However, their LS-4230 headphones deliver with surprisingly good audio. Equipped with high-quality 40mmdrivers backed by neodymium magnets, the sound produced is immersive and natural – delivering on the promise of ‘high quality HD stereo’, which is a definite step up from traditional stereo sound.

With a frequency response between 20Hz to 20,000Hz, the headphones are able to handle both low and high frequencies well, with a flat sound that carries well across all ranges. The lows sound deep and velvety, with detailed mid-range as well as crisp, sparkly highs. The overall audio is well-balanced, with a slightly boosted bass that gives beat-heavy tunes that extra oomph, without overwhelming the rest of the track. Volume goes up pretty high without the need for an external amplifier.

The Sentey boasts a wide 3D-soundstage, so users will feel a sense of space while listening to the audio ‘around’ them. G This also makes them perfect for activities such as gaming, where users will be able to pinpoint directions accurately, such as where enemy gunfire is coming from or the sound of game cues.

Sentey LS-4230 Headphones ReviewThe headphones have a sensitivity rating of 110dB and low impedance, making them most suitable for portable audio devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as home hi-fi systems. They are also energy-saving and require very little power to function, since their current consumption is only 190 – 500uA.

Add all those elements together and you have a pair of headphones that surpasses expectations with its sound quality, despite the cheap price tag.

Design and Build

Drawing inspiration from large, over-the-ear DJ cans, the Sentey headphones look more expensive than they actually are. They sport a circumaural design that envelops the ears, helping to minimize ambient noise such as the chatter of a crowd on a packed subway. The closed-back design also provides good noise isolation, ensuring privacy and peace of mind for your neighbours on the commute.

It’s hard enough to find a pair of headphones that will fit comfortably on adults, let alone children – but the Sentey’s adjustable headband allows users to do just that. The headband has an extendable mechanism that can be opened and closed to fit different head shapes and sizes.

The band’s rounded shape and resembles a horseshoe, ending in two large and rounded ear cups that swivel back and forth for a customized fit. Meanwhile, the pads are covered with a soft, velour-like material to ensure maximum comfort.

Sentey LS-4230 Headphones ReviewAt just over 8 ounces, the headphones are lightweight – making them comfy for long hours of wear and easy to carry around. They even fold down into a compact carrying case for convenient storage into bags or luggage. Their portable feature means that users can find a variety of outdoor applications for them, from listening to music while at the gym, at work, or on the commute.

However, care should be taken when bringing them around. While the structure is robust and seems sturdy enough, the same can’t be said of the hinges and smaller components, which look susceptible to wear and tear with repeated use.

The headphones come in three colors, namely black, black and red, and black and blue.

Additional Features

For their price, users should already be happy with their performance, but that’s not all the Sentey has to offer. The headphones also come with an in-line mic, saving you money and time to buy a separate piece. Located about a quarter of the way down the cable, the mic allows users to make and answer calls conveniently, using controls that are compatible with various devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The control functions include play and pause, answer and hang up, as well as volume control (only for Apple devices), so users can easily adjust the settings without having to fret with their gadgets.

One common complaint about in-line mics is that they pick up sounds when the cable is brushed against clothing, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a problem with the Sentey. The single-sided cable is braided for extra durability. Measuring around 4ft, it trails down from one side of the ear cup for a tangle-free experience, and ends with a standard 3.5mm jack that is compatible with most devices.

The only downside there is seems to be the mic quality. While decent and able to pick up voices fairly well, the mic audio has a muffled and scratchy quality.

Pros and Cons


Sentey LS-4230 Headphones Review

  • Sound quality exceeds expectations for a basic pair of headphones
  • Over the ear design provides good noise isolation
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable headband fits across different head shapes and size, even for people with smaller heads
  • Portable and lightweight, comes with carrying case
  • Able to fold down for convenient storage
  • Versatile – listen to music while jogging, on the commute or at home on the computer
  • in-line mic and controls


  • Poor mic quality
  • Solid construction but hinges and smaller components do not seem sturdy


For a basic pair of headphones the Sentey is a steal – dishing out reasonable audio performance at a very affordable price. Even if you lose or break them, they can be easily replaced without burning a hole in your pocket. Their versatility makes them perfect for all sorts of activities, so gym rats, casual listeners, college students and even professionals will find some use for them.

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Sentey LS-4230 Headphones>>

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