The Best Ski Helmet Headphones In 2019

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Skiing and snowboarding are intensely enjoyable sports. Music can kick up the fun a notch. Not just when you enjoy a little Billy Joel après-ski, but also while jetting your way through a black run. With the right ski helmet headphones you can blaze through snow with hard metal pounding in your ears. Or you could sail through off-piste with a little Chopin to guide you. In terms of integrating music, skiing and snowboarding are trickier than other adrenaline sports like motorcycle riding. In these two dynamic winter sports, you need to listen to shouted instructions and warnings of oncoming dangers. So ski helmet headphones, which are a bit different to headphones for snowboarding toe a precarious balance between unperturbed music and porosity for conversation flow.

When we looked for the best ski helmet headphones in market, here’s what we took into account:

  • Design: In-ear, over-ear, wrap around? Ski helmets have a snug fit that keeps your head from turning into pie during an unfortunate incident. Housing a full blown headphone inside such helmets is difficult and dangerous. So skiers would prefer flat speakers that stick to the inside of the helmets or on-ear ones.
  • Wires or no wires: In case of wireless ski helmet headphones, you would not need to worry about inconvenient tugging while you ski down the bunny slope. But other concerns like obstacles in wireless connectivity arise. Also Bluetooth is bound to cost more than wired headphones. We have covered both wired and Bluetooth ski helmet headphones here.
  • Noise management: Skiing is an artful business. You want to keep a tab at patrollers’ warnings or the swishing before a noob bombs down on you. But what’s music without a peaceful background. Ski helmet headphones need to be selective in the sounds they let through.
  • Lasting long: Skiing will continue through the seasons. Will the ski helmet headphones? There’s an awful lot of physical activity going on when you ski. So the headphones you select must be up for some rough action and flinging around.
  • Convenience: When you ski you are going to be dressed to the boots. Your hands will be encumbered by bulky gloves. You should be able to manage the controls of your ski helmet headphones with your burdened extremities. The speakers should sit comfortably over your ears without any pressure points.

Bearing all this in mind, we have shortlisted the following headphones for our best ski helmet headphones list. Choose one and ready yourself for a freeride through boulevard of frozen dreams.

The top 10 best ski helmet headphones in 2019 – The complete guide

 1. Sena SNOWTALK-10M Long-Range Bluetooth Intercom and Stereo Headset $$5.0 
 2. Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio $$ 4.8
 3. Sena SPH10-10 Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headset / Intercom $$4.8 
 4. OnairMall vnetphone® V8 1200m Motorcycle/Ski Helmet Bluetooth Headphone $$4.5 
 5. Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom $$ 4.5
 6. UCLEAR HBC120 PLUS Sports Helmet Communicator Bluetooth Headset $$4.0 
 7. Helmet Stereo Earphones + Microphone, remote-control for recent iDevice models BY Helmet Earphones $$3.8 
 8. Sena Snow Sports Bluetooth Headset and Intercom $$ 3.8
 9. Outdoor Tech OT0042 Wired Chips – Universal Helmet Audio System $$3.8 
 10. Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System with HD Audio and Advanced Noise Control $$ 3.8

1. Sena SNOWTALK-10M Long-Range Bluetooth Intercom and Stereo Headset

best ski helmet headphonesSena is the market leader in motorcycle helmet Bluetooth devices. It was about time they brought their expertise to ski helmet headphones. Sena’sSnowtalk is the talk of powder town. This Bluetooth enabled headset and accompanying accessories make it the perfect partner for a romp in snow. Using the intercom is an added benefit if you have a partner you need to track.

The Snowtalk 10M constitutes two slim ear pieces connected by a cord. A micro USB port descends from the right earpiece for charging. All cables are braided and look durable for use in the rough weather. The ski helmet headset is light and portable. You can insert the earpieces into recesses in your helmet to keep them close for hearing. Microphone is internally built into the right speaker. Both ear pieces sport a button each to control all the functions. It might take you a little time to learn all the button press combinations to get your work done. But they are easy to access with gloved hands. Battery life is pretty reliable. Sena Snowtalk gives you six hours of talktime and six days standby on one charge. There are battery-indicating LEDs on the speakers. Bluetooth connection can be established with you smartphones and mp3 players for a clear, articulate audio. Snowtalk 10M ski helmet headphones are loud enough to drown out the noises of the rowdy skiing crowd. Intercom is facilitated via Bluetooth in this headset. It had a range of 700m. The connection drops only if faced with a big obstacle and it reconnects immediately after navigating around them.

Sena packs delightful audio quality with its legacy of flawless Bluetooth operation into Snowtalk 10M. This comforting combo lands it into our best ski helmet headphones list.

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2. Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio

best ski helmet headphonesThe name really defines the scope of this product. Outdoor Technology makes these wonderful ski helmet headphones to make music part of our skiing experience. This headset plays hi-fidelity sonic output against the bellowing winds. It will wirelessly connect to any audio device with Bluetooth capability like cell phones, Ipods etc.

The Chips headphones are a set of petite round speakers with flat surfaces. These two ear pieces are connected by a single wire. The ear pieces can be slipped into the audio liners of the ski helmet and rest near your ears.  The architecture is sweat and chill resistant making it compatible for riding bikes and skiing. Chips ski helmet headset delivers music from huge 40mm drivers that produce clear, high quality sound with punchy bass. Toggling between calls and music is handled automatically. Calls take precedence over music, as usual. Either speaker has a button for operating the headset. They are large enough to be pressed with mitten covered hands. You can play/pause, answer/reject calls, and navigate volume and tracks using these. You can activate Siri with button press activity. GPS instructions can also be heard through Chips ski helmet headphones.If the headset runs out of juice, it has a 3.5mm auxiliary port for cable. It can be operated in the wired mode as well. Battery of these skiing headphones will last through 10 hours per charge cycle or 280 hours of standby. They switch themselves off automatically to save charge if they have been idling for some time.

Outdoor Technology Chips wireless ski headset handles the Bluetooth capability with panache. There’s no unusual connection drop. They seem to have thought of many little things that contribute towards a great customer experience. Without Chips, any best ski helmet headphones list is unfinished.

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3. Sena SPH10-10 Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headset / Intercom

best ski helmet headphonesEncore to Sena and it delivers the SPH10 Outdoor sports Bluetooth headset.  SPH10 has a durable design that goes with many half helmets including ski helmets. That makes it a veritable contender for best ski helmet headphones. It can also be used without helmet for just the intercom facility within an institution.

Sena SPH10 has two on-ear ear pieces connected by a flexible headband that goes at the back of your head. It sits lightly of your ears and causes no discomfort when paired with ski helmets. Buttons and volume jog dial are carved on to one of the ear pieces and the boom mic.  The controls project out of the sides of the half helmets and allow the user to employ them with gloved hands. SPH10 is sweat and water resistant making it the prime ally for some Wedeln. Bluetooth 3.0 is used in these wireless headphones for music playback, call handling and GPS instructions. All three audio inputs(music, calls and intercom)have independent volume settings. These profiles are saved by the device and changed as you change the audio source. Intercom can be arranged between 4 participants at a time. Sena SPH10 ski helmet headphones deliver a spot on reproduction of the actual sound. This clarity is maintained in the microphone audio output as well. Even if you are downhilling at 80mph the other side will hear your sound over the call clearly.It gives 10 hour use per battery charge.

Sena SPH-10 comes with a clamp kit and all knick knacks to get you started.  Sena is purgative in its preparation for user experience. It even packs a stereo cable with SPH10 ski helmet headphone.

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4. OnairMall vnetphone® V8 1200m Motorcycle/Ski Helmet Bluetooth Headphone

best ski helmet headphonesOnairMall sure hit the nail on the head with V8 ski helmet headphones. Designed for versatile use with motorcycle helmets and ski helmets, OnairMall V8 features a main device and a remote control. This remote device can be fixed on the grip of the ski pole or motorcycle handle. It literally places the operation of this Bluetooth headset in your hands.

The headset arrangement can be clamped to the side of your helmet. It has the power on, volume control and power off buttons. Wires run from this main unit to the speakers and mic. If you ski or motorcycle helmet has detachable padding, these wires can be routed under the liners and speakers should be fixed in the alcoves near your ears with Velcro.  Mic is attached to a flexible boom. The remote control has power and volume buttons as well. It has a clip at the back which can be used to fasten it to the ski poles.  Wireless connectivity is available through both NFC and Bluetooth. OnairMall V8 ski helmet headphones also allow intercom between partners through Bluetooth. Both the remote control and main unit have buttons for intercom channels.Battery survives 8 hour ordeals on one charge. The remote control unit works on an alkaline battery.  USB charger for the unit forms part of the package. Sound output is a revelation in OnairMall V8. Bass has the oomph without being unbalanced, a characteristic of high-end headphones. Vocals evolve clearly from the low thrum of bass. A sparkling treble rounds up the warm audio response.

OnairMall Vnetphone V8 is a milestone in the skiing helmet headset domain. But it needs to be backed up with continued production and some investment into customer service from the firm. Nevertheless, that wouldn’t cost it its place in the best ski helmet headphones list.

<<<Latest prices and customer reviews of OnairMall vnetphone® V8 1200m Motorcycle/Ski Helmet Bluetooth Headphone>>>

5. Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom

best ski helmet headphonesAlthough originally meant for motorcycle helmets, Sena SMH10 can be extended to use with full-faced ski helmets.  Sena dips into its vast pool of Bluetooth experience to create a wireless helmet headset that will color your skiing in musical notes. SMH10 has used a Universal Intercom protocol making them compatible with intercom headsets from other brands as well.

The Bluetooth unit of SMH10 helmet headphones can be clamped onto the helmet. Clamps are provided in the box. Sena has been requested to build these with clamps for the more common half shell helmets. Speakers are thin affairs that can be stuck inside the helmets for proximity to your ears. Mic is mounted on a boom that rests on the main Bluetooth unit. Bluetooth 3.0 provides the wireless connectivity. Maximum 4 people can be covered in an intercom conference. Sena SMH10 helmet headphones can be used to make calls, listen to music and GPS navigation. Phone, music and intercom volumes are saved as separate profiles and switched when the medium of audio is switched. This means you can set a high volume for call to hear clearly and a lower volume for music. You will not be suddenly shocked by loud music when call ends. It makes toggling between calls, music and intercom easy on ears. This headset offers 12 hours talk time per battery charge and 10 days of stand-by. The Bluetooth unit has play/pause, call, volume and track controls. SMH10 is a stereo helmet headset that produces a clear and accurate audio. Advanced noise control technology keeps noise from creeping into both outgoing and incoming sound. Bass is subtle but the music will sound loud enough over the mayhem of a blue run.

Sena SMH10-10 outperforms many in its league as a Bluetooth headset.  With some modification to the clamp assembly it will be ski ready as well. For those who opt for full coverage helmets, this is a must have from the best ski helmet headphones list.

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6. UCLEAR HBC120 PLUS Sports Helmet Communicator Bluetooth Headset

best ski helmet headphonesUClear HBC120 is a refreshingly simple Bluetooth communicator device that can be lodged into a ski helmet to transform it into a smart helmet. This headset consists of one control unit and two ear pieces. Control unit can go outside the helmet and speakers will rest in hollows near the ears. HBC120 makes its way into our best ski helmet headphones list for keeping it uncomplicated.

The slim speakers of HBC120 ski helmet headphones hold gently against the ears. Mic is embedded into one of these ear pieces. They provide an immersive audio experience. Stereo sound comes clean and loud in these headphones. Microphone also performs equally well. Usually the person on the other side will not be able to tell that you are speeding towards the edge of the world. Power and volume buttons are on the control unit. You can pick calls hands free. This control unit is weatherproof and impervious to face shots. It is built huge to be tackled with mittens over your hands. UClear HBC120 ski helmet headset goes wireless with Bluetooth. It can also provide intercom with another person who has the same set. This connection has a leash of 500m. These wireless headphones come with a helmet mount and goggle mount to attach it to the helmet.

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7. Helmet Stereo Earphones + Microphone, remote-control for recent iDevice models BY Helmet Earphones

best ski helmet headphonesThis obscure brand brings us wired headphones for helmets of various kinds including ski helmets. They get full marks for ear comfort because the speakers of these headphones are really thin with Velcro at the back.  They can be stuck inside the helmet on either side for stereo sound.

Helmet Stereo ski helmet headphones are built minimalistic. The wafer thin speakers connect to a cable that carries a remote inline. This 4 feet long cable ends in a 3.5mm connector for Android phones, Iphones, Ipods, Tablets, mp3 players, laptops etc. The inline control has volume up/down buttons and mic. You can stick this part on the chinstrap of your ski helmet and let the cable descend to your device. Music quality is pretty good for the price. They will more or less sound like your apple headphones. Even when you are speeding ahead at high velocities you can hear the music over the din.

Wireless headphones are not really the vogue when it comes to outdoor activities. But the fact is that they cost one fourth the price of their Bluetooth counterparts. If you are person who likes don the ski boots only to show off once in a while, these could be your partners in crime. Stick the headphones inside a fleece headband and you will make yourself a nice sleep headphone. So these helmet stereo headphones might make it to more lists than just the best ski helmet headphones list.

<<Latest prices and customer reviews of Helmet Stereo Earphones + Microphone, remote-control for recent iDevice models BY Helmet Earphones>>

8. Sena Snow Sports Bluetooth Headset and Intercom

best ski helmet headphonesSena Snowtalk has a predecessor which works just as great and even comes with an ear warmer. With Sena Snow ski helmet headphones, they have stuck to their simple design and no standout unit to be clamped on to the helmet. This can be used with both ski helmets and motorcycle helmets.

Sena Snow has two ear pieces connected by braided wire. Mic is packed inside the earpieces. Charging cable comes with the box.  An ear warmer that goes around the head is also part of the box. It is made of fleece and is padded inside for respite from snow cold. It has audio pockets on both sides. You can slip the dainty ear pieces into these pockets. If your half ski helmet has audio drop-in points you can put the earpieces in those. Each speaker has a large button in the center. All functions are carried out by a combination of button presses. You might have to get a little creative to locate these buttons with gloved hands through the padding of the ear warmers. Sena Snow ski helmet headset operates via Bluetooth. It also allows four-way intercom so you can ditch the Neanderthal radios for group communication. Battery lasts for the skiing festivities of a day. You can listen to music and GPS directions as well on these wireless headphones.

Sena Snow is conveniently non-messy. You can put them on and get down to business. It gets a place on the best ski helmet headphones list for its cost and effort effective features.

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9. Outdoor Tech OT0042 Wired Chips – Universal Helmet Audio System

best ski helmet headphonesOutdoor Tech has a wired version of the Chips which is good enough to make you forget that there are wires to deal with. They retained the controls on one earpiece so you don’t have to fiddle much with inline controls in the cable unlike Helmet Earphones. Easy to use, low, price and great sound make a strong case for these headphones to be in the best ski helmet headphones list.

Wired Chips headset has two ear pieces connect by a wire.  A detachable 3.5mm male-to-male cable descends from the left ear piece. Right earpiece has button to control playback, calls, track skipping, muting and Siri for Iphone users. These headphones are ruggedly built for resistance against sweat and low temperatures characteristic of ski slopes. The earpieces can be placed inside the audio pockets of your helmet or headband. Wires can be routed inside your clothing. The cable has inline control which has a volume wheel, mic and a secondary control button which can be used in lieu of the button on the right ear piece.  Audio brings true value to the price you pay for this ski helmet headphone. Chips has integrated powerful bass into crisp and clear mids and highs. 40mm drivers drive an enviable audio response that can counter some moderate over-ear headphones in the market.  Overall, the wired Chips headset manages to impress us in various aspects. At one third the price of other ski helmet headsets, this is big bang for bucks.

<<Latest prices and customer reviews of Outdoor Tech OT0042 Wired Chips – Universal Helmet Audio System>>

10. Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System with HD Audio and Advanced Noise Control

best ski helmet headphonesSena 20S took the motorcycle communication set market by a storm. 20S works seamlessly with motorcycle helmets and it would be a great pal for ski helmets as well. The latest Bluetooth 4.1 brings wireless connectivity to Sena 20S. Unlike other headphones, the control unit looks fancy with LED flashing to denote pairing.

Sena’s most powerful feature in this headset is the Bluetooth 4.1. It also facilitates group intercom with universal intercom protocol that will work with non-Sena headsets. Sena claims a range of whopping 2km for this intercom facility that can include up to 8 participants in one conference. These helmet headphones go all out in terms of group conferring. Advanced noise control and stereo speakers provide an amazing audio experience. Sena 20S comes with 3 mics: a static mic attached to the Bluetooth unit, a wired mic and a wired boom mic.  It allows Bluetooth connection with multiple devices at a time and audio multitasking (getting audio from two sources at the same time.). Sena 20S wireless headset also has music sharing and FM radio features. A 13 hour battery life adds to the glowing repertoire of 20S. It is durable and comes with excellent customer approach from Sena.

Sena 20S is expensive, no doubt. But they seem to have thought of everything when it comes to installing and using 20S with helmets. So in our opinion, the steep price is not reason enough to keep it out of our best ski helmet headphones list.

<<Latest prices and customer reviews of Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System with HD Audio and Advanced Noise Control>>

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