Skullcandy S6AVFM-156 Aviator Headphones with Mic – Review 2015

Skullcandy S6AVFM-156 Aviator Headphones Review

Is your current headset giving you a hard time? Does the sound hurt your ears every time you use it? You can now stay relaxed and confident with the new earpiece Skullcandy created just for you. Whether you are listening to music through your smart phone or watching videos on your personal computer at home, you can now enjoy excellent digital audio in full comfort. An awesome feature set, the Skullcandy Aviator headphones produce a warm, detailed sound while being unique and daring in style.

The Skullcandy Aviator are considered by many audio experts including us, as one of the best headphones on the market. Hundreds of audiophiles who have tried this headset have provided outstanding feedback and ratings, and in fact 9 out of 10 users would highly recommend it.

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Fashion headphones tying up with Hollywood celebrities seem to be the trend. In fact, it was the Skullcandy who initiated this flare. It started when Snoop Dogg emerged in the screen wearing the revolutionary Skullcrushers back in 2008. Lady Gaga’s branded Heartbeats earphones immediately followed this launching.
Teaming with Jay Z via Roc Nation, the Skullcandy launched its first aviator headset model. According to critics, getting Jay-Z as an endorser was a wise decision. The Grammy multi-award winner’s involvement with the Skullcandy Aviator is central at best.

Features of Skullcandy S6AVFM-156 Aviator Headphones


Skullcandy Aviator is the riveting headphones for people seeking for an amazing audio experience. Its ability to support clear conversations and enhance comfort is definitely outstanding. Each package contains 4.3 Mic3 sound cord and a plush carry case. It has a nice construction and a crystal clear sound quality for its market price. The following specifications were put together very well:

General specs

• Width: 5.9 inches
• Weight: 0.8 lbs
• Body material: stainless steel
• Additional features: volume control
• Cable type: single-sided cable

Technical specs

• Form factor: full size
• Sound output mode: stereo
• Frequency response 20 – 20000 Hz
• Diaphragm: Mylar – 1.6 inches
• Impedance: 65 Ohms
• Magnet material: neodymium

Skullcandy Aviator is one of the best, high-quality headsets there is in the market. The sound input and output of this audio gear is unparalleled. You can spend minimal cash to get hold of this piece and still enjoy amazing sounds.

Specifically engineered for gadget enthusiasts, this comfortable headset piece can grant you full audio immersion as you play games, listen to music, watch movies, and have private Internet voice calls. Skullcandy Aviator is a high-quality headset that comes in a petite yet powerful packaging. Although perceived as smaller and more compact than other powerful headsets, audio experts still stand amaze in its excellent clarity and reliability. Its key features include:

Easy volume control
This amazing feature lets you instantly increase or decrease the volume at your own pace. It allows you to adjust the sound while still keeping full-time control. There’s a remote with a built-in mic on the cord. You can freely talk on the phone, pause the song, and skip tracks. The connector also fits the iPhone and almost all smartphones.

Sleek retro design
Skullcandy’s latest offering is a true delight. Leaving you surprised and wanting for more, the new Aviator model is far from the usual and ordinary headsets. Timeless aviator sunglasses that everybody loves inspired its sleek yet solid design. The two cans are built on the shape of an egg, which invokes the retro spirit of the ’70s.

Skullcandy S6AVFM-156 Aviator Headphones transformed the classic trend into a contemporary headset by coating it with a translucent outer ear cup shell. Also, you can now grace the street with your 40mm speakers and built-in Mylar drivers. Immerse your whole system in a deep, pounding bass and stereo sound every time you plug it in. The headphones also come in three different colours: black, white, and brown gold. With this finer model, Skullcandy gives you the best memories while indulging in your favourite music and movies.

Stunning with comfort
How much time do you spend listening to your playlist or talking to someone on the other line? Are your ears in pain every time? If yes, then you might want to consider shifting to a more decent earpiece. Experiencing stress in your ear muscles while wearing your headphones for a long period is very unpleasant. With Skullcandy’s latest aviator innovation, you can now take pleasure in its soft ear pads.

Enjoy listening sessions and PC activities for longer time without feeling the pressure. Its fashionable yet ergonomic design can provide total comfort. It has a soft and comfortable built that will leave you breathless even on your first try. Its clean lines and top-of the-line materials created these lightweight headphones. The headset is durable and the overall design aesthetic is attractive. It has strong cords and joints that enable it to be useful on all your listening endeavours.

The new design of Skullcandy will help you stay away from the word “hassle.” The perfectly curved shape of the headband makes it a reliable and long-time partner. Like all on-ear headsets, you can make adjustments to the Aviators by pulling the polished silver slide rail up and down. The frame also bends at the top of the both earcups. It is easy to fold and come with a handsome leather case so it is easy to store and pack for travel. If you need a set of over-the-ear cans that can squeeze into a tight pack, the Aviators are a good choice. However, make sure to handle your Aviators with great care. It’s possible that the continued joint strain from folding and unfolding could damage its structure in the long run.

Superb sound performance
Craving for an excellent digital sound? Give yourself a break from low-quality headsets. You deserve something that would make you jump out of your seat and dance to the rhythm of good music. If you are planning to replace your current headphones with something of outstanding quality, then make sure to include Skullcandy Aviator to your priority list.

Are you ready for a tasty sound experience? The Skullcandy Aviator is beauty with a substance. The Aviator headphone generates powerful bass, rich vocals, and precise highs. Your listening experience will now be made louder, clearer, more comfortable, and stylish. Add a kick on your bass and enhance the depth of your audio in no time.

Indeed, it is all you need for an accurate, detailed, and punchy audio experience. Skullcandy S6AVFM-156 Aviator Headphones engineered this audio gear to help you enter the digital world easily. Listen to your most loved playlist as you connect your headset to your PC or iPod.

Rise above the rest

If you are dreaming of a full game immersion, this headset is the real deal! Have an exhilarating travel from your comfortable chair to a world full of beautiful sounds in just a plug. Bring your audio experience to a higher level with one of the most talked about headphones in the market –the Skullcandy Aviator. This is the headphone that flies high above the rest. With its premium stereo and digital sound, you can have the best, clearest, and the most comfortable audio involvement for hours.

Listen to your music in the best way possible with your own piece of Skullcandy Aviator. If you would look at the specifications, you would notice that it does not go too far from other trendy headphones in the market. But its key features are amazing. What makes it special is its nice surface touch, and the sound quality and overall versatility that are definitely beyond par.

Want to go through an earful of high quality sound? Sound experts wired this headset to enhance sound effects for a more immersive experience.

Recommended by sound experts

Reward yourself with a comprehensive listening experience through this equally great headset! Even online critics are awed by its sound quality, increased comfort, and incredible design and form factor. Meanwhile, sound experts would agree that this is not your typical headphones. Whether you’re playing video games or listening to music, you can always enjoy outstanding sound quality from one of the best high-tech gears of Skullcandy.

Experts also expressed their amazement to Skullcandy Aviator online:

“That said, the rest of the build quality is top-notch; Skullcandy goes the extra mile to reinforce the cable connection that’s notorious for headphone hardware failure, and the tough polycarbonate frame forms a protective skeleton for the vinyl-lined headband. We’re also assured that the Aviators will withstand a beating thanks to the nylon-braided cable that extends 1.3 meters past the left earcup, but we hope Skullcandy will push its durability further and allow detachable cables in future versions.” – Justin Yu,

“Surprisingly good sound. Light and comfortable. They fold up and slip into a svelte travel case. Charming retro styling already matches your sunglasses.” –

“Skullcandy’s Roc Nation Aviator headphones look cool and can handle some serious bass without distorting.” –

The Skullcandy S6AVFM-156 Aviator Headphones banner product is comfortable and easy to use while delivering great sound quality. In a sea of emerging high-tech audio gears, it chooses to give a standout look that you’ll love at first glimpse. Everything is made comfortable so you can play music for hours without it hurting your neck or putting a lot of pressure on your head. Skullcandy Aviator’s features always triumph against its negative characteristics.

About the manufacturer

Skullcandy is a Park City, Utah-based company. It is the brain that brought excellent headphones, earphones, hands free devices, audio backpacks, MP3 players, and other products in the market. Since it was founded in 2003, it never fails to deliver gadgets that produce amazing sound and feature comfortable design.


There are quite a few headsets in the marketplace which claim to have a unique design and style. Few of those however live up to the expectations, as the vast majority of headphones out there have a plastic and cheap look. This is the answer to those who are looking for a headset that is unique and superior in terms of design and style, and by the same token scores very high in sound quality and comfort. It is priced reasonably and it has made it to our Top 10 list of the best and most recommended headphones.

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