Skullcandy Hesh 2 Headphones Review

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Headphones ReviewSkullcandy is notorious for over-the-top logo placement and overtly bassy headphones. Thankfully the Hesh 2 wireless headphones have neither. They are a fun set of headphones available in surprisingly mute colors unlike the vibgyor models that Skullcandy usually brings out. Still, if you are feeling dangerous, it has the light gray/hot lime model that oozes the trademark Skullcandy funkiness. Looks apart, Skullcandy seems to have adopted a better sound signature with the Hesh 2 headphones. They are still enjoyable to the young audience without being too shabby for the connoisseurs.

Audio Performance

Skullcandy Hesh 2 headphones review shows that it can pep up your playlist with their spicy bass that brings substance to the sound. Bass can reach the lows and rumble there right along with unruly energy of Awolnation’s Sail. The dominating cymbals and percussion are going to sound just as awesome as they were meant to be. Bass is not boomy as it generally sounds with the IEMs that Skullcandy specializes in. Rather, there’s a generous amount of details there to make the lower end audio seem refined and listenable.

Skullcandy turned over a leaf for good when they showered attention on mids and highs in the Hesh 2 wireless headphones. The singer’s voice is going to stay in your head annealed seamlessly with the bass unlike the Hesh which was just bass and sludge. There’s a serendipitous texture to the mids which bring out their true warm nature. Highs roll off slightly. They are not crass even on high volumes where you would expect them to sound horrendous.  Treble also compliments the audio response well, with an appreciable extent and sparkling nature.

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Headphones ReviewIn general ,the Skullcandy Hesh 2 wireless headphones tread a fine line on details. They are refined enough to sound rich but not enough to make the bad formats look worse. In fact the infamous MP3 songs will sound pleasing on these cans. The all-genre, all-format loveable music from Hesh 2 is what you pay for when you buy these.

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Design and features

Skullcandy sure knows all about style. The Hesh 2 Bluetooth headphones, even in their black avatar, look attractive and up-to-date. They are nothing like the bulbous Sony-ware. Most of the build is plastic-based while the headband is coated for a rubbery smooth finish.  They sit comfortably on the head of average users. Music-lovers with bigger ears might feel the pressure of earcups on the edges of their ears. This is because the earpieces of Hesh 2 wireless headphones are round. They are elaborately padded with round cushions that bring rest to your ears. You can wear these headphones for long hours except for maybe the occasional pain from the headband which does not have any extra padding.

Bluetooth functionality works effortlessly based in the Skullcandy Hesh 2 headphones review. They connect easily and correctly with the intended Bluetooth-capable devices. Once the battery is charged, it will last through 15 hours before the next charge. The range of the Bluetooth is also pretty decent. The connection does not drop with minor obstacles in the room. This gives you more moving around room when you place your playback device somewhere. All functions for the Hesh 2 wireless headphones are managed by just three buttons one earcup. There’s one multifunction button that is used to control playback/calls. Other two buttons are used for volume and track management. The charging port is stowed away behind the arm of the left earcup. It may not be strategically positioned for charging but it stays hidden which is a plus.

Additional features

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Headphones ReviewCable:  The Skullcandy Hesh 2 wireless headphones are shipped with a detachable cable. This cable can be used to connect the headphones to smartphones, MP3 players, tablets etc when they have run out of charge. This way you don’t have to stay away from music even when the Bluetooth is not working.

Carry case: Skullcandy is a dignified brand. Accordingly, the Hesh 2 wireless headphones come with a carry case that can be used to transport these headphones with relative ease.

Mic: The onboard mic allows you to hold conversation with people over calls. They hear you well but there’s nothing stellar about the microphone quality.

Playback while charging: Interestingly enough, these headphones can play music while charging. Although you will be tethered to the charging cord, this is still a perk.


  • Solid cans with sturdy construction
  • Bluetooth capable
  • Punchy bass and natural audio
  • Works on 3.5mm male-to-male audio cable if it runs out of charge
  • Goof battery life and Bluetooth range
  • Comfortable headphones
  • Carry case, cable and USB charger included
  • 7 exciting colors available


  • Round earcups are awkward on bigger ears

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Headphones Review

Verdict: Skullcandy Hesh 2 Headphones Review

Skullcandy headphones are easy to make peace with. They have this cool aura about them that is best suited for young energetic folks who like their splash of color and bold statements. Due to that personal profile, the Hesh 2 wireless headphones look great on the user and are fit to be flaunted around outside.  To go with their colors, their audio also has the touch of swag. They sound great over the popular tracks that break the internet every day. But if you are a serious follower of Bass Weekly and play Bass I love you on repeat, you will initially love it but gradually start noticing the lack of sub-bass. Objectively speaking, as the Skullcandy Hesh 2 headphones review shows that they are good headphones that play everything well. And for that and their Bluetooth capability, they are well worth their price.

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Skullcandy Hesh 2 Headphones Review>>

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