Sentey LS-4570 B-Trek Review

A top notch gaming experience with Sentey LS-4570 B-Trek

Sentey LS-4570 B-TrekIn the times that we live in today, it is only natural that we all expect the best technological experience that our budget can afford. The Sentey LS-4570 B-Trek is the one that makes it to the top of the list in this price range because it offers exactly what you need from your go-to headset – a booming sound quality, the ease of Bluetooth features and all this packed into a stylish looking piece that also doubles up as a fashion accessory. Sentey is an electronics company that was founded in the United States but has gained international prominence because of their innovative products. While their core interest lies in building PCs, other electronic accessories have gained similar critical praise. Sentey also lays claim to the PC Gaming industry and designing electronic components for it – which is why the Sentey LS-4570 B-Trek is also a headset that would also be perfect for gaming needs. Following are some of the reasons why audiophiles and critics alike have given it highly rated reviews.


The sound of the Sentey LS-4570 B-Trek will blow you away

It is safe to say that the Sentey LS-4570 B-Trek produces clean bass, pristine midrange and treble sounds – which means that it appeals to all kinds of audiophiles, gamers, regular music lovers, as well as industry professionals alike. So if you are aware of how to adjust the equalizer in the right way, you can expect a hard hitting bass for your favorite songs on your playlist. This would, therefore, be the perfect headset for those who’ve had trouble getting the audio quality right when listening to music on headphones on their noisy daily commute – the Sentey LS-4570 B-Trek presents its listeners with a truly immersive listening experience. However, the impressive sound quality is not all that this headset has to offer.

Wait, there’s more…

As mentioned earlier, the Bluetooth feature is, of course, the other desirable trait that users have been raving about. This of course means that it allows you the freedom to play music wirelessly from any music player of your choice. Including answer calls and have a conversation with the help of the in-built microphone, or control the playing of your music with the help of the handy pause, play buttons present on the headset itself. The Bluetooth range that the headset offers is an impressive thirty-three feet radius that makes life a whole lot easier. In fact, another feature that helps the Sentey LS-4570 B-Trek really pack a punch is its multi-pairing function, which means that one can actually connect two devices at the same time to the headset.

It is dressed to impress

The leather like material that is used for the ear pads ensures that the headset provides maximum comfort – that and the adjustable headband are added features that help the headset to be worn for long periods of time without making the experience an uncomfortable one. This is one problem that music lovers often face, especially if the headset is heavy and cumbersome. This particular piece is actually quite lightweight, and their designers have clearly taken great measures to ensure that it is not a burden to the wearer. Not only that, but the entire headset is actually completely foldable – which means that for those who like to travel with their precious headsets won’t find it difficult to simply stow it away in their bags without worrying about it taking up too much space!

So who is the Sentey LS-4570 B-Trek perfect for? As its customers and experts would have us believe, this headset is, in fact, perfect for everybody. Right from professionals who need Bluetooth headsets for work-related reasons, to the usual music lovers who are simply looking for an easy to use and handy headphone for their daily music needs – the Sentey LS-4570 B-Trek appears to be an all-purpose beast of a headphone.

Ultimately, the key feature that makes these headphones so attractive is the sound quality and the Bluetooth facilities that it offers for its price range. Not to mention that the overall design of the headphone is stylish and sleek as well.

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